Friday, February 19, 2010

They are called Scissors.

Get ready...I am gonna share my opinion.
It ain't gonna be pretty, nor will the pictures be.  I might offend some of you.
And you are gonna just have to get over it.

Some people need to get a HAIRCUT.  A haircut with a capital H!
I will name names, I will call them out, with pictures of proof,
 that their hair choice is just plain wrong.
Oh, and I know each and every one of them can afford a haircut too!

Ragamuffin #1

Oprah, you are 56 years old!  Even with your make-up on and
your hair did, it is waaaaay too long.  Grab your stylist, and shut it down.
We all know what you are trying to hide.
Go back to this look....mmmkay?  Class.

Ragamuffin #2:

Yes, I know you are big-time right now with your snowboarding in Vancouver....

But, Shaun White...knock it off, oh and clean up your language.
 I heard what NBC recorded you saying.
Be a role-model.  Kids ARE watching you, after all.
I don't have a better look for him to go back to, there never was a better look.

Ragamuffin #3:

Peggy Fleming, we loved your skating, we appreciate your
commentary at the olympics.  But go for a classic bob, you could knock 15 years off of yourself.
Please, remember the good ol' days?

Ragamuffin #4

This is your Mom's fault, I know. 
The hair could be cut by now, but I haven't searched for a recent pic. 

Kate Hudson's son, Ryder...could pass for a little girl huh?
I mean, I have a son, I just would never want him to look like a
little girl.  Yah know?
I mean, does she comb conditioner through it to get
out the snarls?  I have to do that for my daughter's hair.
BTW, though you know what his Dad looks like, so
it must just be Kate's "type".
Kind of a "Hair Nation".

Ragamuffin #5
{However, he no longer is!}

Celine Dion's son Rene.

She saw the light, while out on tour and decided to cut
the hot mess!  Doesn't he look like a little cutie-pie now?
I love it, and I am a huge closet fan of Celine Dion!

The Final Ragamuffin....

Carrot Top..
I have no more words, there are so many things wrong with
this picture, hair is the least of his worries.  Right?

It's so hard for me to blog about the non-beautiful of this world.
I prefer the beautiful.

So, I will close with something pretty,
to leave a good taste in your mouth.

We had a Spa Day at Mops today.
Someone brought Cucumber Sandwiches.

They were mmmm mmm good,
"Off the Chain" good!!

{I did the math, I am gonna need 6 new followers a day to make my goal.  Hook me up!}


karrimlarson said...

1 down 5 to go! Woohoo! Love the blog!

Lace said...

Love this & completely agree with you on all of them!


Please let me know if I need the "SCISSORS".

Mama Orser said...

Best line? "Shut it down."

That one hurt a little! :)