Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paint, Pillows, & Prettiness!

I saw this, and had to share it.

Okay, I can't take the credit...

Natalie found it.  You all remember, my Natalie.
I guess not only does she do good hair, but she shops Etsy really well too!
My kind of girl....Anywho....

Don't you love it?

It is so my life right now, blogging and coffee-ing!

This is where you can find it-

Gosh, if she gets a rush of biz from me,
tell her I sent you and she can hook me up!

{Always selling, huh?}

We are starting the works of redoing our family room/kitchen area,
 and I think it would be the best piece of perfection to add to it!

Okay, let me clarify...I am making some decor changes.
Not anything structural, just some paint/pillows/prettiness.

All of it, makes Branmuffin crabby :( 
Why do guys think stuff like our homes are "fine the way it is"?

Nothing, is "fine the way it is" when I am looking at it!
Am I right?
I mean, don't all of you want to change your homes?
Spruce them up for Spring!
I keep telling him this is normal. I also tell him to get used to it, cuz
I won't just decide to stop it all one day.

So, I NEED it.
I need it like, I need another purse or another lipgloss, but,
NEED it!


Lace said...

Jen from Made By Girl is the designer of that picture... she's on my blog roll(she's on A LOT of blog rolls) Go look at her blog... you'll love :)

Nick & Rebecca said...

Tell Branmuffin that me and flocked wall paper are having a rendevous real soon...totally normal to spruce for spring.

Summer said...

I'm right there with you....I'm itching for change in our place too. Jimmy keeps telling me to wait. But, I can't understand that word.