Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glam Girl Bedroom- High Bed & Pillows!

{Image via Tumblr}

I wanted to give you another update on my daughter's room.
Here is the before:

And I can't say this is the "after" yet, because there are a few things
I am still looking for.  So here is the semi-after:

I found the bedding at TJ Maxx, of course.
It's just a white, contemporary quilt.
Brandon and I just could not
stop with one fabric covered headboard.  So one night between one of our t.v. shows, 
we knocked another one out with the left over materials from our previous project.

I sewed the pillows myself, cuz I can, and found the fabric at
 JoAnn fabrics...again, I will say the women that work there like to get in my biz-ness.
  I never even approach them for help and they
are always suggesting stuff that isn't my taste and then they
turn their lip up a bit at the combinations I come up with.
{Side note: for my MN readers, the JoAnn in Apple Valley is the biggest in the 
state and they boast of the best selection of fabrics.}


Another thing we did was raise her bed with  2 X 6's underneath
her box spring.  This raises her bed height by about 4.5 inches.

It may be hard to tell in the pictures, but it adds another element to the 
room, making it less "little girl".  She will definitely be able to grow up 
with this room!

The only thing, when you raise a bed it makes your bed skirt
toooo short, like it has highwater pants on!  So, I had to add
4.5 inches of fabric to the bottom of the bed skirt.

I bow down to those who sew, it's very hard!
You have to be patient, precise and see the whole picture.
I thought of putting a ribbon around the bed skirt to tie the
hot pink in from the room, but after the time and effort I put into 
the bed skirt, I am rethinking that thought!

And another view of the room...


 And the Semi-After:

There is her chair.  I am thinking a mirror/vanity set would be cute!
I also need to put some prints up on the wall.
And I think this girl needs a chandelier!

Any suggestions on where to get that?

And to think a 3 year old sleeps there....I will be sure to snap a pic 
on what it looks like on a normal, clothes, princess-dress-up-clothes, everywhere.


kimble said...

Ikea has some nicely priced chandeliers. The room is beautiful!

Summer said...

i LOVE it!!!! You are just getting things done girl!!! Come to my house and motivate me!

Beth said...

I love the paint color! So pretty. I just ordered a chandelier from Ballard Design, after looking numerous places, I found their lighting to be surprisingly affordable. For future reference, you can get bedskirts with a 18-21 inch drop. I know what a pain in the a** sewing can be...especially something as un-exciting as a bed skirt.

Jessica said...

I see cute chandeliers at thrift stores and on Craigslist a lot. I love the room, I know pink for girls' rooms is considered cliche and all these days, but I wish I had a daughter so I could decorate a pink room. Visiting from Remodelaholics Anonymous party.

Christy said...

fabulous color combination...and i love the fabric you chose..the lamps are lovely too! great job..that is one lucky girl. stopping by from tatertots and jello!

Cindy@Cinsarah said...

Very Pretty!!!

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

I love the matching lamps. so awesome.

new follower,

Julie said...

Ok....very cute room :)

I had to say though....while at your Joanne's the workers are always up in your mine, I can hardly get em to lift a finger!! Once, I was going in there to buy yards (and I mean lots of yards) of flannel. I had to choose roughly 10 different bolts (and I had my daughter with me). I asked if a worker could walk through with me and another cart to help me gather the bolts. Nope. they were too busy and couldn't help a customer.

An answer to the chandelier could buy an old brass one at a thrift store and redo it. Spraypaint it white and I think on some you could add dangling crystals too. Just a thought I had.


Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

What a great room! I love the lamps they are the perfect touch. Great job!