Friday, April 30, 2010

Bye for Now

When you read this, I will be staying here, on Marco Island, Florida.

For a wedding we are attending....

Here, on Captiva Island, Florida.

Hopefully, when I come back
I will have some gorgeous pics of Branmuffin and me.
Maybe I will even do a fashion post, cuz I got a new dress and all!

But, bottomline, I will be on a blogging break until I return from my trip.
I think it's fair that I give Brandon ALL of ME, wink...wink... ;)

So, go through some old posts if you miss me.
Cuz, I will miss all of you!

But, I am sure to return on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo!


{Send me a text if anything happens with Sandra Bullock, I need to be in the loop!}

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bead-A-Full you like bling?

I'm all about the Bling.
Bling makes me feel good.
Cuz, Bling sparkles.
And then, I feel like I sparkle.

Doesn't even matter what color of Bling, as long as it sparkles, and
catches the light, I love to Bling.

I especially like this blue Bling, probably because it looks clean,
and reminds me of turquoise water.

Okay, okay, I'm awake now...awake from my bling dream.

Am I alone?
Don't you feel better with some lip gloss and some sparkle on your body?

Sometimes, I wear no make-up and
comfy clothes...but I NEVER am without my bling.

Now that can be any kind of bling...a wedding ring, a right-hand ring, or
just some sparkly studs in your about a blingy bracelet?

So, it's Bead-A-Full Thursday, and that means
I talk about Silverado Jewelry and give some away.

Here's the rules:

Leave me a comment, comment on what YOU wear that has bling,
 or what you dream of having that has more BLING!
Again, it can be anything....
Then, you are entered to win....
this bead....

Yes, I have lost my head and am giving away another fav!

The black, ladybug, bling, bead!

Leave me a comment and you are entered, enter every week, even if you have already won.
I am so easy with these give-aways!

Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook, cuz
my sponsors want that too!

Toodles and Bling!
{After 3 Thursdays, I pull a winner!}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News Flash! Don't mess with a Momma!

Jesse James is a bigger idiot than I realized.

Don't mess with a Momma!


I am her biggest fan!

Someone run out and buy me this issue...

Patty Cake and Patti Stanger?

Today, I met my sisters-in-law at Yum!
Again, for you Minnesotans, this is a must-go-to.
The food is so good, and they always change up their menu, which
is a good thing, cuz everything is good!

Check out their menu at:

And they have something called Patty a piece, it's worth it!
It's chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and you cannot stop sticking a fork into it's goodness.
I want to describe how moist the cake is, but that is another word, I CANNOT stand.
Just say it over and me back to this.

And I have another Patti, I like....

I'm kind of a sucker for this woman, Patti from "Millionaire Matchmaker".
She really knows her stuff about men/women/love connections.
I love her show.
She tends to go on rants every once and awhile, but she
is almost always right with her hunches.  Seriously, if I were single, I would own her book.

Gosh, when am I gonna get a HUGE hookup from all my self-induced endorsements?
Then I could just lay on my couch all day watching Millonaire Matchmaker and eat free Patty Cake!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Casanova a la Branmuffin

So, in just a few days, I will be sitting at the airport, ready to
board a plane to Florida with Branmuffin.

There will be no kids.
Just the two of us.
Sans kiddos.
Okay, you get the point. Ummmm, I am beyond excited.

And, I really can't decide which part of the trip am I looking the most forward to!

Hmmm...Branmuffin has agreed to get me morning coffee,
everyday...yep, that's right.  He will go, get out
of bed and fetch it, or we will go have coffee together, and I plan on
enjoying every warm coffee getting cold on me, for once!

Then, we want to soak up some sun and get a little bronzed.
Cuz, I think tan fat is better than white fat.
I'm just being honest.  I feel better and skinnier when I am tan,
don't you???

A wedding to attend, in which I will take my time getting ready with no
kids climbing all over me, whining and making it impossible to apply eyeliner.

Oh, and Brandon has promised to BRING DA' ROMANCE...he is going
to be a Casanova ladies!  I'm talkin..doin' the little things guys used to do before you
were married with children.  And when I return, I will bring you details....not the
intimate ones, of course, but details on how he romanced me.
No pressure, Brandon.

And this is where we get to my tip of the day!
I don't have a "tip of the day", but that just sounded good, like this is the place
to get your daily tips?#$&*! Whatevs.....

When Brandon and I started dating we bought the book, "All About Us".
It is a great way to get to know the person you are in love with.
It is simply a book of questions....from anything to everything.
And you fill out your answer and his answer to all sorts of questions.
A great way to get guys talking...cuz I don't know about your Man, but mine doesn't
just sit there and spill his feelings on rainbows and what makes him feel special.
I am thinking I will bring this book along, to get us talking and
learning about each other again.

Fun huh?
As far as other books go, do you have any recommendations?

I need a good beach/pool read.

Nothing heavy or depressing....
I want something smutty or girlfriendy and light.
Hmmmm...comments? Suggestions?

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Birfday party!

It was his BIRFDAY and we partied!

You know, like 1 year olds like to party...

With his very own "smash" cake...

Ummm...he killed it, he smashed it, demolished it, and did some serious damage...

That boy has never had sooo much sugar in all of his one year on this earth!

I had to get a pic of myself with my kiddos!

And he blessed us with a smile! Ummm, Tatum, not so much.

Branmuffin's Mom sent us the outfit he wore for his 1 year old birthday...
check out this 70's throwback.

So Stinkin' Cute...

He and his sister loved his t-ball set, cuz Daddy's got big dreams!

Why is throwing a party so stressful?
Gosh, this is when I want to be a "star" ...have "people"
plan my partays and I  just sit back and enjoy
the events in life!

Serious SideNote: Speaking of a star....did you all like my new shirt?

It's a little tunic that I picked up at Marshall's....and let me just say for you
Minnesotans, the one at Southdale is perfection.
I never walk out of there without the rustle of bags!

Even the cuffs have heavy beading on them....

I got it for Florida, but then I had to rock it, cuz I love it and
a girl has got to look good when her lil' man turns 1 years old.
I mean how often does that happen?

Oh, and wanna see a picture of Tatum with the whole "Big Girl Bed" that
is SOOOO much fun for us?

After running around her room...
trying on every outfit in her drawers....
pulling apart her closet...
turning on all lights and her fan....

THIS is how she fell asleep...

Parenthood, such a blessing~insert sarcasm here.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Pick-A-Winner #3....And IKEA

I love this bead sooo much, I don't want to give it away!
But I will, cuz this is what I do..I do serious give-aways that are worth
oodles of dollars, peeps, oodles!

So, if you have friends that like jewelry or free stuff in general,
send them my blog address and get them hooked up,
 its the least you could do for a friend!

By the way or BTW, I love your comments,
I love it when you participate and it isn't ALL me talking!
You guys are great, and I feel like we are becoming family around here...

Okay, enough mush, onto the WINNER!!


I gotta tell you a tip and a major score I made yesterday at IKEA.
I took the kiddos there, cuz an im-po-tant meeting got cancelled :(,
and let me tell you ...that is a great place to take kids.
  They love checking out the kid stuff and running around.
Then, I found out when I was leaving that they would take potty-trained
kids for an hour so you can shop.
I'm thinking I will go back and drop Tatum off
when we are having a rough day!  She would love it!


So this is my major score!  For $7.99!

It's a scarf holder.  I don't own a ton of scarves, but I never know how
to store them...if you put them in a drawer you never use them, and if you
hang them on the closet bar, they fall off!
So pretty cool, right?

There's my tip for your Friday!

Enjoy the weekend!  We have a birthday party to host for Turner and I need
to get some stuff for our Captiva Island, Florida trip!

Toodles my lovelies, and Sparkly jewelry too!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday...Best Friends

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday, {Giveaway too!} which always gets me thinkin' girly.

Do you have a best friend?
Or, a few best friends?

Maybe, your husband/boyfriend/fiance is your best friend....

Regardless, you have to get this bead!

And you could add it to your bracelet...have you seen these up close?

What a great gift idea for your best friend!
You could get her a bracelet with the "best friend" bead and you
could start your own club...
kind of like the old "best friend" necklaces with the hearts
where you each wore half of the heart?

I like to celebrate life with my girlfriends!  Maybe meet for coffee or a drink or
splurge on some champagne.

I love it!
I love my girlfriends.
They make life easier, always good to laugh with, cry with, and gain insight from.

So, wanna win a bead?

How about this bead?


This is what you do....

Leave me a comment about what YOU like about your girlfriends,
it can be big or small...I don't care, heck, I probably like some of the same things about mine!


Become a follower of this blog.
Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on facebook.

to find a store near you:

to buy online:

I will be drawing tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turner turns 1 Year Old.....and you can see the birth video!

My Baby, Turner Graham, turns 1 year old today!

On April 21st, entered the world with ease...

Always smiling, and happy to eat, snuggle, and sleep.

Here you are with Daddy, who was always scared to wish for a boy...
 but now is soooo blessed to have one!

Happy happy to have another man in her life....
and to no longer be pregnant

Your sister Tatum, {who stayed with Papa while we were in the hospital}
loved you from the second she saw you.

And I instantly became of mother of two kids, under the age of two....whew!

You chunked up, and filled out.
You love to snuggle....
You love music.....
You love to have your hand held and head rubbed.

We named you Turner Graham...the middle name after
Billy Graham...with hopes and prayers,
 that you will be a Godly man of character,
 and will do great things in this world.

And as your Momma, I hate to admit you aren't a baby anymore.

Please slow down and don't grow up so fast......
Always snuggle with us....
And make your Mommy and Daddy proud!

We love you Turner, and are so happy God chose us as your parents.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You be Dr.Phil ...I NEED HELP!

Dr.Phil:  What seems to be the problem, Suzanne?

Me: IgotTatumabiggirlbedandsheisdrivingmecrazyshegetsoutofitnonstop

Dr.Phil:  Take a deep breath.  Have you read any parenting books on this here issue?

Me: (Inhale....Exhale) No, I have read books on how to get your kids to sleep well, but this is a new problem for me.

Dr.Phil:  Well, Suzanne, you cain't change thangs by doin' over an over what isn't workin. 

Me:  But, Dr.Phil, don't you have the answer for me?  Can't you help me with keeping her in her "Big Girl Bed"?

Dr. Phil: Uh....................

This is where You come in.

Please send me your comments, help a sista out!  I will repay you with good-bargain advice,
things that I find to be So Stinkin' Cute, funny stories/videos on my kiddos and the Hubs,
pretty jewelry, and tons of props to what ends up working.

Please be here for me, I'm in the fetal position, and Branmuffin wants to build a
padded room for me in our home.

Goin' Crazy, Have You Been Here Before??

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where's My Stylist?

Last night was the CMA's.
For those of you who hate country music, but like fashion...I've got a post for you!

I didn't watch much of the show.
Reason being~Tatum is transitioning to a big girl bed, but she isn't being a big girl and staying in her bed!
{So frustrating going up and down stairs, to say the same words over and over
approx. 40 times! Ahem.}

Onto the fashion...

Let me start by saying, I like country music, I used to be a bigger fan in my college days.
I have some favorite artists and I think they sing songs that we can all relate to.
If there is ever a song that makes me tear up, you can guarantee its a country song.

Carrie Underwood...perfection, however, I cannot find a pic of her when she performed.
She wore this HUGE, gorgeous, floral, was beau-ti-ful.

Omg, I lied...I found it...

Pictures don't do it justice.  She was surrounded by flower petals too!

Jennifer Nettles...
Can't tell you "jack" about her and who she is with...but I love the ensemble and especially what she did with her necklaces.  Smart and bold, my kind of woman!

What's her name, with Lady their song on the radio now,
love the color of this dress even more!

LeAnn can sing, but you messed up your marriage.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw..Faith your are gorg, but not that great here....
but ANY woman, would look better standing next to that man!
Whew...hottie alert! {Did you like him in Blind Side?}

And for a fashion report for the little people, here in our home....
We are flipping for flipflops.

I am rockin' these this summer....

I like them.  Of course, add a little sparkle at an ol' boring outfit and you are good to go!

Tatum has to be like me, so I scooped these up at Target...$6.99...can't beat it with a stick!

And, Branmuffin and I had a day date yesterday.
We went to eat and did a lil' shopping.

He got these for our upcoming, destination, wedding we will be attending!

DSW $39.95

Did I say I am just a BIT excited to go away with just Branmuffin?
without the kiddos.....
we aren't taking the kids....
it will just be him and myself.....
lotsa alone time, wink.wink..