Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Gotta Have Friends...

What a perfect weekend! 
That's not something we usually say in the Cartmill house in the dead of winter.
Do I talk about winter too much?

Anyhooo, we had friends over on Friday night to stay.  They had someone watch their three little ones,
Taryn, Blake and Beau.

Introducing Cory and Scott....

Could they be anymore stinkin' cute?
{On our couch, gazing into each other's eyes.}

Brandon knows Scott from high school back in Washington state.   They live in southern Minnesota now, and they have reconnected.  It turns out, we wives are in LOVE with each other.

Washington Men who married Minnesota Women.

We had so much fun, just being couples, laughing, eating, and discovering over and over
how much we have in common as couples. 

Saturday night, we went to Kim and David's. 
{I forgot my camera.} 

I met Kim at Mops and we knew our husbands would hit it off.
We are kind of scared how much they hit it off.

They have Bianca and Jonah who are the same, 19 months apart, as our kiddos.
The boys played Wii and talked fishing, while Kim and I went over what we
are gonna do with our kids, new craft ideas and drank a bit of wine, of course.

Brandon and I just keep saying to each other, it is so nice to hang out with people
who are 'where you are', and 'have been where you have been', and get
that parenting can be tough and probably always will be.

Well, the month of January is on it's way out and there are only
49 days still Spring, I actually have a countdown on my computer, no lie.

Lastly, this is how I captured Tatum yesterday.  Do you think she likes to imitate her Momma?

Stay tuned, ladies especially...I am gonna talk HAIR this week, you don't want to miss it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Help Me Help You

Okay, okay, I am new at this blog thang'. 
A lot of you are new to reading it and other blogs, so I am here to help, and will take any help from you,
I'm no expert!

I fixed the comments feature, feel free to leave a comment, I can take the good and the bad, after all you are my peeps, right?

Oh, and you need to be one of my peeps...
Its called a "Follower", and all you have to do is click on
the link and get a google account.

Now don't tell me you can't do that, everyone uses google for everything and it wouldn't hurt to make up another password and attach your email address.  I need peeps, kids don't thank me for wiping their boom-booms.  They don't gush over the fact that I feed them 3 meals a day, plus snacks.  And after their bath they don't tell me, "thanks Mom, I really needed that, I had a rough day of playing toys and napping".

Since I am a saleswoman, I will tell you the bennies of being a follower of my blog.
  1. You get to see what is stinkin' cute, example: products, my kiddos, my life (sometimes).
  2. You get to have a tiny pic of yourself on a website.
  3. You can refer your friends to my blog and up your 'cool factor'.
  4. I eventually will have a giveaway.
  5. Your comments can be a way to vent or make someone feel good, who doesn't like to make someone feel good, right?
  6. Something to check almost everyday, besides your bank balance and facebook.
 Enough of the salespitch and technicalities(sp?)

This is what I am reading.....

I just started, but I hear it's great, and so far it is.
It's a great way to pass time during a long, cold winter.

What books are you reading?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Make Out With an Avatard

First things first, don't judge me and send me nasty comments (who am I kidding? only Summer comments on my blog) on my post title and use of the word "Avatard".  It is the official name for someone who is a freak/obsessed about the movie "Avatar".  Second of all, not only do I 'make out' with an Avatard, but I am married to one.

Branmuffin and I sat down on our couch last night to watch "Avatar" the movie.  He has seen it twice in the theatre, IMAX, mind you, 3D w/glasses of course.  He insisted we position the couch just perfectly, and dim the lights appropriately.  Then, he poured me a glass of wine and made me cover my eyes until he presented me with my own Jake Sully action figure!! 

Can you say "FREAK"?  OMG, I cannot believe him.  What a nerd/dork/science geek!  So, I am all hoping I will like this movie, since it is the highest grossing film of all time now.  I mean it was featured on Oprah last week and she raved, and you know what happens when Oprah raves.

I fell asleep.  I didn't understand it.  I couldn't get into it at all.  I mean, he told me there was even a "love scene" between 2 of the blue people.  Boring.  Over it, now I just wish he would get over it.  I hope I don't find blue paint somewhere in the house.  There are people (Avatards) out there who actually paint themselves and make videos on the internet...again, Freaks. many of you are wondering how in the heck am I watching Avatar in my very own home?  It's illegal, I can't give alot of details, but I have a copy of the movie.  Are you jeal?  Do you wanna see it too?  I am gonna run my own Netflix and call it Suzflix.  If you want to rent it, it's $10 a night and if you want me to deliver it, you have to meet me in an undisclosed location with a skinny latte (I prefer Starbucks to Caribou, K?) for my troubles.  (I'll be in a tan minivan.)  Contact me, maybe that will get me some comments.

Okay, I hear you people like the video I posted, so here is one of Turner again.  Apparently, likes to 'Make Out' with our dog, Lucy.  Enjoy..... (This is disgusting, but if you have a small dog, you understand).

Monday, January 25, 2010

SAG Happens...

The Screen Actor's Guild Awards (SAG) were this past weekend. 
That's a news flash for me, I wasn't under a rock, I was at the Westin.
I totally forgot, didn't see one second of em',
were they even televised?

Yeah, so I was relaxing, girl-talking, guacamole-eating, Heavenly Bed-sleeping,
missing my kids

and smelling this....

It's their signature White Tea scent, that is sooooo clean and sooooo spa-ish, and nice.

The coolest part is you can buy a Scent System, that they use in all Westin hotels,
it plugs in and smells up to 1,500 square feet, only $139!

You would think I worked there or they are sending me bags full of money for promoting this product,
but I just want's going on my list.

You gotta run out, {bring your nose} and smell this stuff.

Back to the SAGs, I didn't see them, but here is my personal red carpet.

My first fav, Christina Applegate....almost princess-like, agree?

My second, is again, Kate Hudson..I didn't see the front, but loved the back...
Again, my Mom won't appreciate the lack of modesty, but I love it. 

And lastly,

Drum-roll please!

This is Lea Michele {don't even know her, but she's in Glee}.
Who cares who she is?

Can you take that dress????  Sooo glam/gorg, I can't take it!

I am a freak for kelly green, so this is all me. 

I would sell everything in my closet for it's replacement in kelly green,
I am sure you have noticed by my blog.

Okay, my kids want dinner, so I have to leave this fantasy.

Til next time..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

P-P-P-Push it Girl

When I pushed out 8 lbs 7 oz of sweet baby girl, I got these...

Then I pushed out 7 lbs 14 oz of sweet baby boy, 19 mos later and I got BOTH of these...

They are Nadri folks, I looooove Nadri.  In fact, after getting these I decided all my jewelry can be Nadri going forward...

And we just got final word from the lab that we are officially done procreating!  This is great, cuz I LOATHE  pregnancy, but I have a need...okay a desire....I want this..

It's the Nadri Saddle Ring, I've tried it on, it feels soooo good on my finger, do you need a side view?
I've got that for you....

So what's a girl gotta do to get this?  I don't know, but I'll do it.  I've got some goals, when I achieve them, I just might splurge.  Then I could post a pic of this on my finger, and then you can all breathe again.  I know this was meant for me, cuz they only make it in size 7 or 8.  Plus, you gotta have some long fingers to wear a ring like this. 

You gotta have goals, right?

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Glimpse

It's Friday!
I've got plans.
They include my friend Nancy, wine, and the Westin.  A mini-vaca for me!
So, I've got nothing to put on here.
Here's a video for a glimpse into the Cartmill home, its for Nana and GiGi, who always tell me to take more video and write stuff down.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Open-toes till it Snows

Brandon got me this candle for Christmas. He knows I am a fan of candles. I was all ready to scream “Cancun! Are we going?” and then he said, “I know you love candles and since we aren’t going to a beach this year, I thought I would bring the beach to you.”

Blegh, hmphhhh, ugh….a candle will not replace laying in the sun, on a white sand beach. We love going to Cancun and it just isn’t in the cards this year…2 kids, ages 2 yrs and 9 months, who would volunteer for inheriting them for a week?

1st trip-Babymoon, 20 wks w/Tatum

2nd trip-Babymoon, 26 weeks w/Turner

So, it’s winter, there is no Cancun trip to look forward to, my “No Whining” sign is not doing the trick...AND.. I became a fan of the group “OMG I need a glass of wine or I’m gonna sell my kids” on Facebook this week. It has been a doozey of a week, and I need a pick-me-up.

I’ve noticed more and more lately, that I need a pedicure. My toes are beyond nast!! And if you know me, you know I love me some pedi’s. My toes haven’t been done in about 4 months. Eww. But, I don’t know if its worth it. $45 later, they are covered in Uggs, or something else for another 3 months at least. I could get one and ruin the pedi after one night in high heeled boots! It got me thinking….does everyone keep their toes up through the winter? When I was pregnant I sure did, cuz you just never knew when that baby would come, or feet in stirrups occurred pretty much every two weeks. When I lived in Vegas they were painted 365 days a year. I lived by the mantra “Open Toes Till It Snows”…you know, open-toed shoes. Now, who is gonna see them? Branmuffin? The kiddos? Me?

Come to think of it, a pedicure might make me feel better when I get a glimpse of my feet in the morning or in the shower, or before I hop into bed at night. What about you? If I grabbed your socks and pulled them off right now, what would your feet look like? Would you pass the test? Would you take a pic of yours and put it out there? I won’t. I wouldn’t.

I will let you know what I decide to do…when I get alone time, I like to spend it wisely.

BTW, the best color year-round is OPI’s “Suzi Says Da”…not too dark, but still a classic that keeps you with the times. Check it out.

That's all I've got, like I said, a doozey of a week.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 Cute

It really doesn't get any better than this...Does It?
The Viking/Football fan in you thinks I am referring to the seats, the game, the dome, the view, you know, the whole experience.

This is My Dad, and Branmuffin at the game this past Sunday.  They shared a few drinks, they cheered, they joked and jabbed at each other, they bonded with a Cowboys fan, they were men together on a Sunday afternoon.

The best part about it for me was that they really like each other, and they are my two favorite men on Planet Earth.  Could a girl be any luckier?

Here is my Dad later on our couch....Did he have fun or what?
(Mask -thanks to Tates.)


I worked out yesterday. This is big for me. Tatum had school (more on that later), so Turner and I headed to da' club. I went to a Resist-A-Ball conditioning class, and then I walked the track. You guys are probably thinking, “Big deal, who cares”. This is a big deal for me! I don’t like to workout. Before joining this gym I haven’t worked out in 10 years...except for walking. But now that someone will watch my kids, its incentive for me to go. I swear, after I drop them at the childcare I hear the George Michael song “Freedom” blasting in my head.
So, I am in the class, the music is great, I can do almost all of it. I really like the instructor, she has a body that makes me not feel inadequate. You know, you can tell she works out, but I don’t feel intimidated. She starts yelling at us, over the music, with veins popping out of her head. “Come on ladies, show me what you’ve got, you came here to work, did you think this would be easy? Push it, lift harder, watch your form!! I want to see you struggle!!!” I wanted to put my hand up meekly, scrunch my face and say “ummmm, I just came here to get away from my kids”.

Why was she yelling at me?

Then it hit me… I liked it, it motivated me, and made me want to keep going. I could do this for hours.

For the past 2 years, I have been yelling at someone. No one has been yelling at me!

It goes like this:

“Stop it! Take that down! Do NOT touch that! Do you need to go to your naughty stool? Use your words! No, you cannot have another wipe! You will stay in your crib until you stop screaming!!”

So, I learned two things yesterday…

1. I like to get yelled at.

2. When I have an Ipod on and I hear a Lady Gaga song, I could care less how much my butt jiggles when I walk, I am a woman on a mission, having “alone time”.

Just so you don’t think I am a crap Mom and only care about getting away from my kids, here is a pic of Taterbug before school. She goes on Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 2 pm at a local church. She is a Red Rabbit. It gives me a break and her, a chance to talk to someone her age. She loves it, so does her Mom.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Forget Football

I know, I know the Vikings won!  But, right now I care about MY season, awards season. 

Golden Globes were on last night, I didn't watch all of it, mostly just the red carpet.  I have naturally curly hair, and thank God I didn't go this year, it would have wreaked havoc on my locks.  I thought people looked real jaw-droppers for me. 

I thought Halle Berry looked the best, maybe cuz I love it when she wears her hair short!  Body looks kicka** after having a baby.   (Mom, I know you don't approve of showing the boobies that much.)

I am not a big fan of Kate Hudson lately, (she should care more about her son than getting with everyone in Hollywood) but I LOVED her dress!  I don't care what the critics said, I thought it was Glam!

I am a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan, her dress was kind of whack, but I LOVE her, so I had to put up a pic!  She is so sweet, smart, waited a long time for love,  and a true fav.  Have you guys seen "All about Steve"...soooo good!  Rent it!

Until the next awards show........

Wine, not Whine

What is the worst sound in the world? 

Whining, I can't stand I made this sign...isn't it just gorg?  Do you want one? I've been thinking about selling them on Etsy.

Isn't that outfit "Stinkin' Cute"?  My ubertalented Mom, the kid's Nana made it for her.   I would be here all day if I listed off all of the things she can, paint, decorate, cook, etc....someday when I get some more followers I will SHOW you more!  You will just die when you see what could be a part of your very own home!

So, sign up to show me your following my blog...otherwise, I don't know how long I can do this blogging, its kind of like staying home and never hearing a thankyou from your kids....I already do that, so I need some strokes people...

P.S.  We have been sick here for over a week, so you get all the posts I have been working on at once!  Jackpot!


“Cheerful Bringer of Joy”…is what the name Tatum means, and her name couldn’t be more fitting. These two pics were taken this summer when her GiGi came to visit. Could she be any more ‘Stinkin’ Cute’ in that bathing suit? Can you tell she doesn’t care about food? 6 pack abs and legs for miles, I am so jealous!

This little girl has changed my life and rocked my world! Of course, marriage and kids will do that to you, but this one born September 14, 2007…my Tatum Belou is now over 2 years old! Everyday she reminds me how big she is. She can crack me up, make me cry, and drive me crazy all in one day. She also likes to talk non-stop and ask me the same question, over and over and over and over.

This pic was this weekend. She loves it when I do her hair and when we have girl time, just Tatum and Mommy. She is smart, and cute. I always hear she has her mom’s personality, I like that compliment the most, of course. There truly is nothing better than having a little girl, sure they are sassy and full of drama, but let’s face it…she dresses cuter than her Mom any day!

So Tatum, I love you, I can’t believe God gave you to me. But, knowing Him, I can! You are perfect and I will raise you to be confident, kind to others, and know what is important in life. I will shower you with kisses and tell you everyday how smart and how beautiful you are!!

For today, can you keep the whining to a minimum and take a 3 hour nap though? Thanks A LOT!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Teamwork- Team Cartmill

This pic is a bit old, last Fall to be exact.  I just needed one of the Hubs and our "Young".  I had a good weekend with my Branmuffin.  You know, one of those weekends where your husband seems to help out with everything without you having to ask.  Like when I asked him to get Turner his bottle, he was on the phone...rather than snap or get annoyed, he just said "Yeah, babe."  I almost fell over.  Or when he finished making pancakes on Sunday morning and he grabbed both kids at once, in that daddystyle they have and brought them upstairs for a much needed bath.  I stood there, mouth open, catching total shock, cuz I had mentioned it earlier, but he did it, on his own, without me saying anything!!!

I made sure to thank him later, to let him know I noticed his efforts.  Men like that, you know?  They need the strokes, and I am here to give em'!  I figure if it increases the chance of him doing it again, I am all over it, why not tell him how great he is ladies!

So, Branmuffin...YOU ARE GREAT!  I mean the good stuff,  I waited 32 years for!  I love it when we are a team, rather than at odds and conquering these two kids on our own terms.  I like it better when its "Us" against "Them", cuz let me tell you, lately these kids need a team.  I won't complain today, cuz I don't have the energy and we all have the sniffles and yucky coughs, plus it's Monday.  But, I say we keep up this teamwork gig, it works, and I need it.

So, Big Shout Out to Branmuffin today!! Whoo Hoo!  He is out there in the cold, getting to work and making a living for his family.  A true man in this world!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Survival Must Haves!

It's dark, dry, and cold in Minnesota in January. Sounds fun huh? Most of the time we are stuck inside or rushing to get inside when we do brave the elements and go out. Here is my list of things you must have to survive the elements both mentally and physically.......

Gotta have this one, it will last almost a year (a little goes a long way) unless you have a little girl like my Tatum who always wants some when I put it on!
Same idea, just keeps your lips kissable and makes it almost impossible for them to chap!

My friend, Alissa turned me on to this coffee...we love it in our house, and when you get up and its still dark as night you have to brew a pot! (Oh, I will tell you about my coffee pot later...)
And lastly....Mops, a group that has saved my life and given me sanity in the world of being a Mom. I joined a couple last year when I only had one child. I had the privledge of being a leader. Now, I just attend one group at our new church. Good food, girl time and lots of tips for life....and we're not just talking Mom on husbands, prayer, organization, and being a woman. I have met such great Christian women who have become such a support to my life. If you can, recommend it to any new Mom out makes you feel normal. Normal is good.
So, stay warm, we only have a few months to go right???

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Y Not?

Yep, this fam joined the YMCA in 2010! We thought it would be a good idea to get in shape and have more things to do on the weekend, then we toured the place and realized what 2 hours of childcare (every time you get yourself there) could do for your MIND!!
My plan was to do BodyPump 3 times a week and whatever my heart desired on the other days this class isn't offered. As you can imagine, 6 days into the new year, my expectations are already tempered. Turner has been sick with the flu, and with it being January and all, we have had a bit of a cold spell....yah know, an avg of 5 degrees below zero...ummm kids aren't too fun to take out into that.
But, Wednesday it happened....I made it to BodyPump...the music was pumping and I was there with a couple of gals that I usually 'playdate' with. We had pagers on our hips from the childcare center and determination to get through this class. Whew! It was tough, yet invigorating....bottom line is...I am hooked!
I decided that I needed to do this if I was to fulfill my goal, my goal of looking like Alexis, the newest member on the show "Housewives of Orange County". We have so much in common...she stays home, has 2 nannies, and her spare time is filled with working out, tanning, lunching with the other housewives of OC and various beauty treatments.
Check her out...

I wonder if she has a hard time doing the stairs in her home after working out? I wonder if she gets paged becuz her kid can't stand all the noise of the other screaming babies at her workout facility? I wonder if it hurts her thighs to take a seat on the potty after HER BodyPump class? And lastly, I wonder if she would go workout without a stitch of makeup and workout clothes from Target? Doubt it.
But I do know she doesn't have what I have....a little girl who will finally snuggle with me on a cold winter morning for almost an hour while her brother naps. (I never thought that would happen, she likes to move, folks!) And the joy of watching my son ham it up with 'Melissa', who checked us out at Sam's this morning while we purchased diapers, formula, and chicken boobs. She also probably doesn't have to change the latest blow-out Turner presented me with! You can't have it all folks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is Me

Okay, so it is 2010, and I figured it was time to start my very own blog. I brag to others about the ones I follow, and though I love to be a leader in this world, I also like to follow trends...blogging seems to be a trend I can follow.....I haven't followed any other trends in officially 2.6 years!

After having Tatum and Turner, ages 2 years and 8 months respectively, I often do NOT feel like the ole' Suzanne I used to be. I stay at home with my babies after having a fun, high-energy, fast-paced career in pharmaceutical sales. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, but they don't have intellectual conversations with me, they don't thank me for all the 'stepping and fetching' I do for them, and they certainly could care less how cute my outfit is or what my new hot rollers do for my hair!

This blog will be about them, my hot husband who I refer to often as “Branmuffin"…his name is Brandon, and everything I think is cool and really "Stinkin' Cute" in my now, much smaller world.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t start with a pic of my family …

And, I have to post a pic of my current fave Hollywood hottie too, (Brody Jenner)… isn’t he “Stinkin’ Cute”???

And lastly, this is my favorite beauty product right now, great colors and the mint is just enough to make it fun and different! I get mine at my favorite Super Target, super cheap.

Did I mention the Target I go to is the largest one in the world??? Yep, off Pilot Knob in Apple Valley, MN. Check it out someday, great time killer with small kids and they offer free cookies at the bakery for kids! Okay, I just mentioned another cool thing without even thinking about it! That’s how I am!