Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dirty Hair Club

WARNING:  Personal Info to be Shared by Me and YOU!
Last week when I got my hair all shined up, 
my hair gal gave me a talkin' to.
  She says I need to stop washing my hair everyday?
I guess it's better for it and will make it healthier overall.

So, I mentioned this in passing to a couple of friends and found out
that the majority of you wash your hair every other day...and I am in shock.
Why did I not know about this "Dirty Hair Club"?  
I am considering joining the club, but my main reason for hesitating is this....
I am very aware of smells, and DO NOT want to have that "bed head" smell.

 {smelly hair?}

I mean, ewwww...you know that smell I am talking about.
The smell someone has when they aren't clean and their hair is greasy.
I cannot be that girl.

So, I tried it this weekend...I will say much faster getting ready time, but
by the end of the day, I could feel the greasies coming on...
and when I woke up the next day...I jumped in the shower, I could not wait to wash!

{yeah, me rejoicing in my clean hair!}

I need help...
do you do the every other day thing?
do you smell like bed head?
do you have tricks to make this successful?
how long do you go?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Fashion 2010

Here is my fashion review of the Emmy's.
I don't watch the show, I watch the red carpet.
Consider me your very own E entertainment, fashion correspondent.
Here goes:

Kim-you are exotic perfection and should go with this look more often,
I love you and that's not just cuz you have a big butt, but big butts rule in my book.

Eva- This dress was better on the red carpet than this photo.  But, I like it overall
especially the little train in the back and your kick booty earrings.

Julia-  Your dress was eh, but I love your accessories.  Way to go on 
adding a pop of color!

Sophia- Still up in the air on what I think about your dress, but your
curves and your hair are to die for, I will think of your hair
when I feel like chopping mine off and step away from the scissors!

Claire-  I didn't even recognize you, you should spray tan and wear
the soft makeup more often!

Lea-I am not a gleek, but I am IN LOVE with your jewelry and
the dress, navy blue... much better on the carpet than this photo as well.
A+...winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Who's your fav or dontcha'  care?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pick-A-Winner & What girls like...

Last nite, I had another trunk show for my jewelry line.
It was a great time, cuz when you host a trunk show,
it's basically a girl party
and an excuse to eat, drink, and talk girl-talk!

I finally had a Skinnygirl margarita...loved it, totally tasty, and I hear
35 calories each, so I drank the whole bottle.
Gosh, I'm kidding...I couldn't blog and 
watch two kids under age 3 today, if I did that!

So, the biggest debate at the girl party was, 
is Javier Bardem hot or not?

He plays Julie Roberts' lover {can't stand that word} in Eat, Pray, Love.
I was the ONLY girl who didn't think he is cute.
8 to 1, everyone just swooned over him.
Well, back off ladies, 
Penelope Cruz has her pretty little paws on him now,
so keep dreaming. 

I would like some comments on the 'Javier hotness' issue, 
to know where I stand, and to know my readers taste in men.
These things are important to me.


Next is a video of Tatum picking a winner for this bead:

If you want to see motherhood at its finest...
children ruining my swagger....
and who wins the bead, click on this video!

Check out MustHaveMoxie to build your own bracelet
and take a look around.
3 women bought my current Must Have, these earrings.

They will grab anyone's attention from across the room!
If you live in the Minnesota area and want to host a trunk show,
contact me at suzanne@musthavemoxie.com

Now, go get your weekend on!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd Bedroom/Office ~ Decor Reveal Part 5

I'm sure you have all seen this pic in Domino, like over a zillion times,
but...it was the inspiration pic for my clients 2nd bedroom/office.

Wanna see our pics?

Hired out a painter for the blue walls...
Keep in mind...97% complete, needs a few more details...

Picture wall, prints from TJMaxx-of course!

Another angle...

Vase and Silver boxes-TJ-again, I know.

{Yes, me in the background..behind the scenes.}

FYI, that vase was $10 on clearance...
somebody, stop me!

All via, TJMaxx...yes, the table, the mirrors, the lamps...
I think a vase of fresh, pale pink peonies would finish it off!

Bed was a from an online source purchased by the client!
We are thinking...pale pink pillows, even some various blue ones, 
would complete the look.

So, that's it!  I hope you enjoyed the journey...cuz, I'm completely exhausted!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Hair Do, Got my Hair Did!!

We interrupt these fab home decor posts for....


Yes, that's right!  Me and my new hair!

I say, "Out with the old, in with the new!" and went and got my hair "did"!

My cutie pie hair gal, Natalie is so sweet...I emailed her a picture of 
no other, than Miss Eva Mendes.....

and screamed, in an email..."Make me her now!"
We chatted, she assured me, and told me to stop talking while she mixed the color, 
she wanted the perfect formula, OF COURSE!

Drum Roll Please...

Nasty " Before Picture" with 2 inch roots:

and woolah...bada bing...

That's at 10:30 last night, when I dragged Branmuffin away from the t.v. to take my "after"
picture, he better 'realize' who I am with my new hair huh?

And here I am today, outside with my girl, Tatum, who asked me
"Where did the white go?"

Oh, and don't expect me to wear it straight every darn day, cuz I'm 
a low maintenance, wash and go gal!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your Very Own Bar! - Decor Reveal Part 4

I'm still revealing....
..the beautiful condo I had the opportunity to make
even more beautiful!

You see, when you spend a lot of time in your home, my theory is, 
it needs to reflect "you" and always make you feel "at home" and cozy.

Let's admit, there are times we don't want to be cozy though...
we want to entertain, laugh with good friends, share our good fortune with others,
just connect...maybe over a glass of wine, definitely over some
good food!

My client works hard, but when she isn't working hard, 
she likes to cook for others and host little parties.
In fact, she's hosting one this week...and I'm so glad....cuz I get to go, 
and it will give her a chance to use this....

We created a vignette for the room...a bar/cocktail area.

How did you do this you ask?

First, we purchased the bar piece, then found a mirror {another one?} almost exactly the same length as the bar piece and hung it directly above.  Next, we added different sized shelves for holding glassware.

This gorg lamp ties it together and makes you want to cozy up to the bar.

The shelves are from Lowe's, I believe.
The bar piece is from Scratch n' Dent, yeah we love that place.
And the dog, just keeps moving around for pictures, doesn't he?

Mirrored tray...TJMaxx, of course...are you sick of hearing that?
Seriously, take your cute butt there and check it out for yourself!
That's an order!

And here is a shot of how the bar vignette ties with the rest of the room.

Oh, and one more angle, cuz I can't stop myself!

There is so much light to the room and all of the glass and mirrors 
create little tiny reflections all over the room.

Do you like the bar vignette?

Oh, my give away ends Thursday....head here to enter!

You could win this!

 And, I'm out!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glam Living Room- Decor Project Part 3

The living room was such a treat to complete.
There are so many elements to this room,
get ready for lots of pictures, 
so many I couldn't include the whole room in one post!

Need a refresher? You can check back at these links:

Here is the living room.
The client owned this couch, so we didn't go purchase a new one..we added pillows,
mixing them with various colors.
The ottoman comes from Dock 86, a store in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
We weren't that impressed with the store itself, 
but thought this ottoman was a great find!

You can see the detail here.

This lamp was a fabulous "find" at TJMaxx Home Goods, we were so glad,
we bought two and created a symmetrical look, anchoring the couch.

The mirrored end tables that the lamps are on, were found at the same exact store
and were quite a steal at $19.99 a piece...how many of you have an 
end table that glam for $20 bucks?

Another angle and a peek at the fireplace...more on that later.

My Mom takes all the credit on this dog!
He was living at TJMaxx too, till she found him.
What should we name him?

And this is where "I die" like Rachel Zoe....these chairs are off the charts
in my book, they make such a statement!  
We bought one for $299 and decided we needed them
to be a pair to really make this room "perfection"!

Gosh, you guys are gonna think I work for TJMaxx, but believe me, they aren't paying me a penny.
This rug is from there as well, maybe $199 if I remember right!
Blue lamp...TJMaxx too.
Isn't that chest great?  We found that at Scratch n' Dent.

And the room pulled together from this angle....
the small sunburst mirror, is from TJ, of course.
Total, I think we purchased over 7 or 8 mirrors total
on the project!

Client had this black wooden tray, so we used it!
Pillows and candlesticks are from TJMaxx and so is the adorable mirrored tray and clover!
Our client, is Irish and was in Ireland at the time of the decor, so it was
a "must have" and adds a personal element.

There is another area to the room for when she entertains,
that really pulls the room together
and maybe it will start a new trend!  

Check back tomorrow for MORE.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Make an Entrance-Decor Project Part 2

On to Part 2 of the condo decor project...
if you missed the Master Bedroom, click here.

Pretty bummed about this, I can't find my "before" pictures!
Guess that's what happens when you get a new computer,
{which I just love}!

We wanted to make the entry area have a pop of color and glam...
the hope was to achieve a wow effect when someone enters the
entryway of the condo!

The before pics would show a blank wall and old, boring sconces.

Here are the new sconces....

We ordered them online, can't remember the site.
They even came with crystals that could dangle, but we decided to go without
them, we figured they did the trick, just as they are.

The prints and huge mirror are from TJMaxx, of course.

So are the vases...
the rug was the only splurge,
it's sooo unique and you can feel the quality on your 
feet, very inviting!  Two of my favorite colors are in this rug, but I
wasn't being biased, my friend picked it!

The chest came from Odds N Ends in Saint Louis Park, MN.

And...a peak for Part 3....

Toodles, oh..don't forget my give-away ends
August 26th!  Go here and get your comment on!