Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are you Lebanese?

According to Google, this woman looks
to be the poster child for Lebanon.

I'm using it to introduce to you my love
for Lebanese food.

I have loved it since my parents introduced me to it when I was in junior
high school.  It's chock full of garlic and fresh
tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Think Mediterranean and Greek food but better.

All the Lebanese people reading this are 
rolling their eyes, because Lebanese food 
is much more than that and
shouldn't be compared, but I have to give you all an
idea of the flavors, so that you will go check out
my new fave place!

It's located in Burnsville, MN off of Cty Rd 42.

Here's a pic of his gyro sandwich with fries...
Branmuffin usually orders that.

Here's one of my favorites,
The Tabouli salad....luv.luv.luv.

You should check it out.
The prices are uber reasonable too!

We even ordered some of the food to eat on Christmas.

His super creamy hummus and pita bread are off the charts.

If you don't believe me, that article gives good info.

And lastly, I love Byblos so much, 
I made a video.

That's right, I vlogged.

It's so amateur, but I did it in one take.

And please, only focus on Mike and the food!

Toodles....with garlic breath.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miracles and laughs

No, I'm not having another baby.
Remember, I have no home for a baby.
Okay, I have a home, but no uterus.
I just wuv dat face up there and wanna
smooch on it.
You know how you can stare at babies
and they are so perfect and have the softest,
clearest, best skin evah!?
Well, I do that. friend turned me onto this product.
Nerium AD
I had heard about it before from some
of my friends on the west coast and I thought
it seemed like a trend.
My friend that recommended it is pretty fabulous
and I took one look at her and said,
"I'm a sucker for products and if you say I can say
no after trying it for two weeks, I'm in!"
Tons of people are selling this product. 
 I have no time to sell more things, I sell at my day job.
I will recommend it though.
One reason I like it, is less products and steps.
I am a minimalist and this eliminates
many procedures and steps in my regimen.
You wash your face at night and while it is
still damp you put 3 pumps on your face.
It dries, it feel a bit tight and
the next day, you wash it off and go about your
day.  Love. Love one step. Love.
Also love that my skins is clearer and any
red spots have disappeared. I have pretty good skin,
but this clears up every issue...redness, blotching,
wrinkles, sun spots, the whole nine yards.
Okay, I'm gonna stop or you will think it's a commercial.
But, if you wanna try it yourself, let me know and I
will point you towards my glamorous
friend and you can give it a whirl.
Two more things:

Rent this movie, you will laugh your tushy off!
See this movie, again, lots of laughing.

And laughing is good when its -10 degrees,
it's how I cope!

Still have no signature,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yes. A Yogi.

Yes, I love the beach.
No, that's not me.
But, it will be.
Cuz, now I love yoga.

You can't call me a Yogi yet.
But, I will let you know when you can....

Life is stressful.  I am past the baby stage as a Momma.
I work full-time, and I needed something for Moi.

I found Clear Light Yoga in Rosemount, MN.

 If you are local, you should check it out.
You can point and laugh at me.
Hopefully, you will just admire my willingness to
try something new, while working the kinks 
out of my body.

Christy (Owner) opened it recently.
Her daughter goes to school with my kids.

And it's fabulous.  So fabulous there, that
she let me bring my kids and hubby for yoga too!

The cutest thing ever was watching my three year 
old give it a whirl!

Check out her site

Could this be me and Branmuffin?
Tell me if you do yoga, I love to hear everything you
know about it and how it has been good for you.

I'm loving downward dog. 


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Sorry I left you hanging with that last post.

I'll continue.
I don't know about you, but most girls, if given the 
opportunity, will take up an offer to act like a model for a photo shoot. 

I did just that.

I scooped up about 5 outfits and bought some fake eyelashes.

I took the time to actually do my hair!

What?! I know!  And makeup...f I had it my way,
 I would never wear makeup.

But-I'm nearing 40 and so I can't go without,
 nearly as much as I used to.

Happy to say, my husband likes me best with
 a clean face, and that's 0% pressure.

As far as my kids?  When I wear makeup, they notice...
"why do you have that right there" and 
poke me in the eye in the same breath.

And after that, it was pretty simple.

A lot of..."oh yeah, that's cute, do that,
 pull your shoulder back, suck in your tummy".

And let me tell you---it was a blast, and
very exhausting at the same time.

Fun huh?

I love them!  Thanks Annie.

I did hers too!  Not cuz I am a photographer, cuz
the photo and the appropriate settings were set up 
and she has a phat camera that
does the good stuff.

I gotta say.
That modeling stuff is hard work.
Maybe it wouldn't be as hard if I didn't have to
suck in my tummy and angle the perfect way.
Or if someone did my hair, makeup and clothing choices.

I have mad respect for models.
Do your craft, it's not easy and after two hours...I was beat.

So I went and ate a burger and fries.
Betcha' real models don't do that.

You too could do this with a friend!

We took a Sunday afternoon away from the 
fam and started snapping.

Your girlfriends will be honest about
what works for YOU.  They tell you when you look like a dork
or you're too pouchey somewhere.

 I'll be happy I have these...especially
right before I turn 50 years old...cuz you never
appreciate how you look when you look like what you
look like....tell me you understand that last sentence?!?!

And honestly...I know I am a blessed woman,
I'm discovering it more with every year and that's 
what I thought of to get the real smiles in these 



Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Remember these girls?

The super models of the 90's? 
I was obsessed with them.
Ever since I went to my first fashion show with my friend, Leah, I wanted their life.
To be gorgeous and wear fabulous clothes and travel and live an extravagent life!
The music at the show and their "walks" gave me chills!

I remember hearing one of them say how it isn't easy and how it takes talent to do what they do.

Have you ever seen a model in real life? 
They are pretty easy to spot-- bodyshape-wise.
Looks-wise, they never seem to wear all that
makeup and hair when they aren't "working".

Here's what they look like now on the runways...

 Ish. No thank you.

And here is what is considered a Plus Sized Model today.

 What?  Okay.

This model is in her 50's and I think that's pretty fab.
Look at her rockin' a white bikini.
Luv it.
I'm gonna turn 40 this year.

And I couldn't care less.
I mean I do care.  
But, not about getting old or the number.
I actually like myself more today than 10 years ago.
A lot more.  

But, I'm thinking about it.
Thinking of a celebration and
starting up yoga.

When my friend Annie said she would take
some pics of me in her studio, I jumped at the chance.

It was my chance
to be a model of what 40 looks like....not on 
someone in Hollywood, but a real girl,
living a real life with kids and a hubby and a job
and a house that needs cleaning.all.the.time.

.....sorry, but this is gonna have to be a
to be continued...

Don't yell at me.