Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I will be a braggin' Mom right about now...

Tatum is pretty much training herself to go potty!

We do a potty dance when she goes, and put a sticker on her chart!
It's all about positive reinforcement ya' know.

The only thing that sucks is...I hate the word "Panties".
I have never liked it.  I call mine "Underwear".
"Panties" just sounds so, prissy or proper or overly girlie.
I don't even know how to explain it, but I don't like that word and now
its said at least 200 times a day here.
But, I figure the payoff is a kid out of diapers, which means more shopping money huh?

Know what other words I don't like?


Eck...Yuck..Say them to yourself.

Done braggin', wanna hear how she embarassed me for the first time ever?
We went to Sams this weekend.  I usually let her go through my purse while we shop.
She likes to look at my mirror and my lip stuff, receipts, etc.
We were in the checkout, the place was packed, of course.
She pulls out a tampon and says,
"Waas dis Mommy, fer your Cha Cha?"
and puts it down by her crotch.

Umm...I need more privacy in my life.
Is it too much to be able to shut the door when I go potty?
Tell me, you other Moms can relate.



Oh how I can relate.... Kellon knew if all from his older sisters. He never missed a thing. Oh the words that come from the mouth of a babe...
I am sure Tatum is a Prissy Princess in her Daddy's eyes so you may be stuck with panties. I think men wear underwear and us ladies wear panties. But that is just my opinion.

Mama Orser said...

I think we may be soul sisters. Lol! I cringe at the word "panties." I think it has only left my mouth three times in my entire life and I about died each time. It just sounds pervy.

Another word, the "c" word...you know the one. Filthy.

Yay for the big girl!

mary timmers said...

Who put the face on the tampon, or do they come that way now?

Mama Orser said...

Alright Mrs. Timmers......that made me giggle out loud! I see where your daughter gets her humor. :)

chevysmith said...

Another laugh out loud post! And I don't like the word panties either . . .

Rebecca said...

Laughing out loud while Maddie tries to watch Beatrix Potter for "quiet time"...not so quiet when reading Suzanne's blog.
Cha cha. That killed me.

Agreed on the words. Especially flesh. Gross.

Nice job on the potty training-Ava is working on that too. She puts undies OVER her diaper. Hmmm.

We miss you guys,

lhoffman said...
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lhoffman said...

Can we relate? It happened just before I read your post yesterday- Ethan freaked out when I shut the door. I swear it's in the fine print before you leave the hospital... "In signing this discharge form, you agree to give up any and all privacy as an individual until an undisclosed amount of time to be discovered at a later date".

Ya, I'm an "underwear" girl myself. Good for Tatum- it's a fabulous thing (except when you're in a store with a cart full of something, and the bathroom is on the opposite side of the store- or you're in the car going, oh, anywhere- and you have to pull over to somewhere public and drag both (or all) kids with you to resolve the issue. Other than that, it's awesome!)

Chew said...

Hiii. I heart your blog already and I just started reading:)

I hate the word panties because I think it sounds dirty. I get to look forward to this as well, not for a while though because mine just turned 8 months.

I'm looking forward to reading and staying caught up with the styles:)

Sydney said...

That is to funny!