Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am SO random

I have blogger's block.

I go to write a post for you lovelies, and I second guess what I should say.

Also, I am having some computer problems.  So, I can't post new pictures. 
I want to tell you all about my jean shopping, but I feel the need to add pictures just to do it justice. 
I hope you can wait.  Can you see me, I am buried under this pile....

So this is my mind the past few days, just a lot of randomness.....

I saw this at Sam's Club and I told Brandon, I needed it.

I mean, it's Stinkin Cute right? Pink, little netbook.
He asked me, "What for? Blogging?" then he started laughing.
Guess I am not getting it huh?

Tatum ate a doggie treat this week. Yep, I busted her.

And, I am really looking forward to Spring.
I want to wear bright colors, flip flops, and redecorate my house.

I bought some decorative, throw pillows. 
Again, if I didn't have that computer problem, I would show you them. 
That is when I decided...that pretty things make me happy and almost everything at TJMaxx, HomeGoods
would make me happy right now.  Thank God they don't have online shopping, cuz I could do some SERIOUS damage.

Also, I have some other "bizness" stuff in the works. 
If it all works out, there will be details and a LOT of pictures.

Okay, okay, here is a little peak....

Gorgeous....beyond Stinkin' Cute, no?

Okay, do you have anything you would want me to blog about? 
I am open to suggestions. 

I like to talk about gross things too, not just the pretty. 
Maybe, I will do a weekly gross story. 



Mama Orser said...

Give me the top ten reasons being a stay at home Mom rocks.....15 if your feelin' froggy.

Alissa said...

How about your list of favorite tunes on your iPod at the gym to get yourself groovin? I could use some tips on how to dress "mom appropriate" but cute for outings with the kids...especially need ideas with the shoes. Can you really only do tennis shoes since you're running crazy after them, or is there a more fun alternative that's still comfortable and functional? Any of that help with the block??? :)


Brandon would look very manly sitting in those pink chairs.... I think you should blog about your first visit to Washington State...

Kristy said...

Your blog is so cute! I love the random thoughts- I get those too!! I am glad I'm not the only one!

FreshCutFabrics said...

I absolutely have to have a "Home Goods" stroll every couple of weeks. And hey if I am just a little bit down and things are getting to me, off I run to Home Goods! I don't even have to buy anything, I just have to look. Of course a lot of times I do see something I have to have and don't have room for, so then my SUV gets loaded up and it takes a trip to the thrift store to give something away and make room for the new piece I have fallen for....Gee that sounds kinda sexual..And then I am off on a re decorating adventure to fit it that gorgeous new piece, throw pillow, quilt, or lamp. it's so much fun! Almost as good as....chocolate.

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