Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Two-Fer you could have tea with...

Brandon and I had a fun-filled weekend.
We were able to see old friends and 
I got together with some girlfriends {love that}
and so many of you commented on loving my blog and the projects
I have done lately.  First of all, much thanks for that!
Who doesn't love compliments?
It's those compliments that will keep me going!
Let me just say...you can do these projects too!
They are so easy, if you do a little research and 
know what YOU like.
{I would love to help you too, let me know. I'm here for that too!}

That being said, I have a couple more to share with you.
A two-fer...two at once!  Kind of cuz they go together.
Check it out....

Found this chair for $5....mmhmmm, who would say no to that?
I threw that leather cushion in the garbage, pronto.
I get grossed out by fabric and materials that come from
places I don't know....I just have to replace it.

And after some fabric picking, at JoAnn Fabrics.....
and the hubs doing his thing with a spray paint can, 
we came up with this....

What do you think?
I finally got a kelly green chair in my house!
Love kelly green, especially with pink.

Next, I found this table for $5 too....seriously....
I love good deals.
I love making good deals into my style and making my home

 Spray paint was all this needed...

 Okay, there's my chevron chair in another part of my house.
Because I switched it out for my green chair.
We are making over the front room of our house and so I moved it
down there.

The paint is on the walls...and here is a sneaky peak at
the fabric.  I can't tell you what I am gonna do yet.
It's a secret and a new idea....gosh I hope it works out!

What do you think of my $10 projects?
Do you like these fabric samples?

Cannot wait to share. 



I am sure your ideas are going to look great in your new DIY Room... Love your style and colors and I am sure the finished look will be amazing.

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE this blog. You make these projects seem so straight forward and simple! I have a long wishlist of DIY projects...and your blog is so inspiring to really DO IT. Thanks for sharing!

PS. I love those fabric samples...birds, pretty vintage prints... totally my idea of SO CUTE. I'll be back to see what those are about for sure ;)

Judy said...

Love that chair. I especially love the fabric. I am featuring it at my Swing into Spring party that opens tonight at 8pm EST. Please stop by and grab an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.