Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a wild and crazy New Year's Eve 

We have one sick Momma....

And TWO sick babies...

And I'm kind of chuckling, thinking back to the 
days when I just had to go out on NYE and tear up the town
in a new dress.

Not this year, we are comfy and cozy at home, and 
I couldn't be happier, except the sick part.

Because I know my babies are sound asleep,
my husband is cozy on the couch after a long day of taking
care of all of us, and all I did today was paint my toenails to
make me feel better somehow!

2010 was a great year!
Mostly I am happy for our new home,
 a comfy, king sized bed that all of us spent the day in, 
and all of my friends and family.

I'm thankful for you followers as well, 
thanks for all of the comments, all of the
support and compliments, and taking the time
to read a piece of my life!

I hope you are all out there taking on the town in
a new dress for me.....cuz I'm in my slippers, but my
toes look great!

Purple Bling Football Winner!

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Hope you all have a Happy New Year,
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling Blingy?

I'm feeling soooo generous.
I can't give you this diamond covered Mercedes, 
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The limited edition purple bling football 
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Lots of luck to you...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the meantime, here's my Master Bath....

I have promised you lil' cutie pies pictures of the new abode.
And I have put it off.

My thought was that I would post pictures
when everything was done and perfect in our house.
That's gonna take awhile....reason being,
I have ideas and things to search for, and
I want to get it right.  But, I also need to take the time
to really research what I want to do.
Also, while I have been "making out" with decor magazines,
paint books and scouring stores for the perfect
"something", I have learned that it is
a "work in progress".

All of these talented
designers that I am researching always
change and update their work.

So, you love me for me already right?
You'll understand that all of this takes time, money and patience.
So...realize that not one single room is done in my mind.
And it may always be that way, so I will just continue to 
blog about it and keep you updated!!

Whew...I feel better, thanks for the therapy session!
Wanna see my bathroom as it is today?

I didn't get pictures of the toilet or shower,
kinda cuz I figured who wants to see a toilet??? and my shower
wasn't the you know how hard it is clean,
take pics with the perfect lighting and keep two kids out
of the pictures?  HARD.... t.r.u.s.t. m.e.

Our bathroom has separate sinks, 
with separate oval mirrors..don't know why they did that, 
I would've just put in a full humongous mirror, wouldn't you?

Anywho...rather than buying a new huge mirror right now,
Branmuffin and I, spray painted a mirror we had silver...

Then we hung that baby on the wall...well Branmuffin did.
I just watched and told him where to put it.

And here is a fawn table we 
acquired from my parents...we painted it white.
Currently, it's holding my perfume,
but I don't know how long that will last.

....mainly because fragrance shouldn't be
kept in direct light and my lil' Turner likes to 
play with it and spray himself and/or his sister in the eye.

Overall, you can tell, I need blinds, but
love the light we get.  So, I might go with some cafe' curtains
so our neighbor doesn't see Branmuffin when he
gets out of the shower and I will also save my fragrances.

Lastly...I want a new makeup holder...I have 
seen a designer that paints acrylic organizers
in fun designs, like chevrons and florals,  so I might go that route.

However, in the mean time check out this cute mug
I found it at a little "junk" store across town..
I paid $1.47 for it.  It gives a nice pop of color 
and this pic shows off my new found photography skills!
Thanks, Annie.
Wouldn't cha say???

On the list for someday....' curtains or blinds
...paint...hmmm which color?, quirky rug/towels
...more prints for the walls
...white woodwork
Ahh... a girl can dream....


Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm one of those...

The party is over.
I had fun, I was merry, a little too merry, 
but it is over.

And I am one of those people that takes down
anything resembling Christmas in my house, on December 26.
In fact, yesterday I let Brandon sleep in and 
after the kids had their breakfast,
I got to work.
My house had all of the decorations down and packed in 
their tubs by 11 am.

That's it!  Party is over.

So, this is all of the Christmas you will see from me....

Me with my sweet lil' family, after church.

My parents' 5 grandkids all under the age of 5.

And me {and my backfat, I see a New Year's resolution coming} after receiving
an awesome gift.  A mirror for my mirror wall that I am 
working on!

This year we drew names and everyone had to buy a gift for their name 
from the Good Will.  It was fun...I scored, so I am happy.

Monday, December 20, 2010


One of my favorite things to attend is
Craft Day.  A gathering of smart, sassy women 
who are not professional crafters by any means, but
we make a good go of it, each and every time.
You've heard me talk about it before here.

It is a great day all around because we craft, eat,
get away from home, eat,
laugh, drink diet coke, eat,
and craft for about 6 straight hours,
no lie.

This time the craft was to make a chalkboard.
One you can hang pretty much anywhere,
like your kitchen, your bathroom, etc.

Indulge yourself in some pictures, 
all with my new photography skills 
{complete with no flash, finally using my SLR Canon Rebel}.

My gorgeous, talented Mom, the hostess with the
most artistic skills in the bunch.

Linda, otherwise known as "Gramma Linda" to Tatum
making her infamous artichoke/pesto chicken.

My sisters-in-law, hard at work, look close
you may see a few tongues hangin' out.

 Kim, an honorary family member, sporting some gorgeous
jewelry if I do say so myself! {Wink, wink.}

 A bit of the food we couldn't stop noshing on!

 Kristine with her masterpiece, she is all freaks about 
navy blue right now...dresses her kids in it constantly, 
can't get enough of it, so of course her board included it.

Kip and Linda got ultra-creative with some 

 Kim with hers...isn't that fun?

And me, with one of my favorite color combinations, hotpink/orange/red
and purple teeth from drinking a small glass of wine.  Oh, and I just noticed
my middle finger up in the air...I didn't mean to do that to you.

All of the boards when completed.

Lastly, my Dad took this picture of all of
us with our new chalkboards...I recently got a haircut and
went with the all-natural look that day, and now
I am wondering why all of my friends didn't
tell me I resemble a flippin' lioness.
Well, at least I like my board.

Toodles, my loves!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How do you clean up?

{Yep, that's me when I get to cleanin'.}

I'm thinking it is a right of passage into womanhood that you
learn to "clean house", share recipes, and 
talk about how many loads of laundry you have to do.

I'm great at keeping my house organized and picked up
at almost any given time, but will NEVER brag
that it is clean and you could eat off of my floors.
I don't know why, it's just not a huge priority for me.
I would rather do lots of other things to make me feel I 
accomplished something.  I would almost always pick 
laundry over scrubbing, and organizing over 

Howevs, and this is a big HOWEVER...when I clean,
I use Norwex products, and have just had the opportunity
to try and review more of their amazing line!

Make sure you go to if you would like to know
the nitty-gritty on these products...cuz, I am no expert, but I will tell you which ones
I have used and have fallen head over heels in love with.

This is the rainbow antibac comes in a couple of sizes.
I loooooove these, mainly for cleaning counters in the kitchen
and wiping my kids hands/faces.
You need no product but these cloths and water.
Which is great for the environment, saves money, etc.
The best thing in my book, you don't have
to launder them a ton, you just hang them to dry and 
they are antibacterial.  Plus, they never smell.

This is my next lil' Norwex baby, the dusting mitt.
You take this badboy to the dust all over your house and 
the dust is super attracted to it.  It clings like no other and makes
dusting actually fun!  You can't believe how much ends up on
the cloth and again, no chemicals, less waste, etc.

Lastly, I got a chance to try their 
Bathroom Scrub Mitt.

Actually, Brandon used it on our Master Bath and
asked me to come into the bathroom so I could see how easy
it made cleaning our bathroom.
Remember, I loathe cleaning bathrooms the most,
but I loved this mitt and you really don't have to scrub as hard
when you use this product.

I will post again on some of their other items after I have 
had a good run on using them...I really have nothing but good things
to say about Norwex, the only thing you would have to get used
to is not having that clean smell of cleaning products in your
Have you been to a Norwex party? 
Do you want to know who to get some Norwex from?

she is very knowledgeable and would
be glad to help find the perfect products
to help you clean up your house!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 books & a Give Away

 Well folks, there's gonna be some changin' around 

 I got my hands on two books that better
change my surroundings and my environment....


I would love to send you pics of all the decorating done around
here, but my kids destroy my work on a 
daily's beyond frustrating.
My plan, when they aren't destroying is to 
read my new Domino book and come up 
with some decorating to show off.
You should check this book out, 
it really offers everything you 
would need to make your house scream,
I care about beauty and decor.

This book, I got from MY Momma!
I don't think she did it to say I have bad
kids, but she knows another tool would always
help!  When I read this, hopefully I can pass on some
good tips, cuz unless your kids are perfect, 
who wouldn't want some parenting tips?

I am hoping to get Tatum to quit changing her outfits
7 times a day...quit breaking Christmas ornaments....and
quit asking me "Why?" every time I politely ask her to do 

Turner, he's a breeze...when he isn't grunting "No" and
puffing on his crack pipe.

Until then, go check out....

 gave me some photography lessons this past week
and is having a giveaway of my infamous bling earrings.
Go to her Facebook page to enter.
If you don't win them there,
you can check them out and buy them on my site,

I hope to start getting some pics up on the work 
we have done around here.
With Christmas coming up, it may take till next year!

Are your kids tearing your house apart as
you read this blog?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ta Da

My Man is back!
And he is a bigger stud than ever!
Gosh, I love kissing that soft face.
Thanks for all of the votes, 
I think he went with what the woman
that kisses him wanted.
After all.....

"Happy Wife, Happy Life"

Saturday, December 11, 2010 more than one way

We are in the middle of a snow-nami.
A major blizzard, where they are forcasting
20 inches.
Great, we are all stuck in the house.
Sound fun?
We are making the best of it.

Brandon has learned to stay on top of the snow fall
he has to shovel in increments.
Which means he leaves me with the 2 kids inside,
while he shovels like a  Big Stud for hours at a time.

{Big Stud}
When I say "Big Stud", it's cuz I am trying reverse psychology on him
and his beard.  Yeah, it's still here, the beard.
And while I appreciate all of your votes, your votes are at an 
all-out war!  At the current amount of 72 votes, we are at a dead lock
of 50/50.

Any ideas of what to do for a tie-breaker?

My womanly wiles have failed me, and that never happens!
He told me today, "I'm so glad I have this beard when I shovel!",
yeah, me too....pshhhhhh.

So, I'm stuck inside and I'm stuck with a beard.
Unless you guys change the votes, and I mean fast, or comment with 
an idea for a way for him to give up the beard or anything really.!?#&
Do you know how crazy one family can get in a blizzard?
Do you know how crazy this beard makes me?
Thanks for your support, comments, new followers, and
{Now start voting in favor of the big shave-off!}

Stuck in a blizzard with a beard.