Monday, February 1, 2010

Gimme a head of Hair


I'm talking about the kind on your head.

Do you love yours?
Do you want a change?
Do you like yours long or short?
Straight or curly?

I have learned to like mine.
It's naturally curly, so I'm limited in the styles I can wear, plus I have a long face.  I also
have a little boy who loves to pull on mine, so it is mostly in a ponytail.

If I could, I would wear mine like Halle Berry's when she wears it short....

Of course, this woman is DROP DEAD GORG!

So, I gotta girl....

Some of you have one too, but if you don't and you are looking for one, I have a grrrrreat one to recommend.

Her name is Natalie.
Sweet Natalie, who makes me feel special, and glamorous.
She does hair in her home in Plymouth, MN.. which is another perk in my
humble don't have to dress up or wear make-up if you don't want to. 
She understands.  She gets life, she has two kids.

Anyhow, we are working towards this.....

Not the body, {but, I will take that too}, but her hair.

You see, when the Victoria's Secret catalog comes to my house, I search for my hair.
The color, the layers, the sexy bed-head look, cuz when
I get the time to do mine, that is what I am going for.

Have you noticed, I don't post a lot of pics of me on here? 
I'm not comfy with that, but I did take a few for the purpose of the post.

Numero Uno, the side view.....

Embarrassing, but here is Numero Dos...the front view...

Ahhhhh... that just feels better if someone is with me...and look at Tatum's hair! 

Stinkin'Cute No?

SO, you can see, mine is far curlier than gorgeous hair model, but I have a vision and Natalie and I work towards it, every 10 weeks or so.

If you want to work towards your vision, let me know and I will hook the two of you up.

She has been doing hair for over 12 years, she is good about getting you in,
days or evenings and the best part.....

She is so REASONABLE...

(Full) $70

(Partial) $50

Color (one step) $35

Women's haircut $25

Men's haircut $15

Ummmmmmmmmmm....who can beat that?  Seriously, cuz when I talk hair,

BTW, just email me if you want me to connect you to her, or
show this post to your friends if they are
looking, or scared to leave their 'girl', or want to
change or look like a Gorgeous Supermodel.

Again, I'm just here to help.....


Mama Orser said...

Now if there were some magic beans promising me hair like yours if I shaved mine off....I'd do yesterday.

I'd kill for some long, curly, sexy bed head hair.

Any day!

Kim said...

I need an appt. I love my "girl" but we don't necessarly have the same vision for my hair... And, isn't your hair almost everything? Besides, I have been meaning to tell you forever - so sorry i have to do it on your blog - but you are the ONLY person, Suzanne, that I've ever loved curly hair down. Do you know what i mean? curly hair almost always looks better either short, or up someway. YOU GO!

Randi said...

I wish I was in MN so that I could go to your girl and get my hair done that cheap..
P.s. the photos of you and Tatertot are sooo cute!! !I miss you all..