Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cat Fight?

If you watched last night, you know that 
Danielle is nuts.

I mean, nutso with a capital N!
She tries to be sooo bad a**!

And, you know, that Kelly is nuts too!
But, in a weird, unexplainable way...

The question is....who would win in a catfight?

And, how cool would it be ....

to have that available on pay-per-view?

Tell me who you think would win and why?

Toodles...off to decorate!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sneaky Peek!!

Okay, okay, I will give in and give you a peek into my decor project.
This truly is a dream for me to work on, 
I enlisted my Mom's 'eye' for color and scale
and we are having a blast shopping on someone elses' credit card.
It's hard though too, cuz it is about an hour drive from my home.
My client is a friend, whom I want to make happy, 
I don't have to necessarily impress her, but I do want her to LOVE it!

The budget is pretty big, an amount that sounds like a lot of money, 
but when you get down to fulfilling a certain look she desires, 
it can be tough at times. 
We are finding the best deals at Scratch n Dent, 
a furniture store in Saint Louis Park, MN, Dock 86,
...and of course, TJMaxx HomeGoods.

We purchased two of these chairs for the living room...

She wanted a shag, long pile rug for the LR,
we ordered one online and when it came it looked like a large wilderbeast in a box,
so we promptly returned it and went with a shorter pile option, much cheaper,
and non-animal like!

Next, we went to Dock 86 in Saint Paul...

We snagged up two of these for bedside tables in the master bedroom,
remember she wants hollywood romantic.
Aren't they divine?

I fell in love with this chair for the 2nd bedroom....

But, my client didn't like it...and they have a 7 day return policy,
so here's a perk....she gave it to me!!!
Thanks girl!

And, another mirrored piece from TJ...

You get the idea....
the best part, well not the best, but some days it is,
she pays for my sitter...so I get a break from the kiddos.
I truly could not do this job with both of them, literally underfoot!

So, we are getting down to crunch time, and if I am short on
blog posts, I know all of you will be understanding!
I mean, come on, I am an important woman, with things to do!
{At least that is what I tell myself!}

Final pics to come....and don't forget, my secret is coming too!
Happy Monday folks!

Friday, June 25, 2010

U Won the SilverFlower Bead!

OMG, I can't believe that you won!
Wanna know what you won?

Check out the video for your 5 seconds of fame!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Summer Vacations}

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday and SUMMER is in full effect!
Hot, humid days and breezy summer nights....
do you have vacation plans?
Plans that include flip flops or palm trees?

These are a couple of examples of Silverado's silver dangle beads.
Cute, no?  Cute...YES!

So, today is the last day to make a comment on winning this bead:

Here's the rules:
Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become one...it's easy.  
Comment on what your summer plans are, if any, 
if you don't have some, what you would dream to do! 
For example: I wish I could go to Alexandria, MN
with friends that do a 4th of July party.  I want to go
with my husband sans kiddos,
and just be with friends celebrating the 4th of July
like no one else does...so fun, 
and I hate to miss out on all of the red, white, and blue!

Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook.

I total  today's comments, and the last two Thursday's comments,
and  pick a winner tomorrow....super simple, 
enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
and I want YOU to win!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does Your's Sparkle?

My hair is done, I am a new woman.

The other thing that makes me feel like a new woman 
is a new piece of jewelry...and that can't happen ALL of the time.

But, cleaning my wedding rings or other fine jewelry can
almost be as great as a new piece of jewelry!

When duty calls, I go to
Radiance 2000!

I've never seen it in stores and when I bought it, 
it came in a kit with the cream and a liquid.
I think it sells for $34.95 online, and I have been using the same
lil' tub for over 5 years!

Let me just tell you this stuff is amazing!
The cloth you use when cleaning will turn BLACK from what 
is coming off of your metals...and it cleans all metals...
platinum, white gold, yellow gold, pearls, gems, etc.

I found a tutorial about the product and how it works...

I have been known to clean all of my friend's rings 
when they come over...so if you are ever in the neighborhood, 
I would love to give your ring a shinin'!!

****Toodles and sparkly jewelry****

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yo Frizz Head!

This is my naturally curly hair on these 85 degree, hot and humid days.

It's not fun, plus I have roots....
usually I quarantine myself to my house at this stage of the
every 8 weeks, highlighting schedule...but I have antsy kids.

Kids that want to get out of the house!

So I have two solutions:

Go to the air conditioned Mall of America for unlimited rides for 10 bucks!

And apply this to my hair and let it air dry....

I love this stuff and have recommended it to friends with curly hair
that don't like the 80's, crunchy, mall-hair, look.
And, they love it!

I guess I have a third solution, 
I have my hair appointment tonite....and I don't know about you guys,
but once I make that appointment, 
I literally, count.the.minutes.till.I.am.in.the.chair.

Tomorrow I am gonna show you the key to 
keeping your fine jewelry clean and sparkly!
{Beth gave me that idea, she must have known I needed some inspiration.}


Monday, June 21, 2010

Bling, Princesses, #1 Dad

Friday night I had the luxury of getting a pedicure.
Let me know if you need a good place in the Saint Paul area.
This place is the best, they use razors to get off extra, nasty,
calloused skin...hardly anyone does that anymore.
Plus, they encouraged us to bring in a bottle of wine
while we soaked our feet!
And what other pedi place does this...

Don't know if you can tell, but I have oodles of bling on my toes!
That's just me, I like bling, I like jewelry, so I decked out my toes.
I came home and Tatum about died!
She is really into the "Princess" stage that little girls go through.
So, she wanted some sparkle on her toes too!

Saturday morning, I decided we were gonna have some major
girl time.  So we showered together, got ready together, got dressed up together
and went shopping and headed to the nail salon.

And this little princess got both her toes and her fingers painted....

It was good to have one on one time with her, just to make her feel
special, and let her know how much I love her!
Oh, the princess toes n fingers...

My Dad....

Always called me Princess....
took me on special "dates"...
made sure I always had what I needed, and a lot of what I wanted too!

Isn't he just soo handsome?
Dad, you are the hardest working man I know,
you are the first man I ever loved, and you always
know how to make people feel special.
I guess I realized this weekend, I wanted to give to Tatum what you always
gave to me, your love and affection, your time, and your
cute little nicknames.

Cheers to you Dad, now let's get another 'date' on the calendar soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I feel the Love & I Thank You!

YOU ROCK LIKE ROCKSTARS, and I preciate' cha'!

Seriously, I added the Top Mommy link on my site and you all must
be votin' machines, cuz last time I checked I was in the #121 spot,
and they list 1000's of blogs!
So, if you are voting and sending me love,
I thank you, from the top and the bottom of my heart !

Also, I am so pumped about having 124 followers
after joining the blog world only 5 months ago!
I really feel the love, but would feel it even more if 124
became 1,024 followers, so do what you gotta do!
Seriously, you guys leave the best comments
and inspire me to write every single day...except weekends, I draw the line.

Colleen at  Adventures of a Small Town Girl gave me my first blog award!
Nice!  Yay!  But, it's just bragging rights, no piece of jewelry or sign to hang in my office :(
I guess I will make my own award...how's this?

So thanks to Colleen for giving me the Outstanding Blogger Award , I'm honored.

Here's what I have to do now:

1) Thank the person who gave me this award. Thanks again Colleen!
2) Share 7 things about myself.

  1. I love clipping nails, bring your kids over, I will clip them.
  2. I used to live in Las Vegas, and miss certain things about it
  3. Need a minimum 8 hours of sleep
  4. Love to do laundry, but don't like to scrub bathrooms
  5. I love TJMaxx so much, I should own stock
  6. Shopping makes my heart rate increase, I love it so much
  7. Can eat 10 Oreo Double Stuffs in one sitting, no problem
3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who I have recently discovered and who I think are fantastic!

So without further ado, here are my recent favorites:

1. 6th Street Design School   http://6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com/
2.  A Wedding Story   http://tolsonlassiterwedding.blogspot.com
3. Bambina Babe  http://bambinababe.blogspot.com
4.  Emily A Clark http://emilyaclark.blogspot.com
5. Gerber Days  http://www.gerberdaysblog.com
6. Lacey in Love  http://laceyinloveblog.blogspot.com
7. Memory Bean Designs  http://memorybeandesigns.blogspot.com
8. Stilettos & Diapers   http://mystilettosanddiapers.blogspot.com
9.  The Way We Are  http://vintageglamorous.blogspot.com
10.  Theta Mom  http://www.thetamom.com
11.  Three Men and a Lady  http://windhula.blogspot.com
12.  Today's Cliche  http://todayscliche.com
13.  Duvets & Lattes  http://www.duvetsandlattes.com
14.  Fighting off Frumpy  http://www.fightingfrumpy.com
15.  Made By Girl   http://madebygirl.blogspot.com
Check them out!  And send me any you love to look at!

Now for some honesty...this blog thang' can be really tough.
I try to do 5 per week, at the same time everyday, and never miss a day.
I have to say, with stat counter, it can seem like a game some days.
I struggle with should I write how I really feel, or how will I be perceived?
Sometimes when I work on a post, I think people will love it and I will get
lots of comments, and then I don't...or the opposite will happen.
It has been my therapy, but I gotta say, it's like a job some days.

Please tell me you need me to keep it up,
I need the support...or maybe I have just had a couple of rough days
with a teething 14 month old......


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Father's Day}

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday,
and will all of the summer colors, it reminds me of the colorful
murano glass charms...here is a couple of favorites of mine!

I love limes, and Bud Lite Limes, so it reminds me of both!

Also, it's Father's Day this weekend...
I know Branmuffin would appreciate this bead...

Here is the current giveaway bead:

I've never given away a sterling silver bead before.

Here's the rules:
Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become one...it's easy.  
Comment on what your favorite color is!

Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook.

I total  today's comments, last Thursday's comments, and next Thursday's comments 
and  pick a winner that Friday....super simple, 
enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
and I want YOU to win!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, when a boy discovers!

I have a tiny obsession...of course I have to share it, 
cuz it is on my long list of things I find to be So Stinkin' Cute.
It's Caldrea products and they offer a lower cost version now at Target.

They have been in stores since April, and 
I have the dish soap and the candle in 
the Herbs of Provence scent shown here....

Go get some, you won't be disappointed!

Turner, my son, is teething.
He isn't happy, I can't blame him..it must hurt, bad.
So, I thought I would take a pic of him sleeping,
cuz he hasn't been doing a lot of sleeping!

Look at my snugly bunny!
So, you all know, with teething comes "teething diapers"
...not fun....
and while changing him today, he went from screaming in pain,
to laughing hysterically because he finally "discovered" his penis.
My friends with boys have asked me if this has happened yet,
and someday Turner will be thrilled his Mom caught it on video!

Toodles, and I'm out..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magazine/TV Catchup

On my girl's weekend, one of the things I got to catch up on
was magazine reading.

I love Rachel Zoe and her taste, 
especially in accessories and jewelry.  
I got the chance to read a huge article on how she pairs her jewelry, 
how she chooses when to wear it, etc.
I had no clue, due to my lack of time to read magazines, 
that she has designed her own line for QVC...that's pretty cool.
Love her...

I also read that these are really "in" right now..

And I am here to proclaim...I will NOT follow this trend.

We talked a ton about our love for the Housewives' shows,
and when I got home I couldn't wait to watch the recorded episode
the Reunion.

So, I watched it, and all I could focus on was the
set's decor...can you take that couch????

How about the huge rug and ottoman?
It makes me excited to keep on working on my decor/design project!
I cannot wait to share it with you...

But, I am not at a sharing point...
too much stuff is not here yet, still need essential pieces, etc.

Another show, I love, and kept bringing up,
was Tori & Dean on the Oxygen channel.  

I love them, mostly again, to see the 
decor and fashion....I am starting to realize
this is the only reason I love reality t.v.....

Here are pics of her kitchen and living room.

She does have a wonky boob job, poor girl
but I love her fashion sense.

They have been married about as long as Branmuffin and me, 
and same time frame on their one boy, one girl!

In the final episode, they reveal their family room re-do...
but, the camera moves so fast, I can't take it all in.

She's got good taste.
Always wears bright colors, has her own jewelry line, 
can you see why I love her?


Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Talk & Eat for fun

It's Monday...and forgive me, I'm tired.
I had a girl's weekend away to a cabin up north.
Me, and 4 other cool chicks.
All of us are moms who needed a break, needed to unwind, 
needed to just be a girl for a bit.

I am the only loser who forgot her camera, 
so I've got nothing to show for the weekend!
Except for an extremely bloated stomach,
and an approximate weight gain of 7 pounds. 
{I wouldn't dare weigh myself, that could only make a Monday worse.}

And, I'm tired cuz all we did was lay around and eat and talk.
Seriously, we started it off at Dairy Queen, 
and stuffed our faces approx every 2 hours, like clockwork.

Everyone brought something for a particular meal of the weekend, 
our best recipes...and in between those scrumptious meals 
we chomped on candy, cookies, bars, and trail mix.

And as far as the talking, I think we covered every subject under the sun.
You name it....we women talked about it....
kids, husbands, food, celebrities, jobs, motherhood, parenting, babies, etc.

So, I think it would be safe to say, we left feeling like this...
The good news is we were somewhat productive!
Besides eating, drinking, and talking, 
we shopped, read magazines, danced and made this....

Yes, a necklace....you can do it yourself by going here.

And if my girls are reading this...
send me a pic of all of us wearing our necklaces...
I wanna show the rest of the world how cool we are!