Monday, February 28, 2011

Snap! We have a winner!

Just a regular old afternoon here at So Stinkin' Cute....
but I get to make someone's day even better!

I picked a winner, well my daughter did, and here's the
winner...... me your address and I will send your beautiful 
new bead!

Oscars 2011 Fashion Review

The winner of the bead will be announced later you still have a chance if you haven't entered.

Onto Oscar's fashion.
I honestly watched the red carpet intently, 
but our bed time routine interrupted my ability to see the actual 

Top pick of the night, goes to none other than 
Halle Berry!

This was perfection in my eyes, can this woman do NO wrong?
Except for her personal life.

Loved, loved, loved, Mila Kunis' dress...

The color was beautiful and I loved the detailing around
her breastststststs!

Gwenyth Paltrow was hot stuff and 
her dress was so different, I loved it!

Here are a few more faves...

of course, I had to mention my girl, Sandra.

She seemed a little off, not her dress, her demeanor.
She seemed tired or sad, rightfully so, look what has changed in
her life in ONE year!

Loved Jennifer Hudson's look, although I think she should have
covered up her tata' wasn't good.  She is so inspiring, makes me
wanna get skinny and join Weight Watchers!

Looks I didn't like at all:

Cate Blanchett
Nicole Kidman
Scarlett Johanssen

Tell me what you thought?
Who was your fave?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Must Have Moxie-Silverado Bling Giveaway!

I'm getting ready for the Oscars on Sunday,
doesn't this bead scream black tie event?

The Black and White Spiral Bling bead at 
This is one of our newest beads from Silverado
and it's valued at $42.


Do you want to win it?

Here's what you need to do!

Leave me a comment here,
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Pass this giveaway onto your blog friends,
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That's kind of huge, huh?

This bead will be great on a bracelet or a necklace,
and it goes with everything!
Get your comment on!

{Contest closes on Sunday, winner announced Monday.}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Eyes!

Has anyone noticed that "the ugly phase" of kids/teenagers is gone?
I've got this babysitter and I won't name any names,
but it starts with an A and ends with a "son".....
she's so cute, so fashionable, and just got braces and
she looks like a million bucks.  I mean, they even make
braces cute and cool these days.

Not back in my day, every kid went through an awkward phase
that really sucked, and everyone close to my age has the pictures
to prove it....Let me tell you about mine.

When I was in the second grade, my parents were informed that I needed
glasses.  Almost every year after that my prescription got worse and 
worse.  I hated my glasses so much I would bawl to my parents.
It did not help that I had buck teeth, a bad haircut and 
didn't get any boobs or a mentrual period until age 14!

 I knew that in NO way would I ever look like this in glasses:

 or like this:

However, my Mom had a soft spot for me and my eyeglasses
and allowed me to get contacts when I was in the 6th grade.
How cool is that?
Well I was, for once in my short life.
I grew out my hair, spent my babysitting money on clothes and
slowly my teeth figured out where they should be.

To this day, I am super blind!  I don't know what my
eyesight is, but I wear contact lenses everyday in the negative 7's.
I don't need to get the laser surgery because
I almost never have problems with my contacts
{knock on wood}.
I pop em' in every morning and I'm off.
I even own fake glasses with bling, cuz you know me, I love bling
and I figure why not change up my look now and again.

Here's my point....if you have contact lenses and you are happy with them,
but want to find a new contact solution, I have the solution {pun intended}!
A good friend of mine sells this solution
to retailers and she gave me some to try.
I love it, not that I didn't like what I had before.
But this stuff is much more moisturizing than
the Target Brand I was using.
Sorry Target brand :(

So, I want you to have some too!
Free....cuz I love you and you love me and I like sending things
to people in the mail to make them feel good!

I will take the first 5 commenters that were former 
"Four Eyes" and send them some of this 
wonder liquid.

Comment with your email, I will email you and get your 
mailing address, easy as that!

Happy Thursday folks!
And if you are brave, send me a pic of your
ugly phase and I will post it here....I'm thinking of scanning some of my
ugly phase photos to give you all a good laugh.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bayalage hair....finished!

{Image via Tumblr}

I got my new hair today.
My Mom watched my kids, thank the Lord!
But, she left before I could get her to snap a
picture for you all!

I did the Bayalage/Ombre technique...
and frankly, I am in love with the effect!

Tatum said she would take some pictures,
so this is what happens when a 3 year old takes pictures...

It's definitely difficult to see the whole effect....

But, I am thrilled.

Janna from The Rat's Nest in Saint Paul, MN
did the beautiful's as if she painted on sunlight.
And after this winter, I need the pick-me-up.

She also told me about Morrocan Oil products...

they are great, and smell FAB!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MIA....Bachelor recap

U can guess if you haven't heard from me on this blog, 
it's cuz I am buried under the needs of life.
Two kids and a travelling husband can take it's toll.
Not always on me, but I will tell you...the blog, is the first thing to go.
At the end of a long day with two kids, I want to watch t.v., 
do my nails, relax with my husband, or sleep.

I'm sorry little blog and faithful are important, 
but sometimes I think "what could I really say today?"....
what I need to remember is this....
you care to hear about the little things in my life.

I read "The Pioneer Woman" blog faithfully and even though
 I don't homeschool, cook, and photograph everything...the thing
I love about her is her reality, because in some way I identify with her life
and always want more.

I've got a million blog posts floating around in this little head
and hopefully I will find the time to get them down on the computer in a timely manner.

Alright, what about the Bachelor???
Did you watch?
I did, with Brandon..cuz he is hooked and I named it!
I knew it would be Shawntel to go home!

Wanna know how?
Brad likes women who jump up and down and swoon over him.
That at-home date, did nothing for him.

So, who do you think is gonna make it?

I don't know yet, but I will go out on a limb and say that Ashley
is the next one out the door....she's too young and cheerleader-y for him.
Although, I am not sure Emily will make the cut either.
Not just because she has a little girl, but 
because he is always sweating and nervous around her.

My goodness, that girl is just beautiful and cannot get any more
adorable, could she?

We rented this movie this weekend so I can be
up-to-date for the Oscars this weekend.......Ummmm...
it's a NO.  Super depressing and dark, not worth it, winter is
dark enough around these parts....don't take the time.

I've got 3 give-aways coming folks!
Stick with me and my busy life and make sure you enter to win.
I'm off to paint my nails, make out with my DVR, and
fold laundry..............

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Blinds are coming!

If you are looking for a fast way to blow 
a lot of money....order blinds for every window in your 

I just did,
after I had Brandon confirm my measurements, 
of course.

So, in a week or so, he has 14 windows to cover with

Are you as excited as I am?

I promise to get more exciting, really, really soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Silverado Bling @ Must Have Moxie

Here is a little taste of some of the new bling
available through Silverado and Must Have Moxie....

I smell a give-away....coming soon, here!
Now go tell your friends, k?

Monday, February 14, 2011

I want my t.v./remote back!

When it comes to t.v., in this house, I am so screwed.
My husband and my kids watch what they want, when they
want and I appease

Anything to stop the attitudes or screaming.
But, when my kids are tucked in bed,
and it's Monday night.....I get to watch the Bachelor.
Ugh, not tonight!!!
You hear me?

I am sitting. finally asleep.
And I missed the final 30 minutes!!!!
I don't understand this DVR all of the time,
but somehow Brandon's show's seemed to tape so 
I've got no recap of the Bachelor.

All I know, is this.
If you are single and you want to get married and have kids,
GIVE UP EVERYTHING....cuz your kids and husband will
take over your t.v. and various other parts of life.

Tatum and Turner....I don't care for Dora, 20 times a day.
Brandon.....your love for the History channel and sports can stop

Momma needs her Bachelor.

Happy Valentine's Day!

{Images via Tumblr}

Happy Valentine's Day!

XOXO my lovelies!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

When we bought our new home in November my only complaint
was that it didn't come with white woodwork.
I'm a freak for white woodwork!

Ahem, I am in love with our house in every
other way....and so white woodwork will come with time.
In the meantime, Branmuffin and I have painted so many things
except our woodwork, white...or black...or some other shade.

I am almost finished with a wall in our master bedroom.
It's fairly long and I wanted to put my DIY chair along the wall.
So, I decided to paint and assemble a bunch of mirrors
on it in a random pattern.  All of the mirrors were painted
either black or white.

Here's our kitchen table full of mirrors,
work in progress, be careful...we paint nearly everything that
walks in our doors!

A couple of shots of the final product, 
sorry some are a bit dark, I'm trying to photograph without

 ....remember the one on the far right I got
for my Good Will Christmas gift...

....ahhh, I bit you see what's missing?
I need a nice pop of color for the little
table....or I don't know, a different table...there might be too many
legs in the mix.....

....I told you it wasn't done yet, 
I'm still searching for the perfect pop of color...
maybe a flower arrangement and some books,
I don't know....

I've also read and have seen over and over
that a piece of abstract art can really tie a place together
via color, etc.

In our entryway there is a blank wall that needed 
something, some color or just to tie in with my
crazy IKEA rugs.

What do you think of this?

Home Goods...still lovin' that store!