Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Cocktail Bracelet & Weddings}

Remember when I went to a wedding this past Spring with Branmuffin?
If not, click here to refresh yourself.

The bride received a spectacular gift from her to-be-husband, 
a dear friend of mine.

He is known for giving great gifts...and of course he did not disappoint the woman of his dreams!
He gave her a full Silverado bracelet made with the cream pearl bead, and the double bling bead.

And I finally have the pics of it's beauty!

Isn't it gorg?

Anywho...I just had to post those as an inspiration for this 
Bead-A-Full Thursday.

Another option would be to place a large Focal Bling bead in the middle of a bracelet and make it a "Cocktail" bracelet for those dressier of times!

Like this...

Don't you just love that?
I've been a busy-bee...I've been working on various pictures
and bracelet ideas for the "Look Book" on my website.

Here is a peek at one...appropriately named "So Stinkin' Cute" after this here blog!

They all be up soon on the Must Have Moxie site and I will definitely let you know when they are!
Until then, here is another chance to leave a comment to be entered to win this bead...

Gals...just an idea, if you don't have a bracelet, 
you could put this on any old chain you have laying around the house!  
It would make for a spectacular new necklace, right?

Here's the details:

The blue heart bling bead.  It's value is $38.50...
If you want to win it:

Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become's easy.  
Comment on what is your dream date with your man that you would wear a cocktail bracelet to.
or whatever...

Become a fan of Must Have Moxie on Facebook.

I total  today's comments, and last Thursday's comments,
and  pick a winner ....super simple, 
enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
and I want YOU to win!
{I forgot to post a Bead-A-Full Thursday last week, my MIL was in town,
so we have one more week after this to get a chance at winning!}

Oh, and about the Diet Coke, 
we are starting the weening process by no longer purchasing it for our home.
So, if you come by for a visit, I will offer you coffee or water.  Nice huh?
Here is the video I mentioned...almost 9 minutes, but worth it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chills, I tell ya!

My kids go to a kid's "school" program at a local church.
They love putting on "school" clothes and helping me pack their 
They love making little art projects and running
around the gym...of course they are super happy when I pick them up too!

This sign hangs at the top of the stairs at their school.

The first time I saw it, it literally brought tears to my eyes.

And every time I re-read it, it gives me chills.

The reason being is, I teach them things all day long.
Things about life, who they are, and who there parents are.
And at the ages of 3 and 1 and a half, 
I still can control most of what they experience in life.

This world is gonna teach them a whole different side of life.
This sign confirms that I know they are almost as safe there,
as they are in our home.

And before I let them out into this big world, 
I love knowing when they aren't with me,
they are learning about Jesus and what is true and right.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Say it Isn't So!

I write this with shaky hands...cuz I am scared to say this out loud.
Especially to you my faithful followers.... I need you, like a kid needs their nuk,
like a dog needs affection, like everyone needs a hug, and everyone 
wants to know they are normal.
I need your support, your listening ears, and your typing fingers to tell me,
it's okay, and you are here to support me and my severe addiction.
Inhale, exhale.
I NEED my Diet Coke.
to a long time friend.

Diet Coca-Cola.

This is how I like you the most, on ice, in a cup, with a straw.
I used to like it best out of a sweaty, 16 oz. plastic bottle.

I keep you in my home, my fridge, like this....
And that way, you are ALWAYS there for me, when I need you.
I just reach in, and grab, and snap open the top, 
and in mere seconds you slide down my throat,
making my problems seem so bearable, that I fall
further in love with you.

I don't think I would ever even eat McDonald's french fries, 
if I couldn't pair them with my good friend, Diet Coke.

I love it when I am visiting my parent's house, 
and I skip down their stairs to the basement refrigerator 
to wrap my paws around the sweet lovin' of a cold, frosty, Diet Coke.

I'm like a puppet-on-a-string  for Diet Coke....if someone offers me a one,
the answer is never "No".

And, if I knew this necklace existed, it would don my decolletage.
Because, you will always be close to my heart.

So, why am I spilling my guts, opening up to the world about my addiction?

Because, I think it is time to sever the ties, 
to say goodbye to clean, fresh living, with no bubbly whatsoever!

Mainly, because my Mom sent me a video on what carbonation, 
and diet soda does to your body.
And, secondly because all of those chemicals cannot be good over time.
Oh, and the main reason, I hear you drop 5-7 pounds when you quit soda, 
even just diet soda.

I haven't decided how I am gonna do it, or when, but it's coming.
But, the thought of it makes me ill, like I am breaking up with a perfectly good guy, 
or a great girlfriend who has always been there for me.

And, I figure if I tell you, I will have to be accountable.

Branmuffin is just as much an addict and he says "He is down" at joining me on
this scary feat, this crusade of learning.  
But, I am not convinced.
I need help, I need a confidant. 
I need a group like alcoholics have AA, 
and a place like Lindsay Lohan gets to go to.

Give me some comforting words that I can hold onto.
Tell me it will be okay.
I would rather give up sipping wine and my IPhone than do this,
and that says a lot!

{In the fetal position}

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best Part of MY Day

The best part of MY day is when Branmuffin walks in the door
from a long day of work.  I embrace him, and we talk sweet nothings,
and rub noses for almost 10 minutes straight...
all while the little munchkins quietly wait on the couch.

My favorite part of the day starts around 8 pm, 
both kids are in bed, the kitchen is clean,
the dishwasher is humming, the toys are in the toy room, 
and I'm in my chair or on the couch.

Sometimes I'm alone, if Branmuffin is travelling,
or playing/watching one of his many 
sports he is OBSESSED with....
or we are cuddled up watching the latest reality show.

I never realized how much of a homebody I am, 
or maybe I became one after having little ones.

This is what this homebody likes currently...

"You Don't Know Jacque" by OPI, perfect 
for Fall fingers and toes...

... this is the only time of day I could paint them and
get them perfecto...

Looks like this...

Currently, I am watching this movie....

I will tell you later if it is good, but by the first 10 minutes,
I can tell its your average "chick flick".

This is my recommendation if you have a child
that requires more attention during MY favorite time of day...
which can really turn it into my worst time of day.

The bed canopy her Nana got her from IKEA for $9.99...
we tell her it keeps her safe in her princess bed.

And this night light, it could win an award on its own.
$12.99 from IKEA as well.   It can charge on the plug-in or 
you can unplug it and have them bring it into bed with them.
It changes colors which mesmerizes their sweet little eyelids
to a sleepy slumber if you are lucky.

What do you do at night?

Or, am I the only homebody out there?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick Momma does a Fashion Post?

The bad news, I am sick.
I have that cold that everyone seems to have, that supposedly lasts for 10 days.
Rather than complain, cuz believe me I want to, I will 
do my promised fashion post.
This was taken this weekend, pre-sick Suzanne.
Purse-don't be jeal, scoured the racks at TJMaxx and nabbed it at $39.99.

My knee high boots, that everyone who knows me will be sick of in
approximately 6 months. {Len Druskin Outlet}

Jeggings...I took the plunge, and am happy with the comfort especially!
Black--throw on with any outfit as you walk out the door--coat.
TJMaxx $24.99

And of course, my son, that at this stage,
hates leaving my side for more than 30 seconds.

And I am proud to announce the newest member of our little family!

The Canon Rebel that my gracious, Mother In Law purchased for us.
She insists that we take tons of pics for her, and 
that as a family we make tons of memories.

So, once I take the time to figure out this bad-boy, 
you will be seeing better photos here.
Thanks Betty!
She gets all the credit for the above photos.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Princess Tatum turns 3

How come you grew up so fast, Tatum?
Three years old, going on thirteen!

We just had to throw you a princess party....

I want you to always know, 

you are loved by so many

before you were even born.

We planned for you,

prepared for you,

and prayed for you.

And for the last three years,

We have been blessed by your spirit, your spunk, and
your heart.

And I couldn't be prouder to say I'm your Mommy.

So, my sweet Tatum.....

May all your wishes, and all of your dreams come true!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jeggings & My Latest Rant on Celebrity Kids

I just love that word, I can't stop saying it, but I can't decide if I like them.
If you have been under a rock in 2010, they are leggings that look like jeans,
 and I am considering rocking them...
then I will probably make my little girl wear them too.

I figure with me being built more like Kim know, 
big butt, curvy, definitely not a waif... look how cute
she looks in them, why not give them a go?

Oh, this might make it more believable....

Gwen Stefani has her's on while hangin with her kiddos.

So what cha' think?
Please send opinions, how often does your average girl ask
"do these make my butt look big"?
Regardless, you may see them in a future fashion post.

And now, I am gonna rant.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

How do you go from this adorable, little cutie pie,
with the most beautiful pair of celebrity parents to this?

Angelina says she wants to be a boy and dress like one.
I say you tell her she is a girl, get over it.
Ugh...don't even get me started on what I think of 
Angelina and Brad as a couple...before the news of him
cheating on her with a stewardess and their "open" relationship.

I'm so glad I have a blog I can share my opinion on...

Jeggings, Jeggings, Jeggings, don't you like to say it too?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Kids & Bling}

Okay...just get ready for lots of jewelry talk.  
It's been awhile....too long....and I think it's about time I get you 
all shined up with a blingy give-away.

But, before I reveal the next give-away,
I gotta tell you the latest happenings around this house...
all having to do with bling or jewelry.

The good news...I hooked Tatum up with a bracelet from Silverado.
She has been begging as you have seen from various videos,
like this one.

She just had her 3rd birthday, and can't read so it's safe to say to the "blog world"
she will be getting one at her party this weekend!

Here are a few of the beads I added to a kids bracelet to start her out...

They are soooo cute, and tiny, and I seriously believe that every
girl deserves a special bracelet with a bit of bling!
So, keep it in mind for your special girl, or any special little girl you know!
You can order it at MustHaveMoxie!

I got my wedding ring set rhodium plated last week.
It's my tip for any of you that own jewelry that is white gold.
Do it every year or so and it will look like a newer, shinier, bigger, ring for a
minimal cost.

This is what mine looks like now....

bigger and blingier than evahhh!

{um.....I wish!}

Speaking of wedding rings, when Branmuffin was off in Washington,
he lost his wedding ring!  I should be so mad!  It's sooo like him to do that.
I've been telling him for over a year to get it sized down...
but, you know men...

Here is his new's Titanium.
His good friend gave it to him, in time to wear while 
he was out of state, away from Moi, attending a bachelor party.
What wife wants to hear her husband lost his wedding ring a day before
he attends a bachelor party 10 states away?


Check it.....

It's my new IPhone cover...too flashy?
Not for me, I can never get enough bling.
Thanks, know how to inspire a woman to greatness!

And lastly...the next give-away bead.

The blue heart bling bead.  It's value is $38.50...
If you want to win it:

Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become's easy.  
Comment on what I should do to punish my hubs for losing his wedding ring,
or whatever...

Become a fan of Must Have Moxie on Facebook.

I total  today's comments, and the next two Thursday's comments,
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enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
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