Sunday, February 7, 2010

My newest lil' baby

I found her last week...

I have been looking for her for awhile...

She's pretty, stinkin' cute huh?

This is my newest little addition to the collection of bags/wristlets
in my closet.

I needed something to put my phone, some cash and cards, lipstuff, etc. into.

Then I throw this in the diaper bag when I head out!

But, when I get out without the kiddos, I just grab it!

I scored this at TJMaxx.

It's Betseyville from Betsey Johnson.

Please, let me know if you see more wristlets you like,
I am always lookin'.


mary timmers said...

Know why I like your blog? Because it's about beautifiul stuff!

Mama Orser said...

Sometimes it's all about the "little" things in life.... :)

Should have told you Saturday, actually thought about it a few times that night how different and cute it was.

Bambina Babe said...

Very cute...I love Betsey Johnson. :)


Love your new lil' baby"

Kim said...

You found one! Love it!!