Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Pedicure

Are your toes ready for summer?

I decided I can't talk about all of the DIY's
I do with spray paint and and not
give it a try on my own toes.

For years, I have gone to get a pedicure, 
neglecting my own stash of nail products.

Not any longer...and believe me, I will make it easy.

Step 1: 
CND Stickey Base Coat

{This makes the color you choose stick!}

Step 2:
Your favorite OPI color, they are the best in my book.
My current fave is "Ate Berries in the Canaries"

{Note: My dream job, to name nail polishes...wouldn't that be fab?}

Step 3:

Seche vite Dry Fast Top Coat

{This dries the color and polish fast, and makes
them shine and sparkle...for a really long time. 
Do not skip this step!}

So, come one...I dare you, do it yourself
and save $40!  Spend the money on something else,
like a good summer read or a night out with 
your someone special!
My current summer read, that I cannot put down?

"Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers
And that is one reason, you haven't heard
from me in a week!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Experimenting with Henna

These "Housewives" shows on Bravo get me thinking.
Mostly it's about their cute outfits when the NY cast
was in Morocco.....or all of their fab jewelry.

Most of the time, I tune them out and turn it off if
they are just being bickering chicks.....

Today, I stopped by an Indian market to pick up some 
Henna and I am going to try and do
DIY Henna Tattoos!

I really like this design....I will probably start by practicing on my kid's feet
and then mine, and then just take it from there.

And, if I get good...I am gonna do them at an upcoming 
girl party I am hosting!

Fun huh?  Pics from my work to come, I know 
you will do nothing but wait, right?

BTW, I picked a winner on the LaLa Red belt!

SuburbsMama is the winner of the Courtney belt!

I will contact you for your address!

Thanks Leah from LaLa Red for sponsoring my are a doll!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Give-Away,..the opposite of Butt cleavage!

No way am I going to do a post on Justin Bieber...I don't know
enough about him to devote the time.  But, I am gonna talk
about a problem that lot's of us have.  And he has the same problem in this 
When you bend over to do you worry 
about exposing yourself?  I don't always, sometimes I have a long shirt
on so it's not a problem..but I have some jeans that I won't wear
for that reason.  No one wants to hike their jeans up all day long huh?

Remember when we wore belts more?
Now, I don't want to wear a belt because the buckle seems
to add more to my tummy, not an area that needs anymore
bulk..that is for sho'.  And if I wear a long shirt, I don't want a big 
buckle bulge underneath either.

I have a solution, a solution that will make you run
up and hug me the next time you see me.

The LaLa Red belt.  It's So Stinkin' Cute {of course} 
and it will eliminate the previously mentioned problems.
1. Pants won't fall down
2. No extra bulk on the tummy area

Here it is:
See how cute it is and how flat it lays?

I now own the "Gwen"....
...and I am gonna give away the "Courtney"{size m/l}

They are reversible and come in two sizes and frankly,
they have changed my life and are spectacular!

Wanna win the "Courtney"?

Here's the rules:

1.Be a follower of So Stinkin' Cute
2. Visit here and comment on which style/color is your favorite.
3. Forward this blog link on Facebook, leave me an extra comment
saying you did and I will count that too!

LaLa Red has the cutest stuff including headbands and
coming soon...boy's ties.  It's all handmade here in Minnesota {invented by Moms
with the same problem} and
I just may make her products easier for you to get someday too!

Giveaway ends on June get your comments in!


Two unbelievable my life

{Image via Tumblr}

I don't know about your house, but at our 
house, sleep is often interrupted and we are up much earlier than
we would like to be, thanks to two kids whose names will go unmentioned.
{Was that the longest, run-on sentence ever?}

Turner has been the main culprit, up between 5:48 and 6:12 am
everyday for over 6 weeks.  I know that's not super
early but it wears on a girl.
Yesterday, he slept until 7:20 am!
I was so thrilled, I made Branmuffin go downstairs, grab
the camera and take a pic of my happiness.

{I think I have 10 pics total of me with my kids,
why do Moms never get in pictures when we do most of the work?}

Another event that had me "on the floor" in surprise?
I took the kids to the Mall of America on a rain
day last week and went to see the alligator there.

Turner thought the alligator was real, of course.
And he almost fell in trying to save me when I pretended
that the alligator was going to bite my hand.

This is unbelievable event #2.... child was worried about my well-being!
He was my tough protector!
And you know what?  That felt soooo good.

We spend so much time looking out for our
children, protecting them and caring for their every whim.
It was really nice to have the favor returned.

It's the little things...isn't it?

Don't forget, my bling sale is still on....go here to get some bling
at a great price.  Your husband called, he said buy whatever you want and need!
{I'm wearing my white bling earrings in the pictures above, I}

And, a give-away is right around the corner.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fab fabric find!

 I found two fabrics online that I adore.

They would be used on living room pillows....
....a sweet deal on Etsy.
Which one do you like best?


or #2

Seriously, comment with your vote, cuz I am dying to know....
and I cannot decide all by myself :)

Also, a few weeks back I bought this online:

A white, sofa slipcover.

It doesn't fit.  If you live in Minnesota and you want it
come by my house and get it...first come, first served.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

30% OFF Bling Sale

Call your friends.
Forward this link.
Send them an email.
Do whatever it takes to let everyone you know.....
....that Must Have Moxie is having a huge sale!
It's a bling sale.
Bling isn't going's here to stay
as long as we have the Kardashian's and Housewives of whatever

Must Have Moxie has slashed ALL bling by 30%!
And the sale is going for 2 weeks!

Don't you want to add some bling to your newly tanned decolletage?

 My fave is the green razzle dazzle,
wouldn't that look good with the fun summer clothes everyone is sporting?

Or just the basic white razzle dazzle, you could put these on any
necklace you already own....they are marked down to $29.40.
Not bad huh?
Oh, the best part, if you missed out on my earrings last time
they are on sale again!

Check out the whole site so you don't miss any deals and pass it on
to your fave girlfriends!

Toodles....and I appreciate the business so very much!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Happy Place....

If you are missing me.....

....I am alive...

My new house is in a development that has a pool.

And since it opened, we have been the first people there

We are the biggest pool nerds ever!

So, you may hear from me a little less often....this Momma
is finally getting her relaxation on from a long, Minnesota winter.

I slap on the sunscreen, pack a ton of snacks and water
and we hit the pool hard.  I have two little fishies that 
have learned to love the water and are easily entertained.
To say the least, I am in bliss.....

I haven't had the time to find my perfect swimsuit,
but what could I care?  I have happy, entertained, kiddos that hit
the hay hard at 7 pm, every.single.night.

If you wanna or text, and bring your towels!

You can almost bet, we will be......
at the pool!

Toodles, and I smell a sale and a give-away soon!

So, keep in touch...and seriously, come visit if you are in the area...I would love to catch up!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

By Golly! I found it!

Remember last month when I posted about collections?

And I told the world how I was thinking about starting one of my own
but had no idea what to collect?

I found the perfect thing for me to collect, 
it makes me excited for the hunt and it fits
my personality so very, very well.

It all happened by accident, but the more
I think about was right under my nose for a long time.

I am starting a collection of pillboxes.
The couple I came upon are so glam, fun and full of color.
They also fulfill my love of warm weather vacations.....take a look!

...a blingy octopus...

...and a blingy tropical fish...

They are functional as well, they open to hold pills...
of course I won't use them for that.

These babies are for looks only!

And because I used to be a drug dealer
{pharmaceutical sales rep} I think it's 
kind of a quirky idea for me to have a pillbox collection!

However, there is one problem.
I need to store them eventually in a proper glass case.
Because, when I was photographing them
I could forsee some problems.

Gotta keep em' away from the cutie pies!

What do you think of my collection?
Oh, btw, I found them at my favorite place ever,
HomeGoods, and they are very reasonably priced!

Let me know if you ever see them out there
or if you know a great place to find pillboxes,
on the cheap, of course.