Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have found a product.
I HAVE to share it with you, and share I will, in more than one way!!

It is called Silverado Jewelry.

It's pretty much based off of the "charm bracelet" idea.
But OODLES better.

You buy a bracelet and add beads, one by one.
You could get a bead for your B-day, or Christmas, or Mother's Day.
Your boyfriend/husband could buy you a bead everytime he messes up?!
You make it your
And you wear it everyday, like the rockstar, each and every one of you are!

There are silver charms...

Murano Glass beads...

My fav, Bling beads...

There are hundreds to choose from, to make it your VERY own.

The bracelet and beads are soo heavy, so substantial, so glamorous.
I will show you my bracelet as I build it too.
Oh, you will not be able to take it, it is that FABULOUS.

So, every Thursday I will post more of their beauty.
And I have one of their bling beads to give-away!
It's this one..

The bling dangle.
So, become a follower, if you aren't already.
Leave me a comment, make them original, not just "enter me", every Thursday.
I will draw a winner from the comments after 3 weeks!
It's just that simple.

Become a fan on Facebook @ Silverado Jewelry USA


Kip said...

Just became a fan of Silverado on Facebook! Ever since I saw your bling today I've been trying to come up with a way to sneak in comments and hints to Dan so he'll start hooking me up with my own!! LOVE IT! GORGEOUS!

Randi said...

is family excluded? I love love silverado these are on my Christmas list next year especially the bling beads in pink and silver! love love the one that is posted on your blog is that the one you have??

kmkirsch826 said...

Oooh...I am going to check this site out. Those are so fun!! I love the sparkly ones too :-) Can't wait to see which ones you choose!

Kim said...

SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did you ever find them? oh i know you have your ways!!! Seriously so adorable and i am about to become a fan on FB.


I have became a fan on Silverado on Facebook a week ago... Started to design my "BLING"... Oh to have some bling.. It is calling my name.
I may have to hook myself up since I do not have a boyfriend, husband, ect..... Unless someone knows of one for me... :)

Holmfamily said...

Love this bracelet, LOVE the bling! I am definitely going to become a fan of Silverado on facebook! Love reading your blog, so much fun!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Ooooh, I love this Silverado jewelry! I've never seen it before, thanks for sharing these! I think that cute little pink ladybug is my favorite!

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I'm so glad I stopped by, this stuff is GREAT!! I'm your newest follower! Cheers!