Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hook a Sista up!

Apparently, my blogging makes Branmuffin happy.

I think it's cuz my blogging makes his brood and his home a little bit famous.

Maybe, it's his way of braggin' about how cool his wife is...wink, wink..

He has proposed to give me a GIFT if I get to 125 followers by March 1st!!

Currently, I have 41 :(     Boo Hoo.

Now, I know I have more than 41 readers, cuz, I know. 
And you don't need to know how I know.
Cuz, it's kind of stalker-ish, but there are ways, people, this is 2010 after all.


If you read this and you haven't taken the time to become a follower, please do.  It involves signing up for a google account, takes 2 seconds...just look at the side of my blog and sign up under "My Peeps".

If you already are a follower, you rock!  You rock, like a rockstar and make me and my life good, and happy and a lot more interesting than it was a couple of months ago!  So, tell your friends about SoStinkinCute...just give them the link:

Tell them to become a follower, cuz if you are my kind of girl/ are comfortable with seeing other people get things, like gifts from their hubs, oh and popularity, other words, don't be a MEAN GIRL

It's free, it's easy, and if you can't admit that you read my blog, than email me the names of the other blogs you like, cuz I am totally open to reading them and becoming a follower.  I support others, I know how good it feels.

So, what do you think he is going to get me?  Will it fit in a little box or a big box?  Will he wrap it pretty or will it be something you can't even wrap?  It's killing me, the total suspense of it all.  And, that means you will be in suspense waiting until March 1st too!  But, while you are, email your friends, and share a little piece of Suzanne...

P.S. The jeans shopping did occur, I am still alive, I will post pics and give you the scoop on what I found!



I have been talking you up Sista!!!
I just want to know if Branmuffin has a gift for his Momma for helping!!!!!!

chevysmith said...

Suzanne - love your blog. Always makes me smile - and more often than not, I laugh out loud too!

Tamara Nicole said...

Ha ha you are too cute! I hope he gets you something shiny:-)

I'm a new follower, and you can do it!!!!

Mama Kat said...

I subscribed to your feed...does that count? And you know what, you should open your account with feedburner because their may be more people subscribed than you think. Do you have statcounter or any other kind of traffic analyzer on your page? Those are handy too!

Travis said...

I am telling everyone how awesome you blog is. How is the count going.?