Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be Mine, Be Mine...like the David Gray song..

Isn't it funny, that when you have love,
Valentine's isn't as big of a deal as it was before?

I used to dread Valentine's Day, it can be soooo
overrated, so many expectations.

Really, it should just be a free pass on all the candy and chocolates you want,
and a reason to cuddle up with someone, a little more than you usually do.

I plan on teaching Tatum how to cut paper hearts,
and helping her give her Daddy some surprises.
{Brandon, I hope you aren't reading.}

Have you seen the previews and heard the buzz?

Jessica Alba
Kathy Bates
Jessica Biel
Bradley Cooper
Eric Dane
Patrick Dempsey
Hector Elizondo
Jamie Foxx
Jennifer Garner
Topher Grace
Anne Hathaway
Ashton Kutcher
Queen Latifah
Taylor Lautner
George Lopez
Shirley MacLaine
Emma Roberts
Julia Roberts
Taylor Swift

What do these actors have in common?

They are all in the movie, "Valentine's Day",
which opens February 12th.

It might be just another chick flick, but with a cast like that,
I at least wanna see what they are gonna be wearing, and
what kind of romance is in the movie!

It looks pretty close to my all-time favorite movie, in my life,

"Love Actually".

I just love a holiday that celebrates with my favorite color combination

Hot Pink & Red!

Oh, and you can't forget these...

Pair it with a cold Diet Coke, and I am good to go!
I'm reasonably low-maintenance.

What are you going to do?

Also, I finished the book, "The Help".

SOOOO GOOD!  It was her first book,
darn it, I wish I had another one to delve into.

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Kim said...

Ok, scarry. Out of the 3 movies I own, Love Actually is one of them - and out of the 3 movies i will see all year in an actual pay-full-price movie theater, Valentines Day WILL be one of them!!! Love ya Suz!!!