Thursday, February 11, 2010

All my Bunco ladies!!

I am a leader, a self-starter, a planner of all
planners, and of things to be planned.
{Notice, my positive self-talk?}

So, I started a Bunco group.
I know, great leadership, huh?

I created quite a buzz, such a turnout,
17 women to be exact, it kind of rocks.
Women really love to get together, eat, drink, talk, laugh,
and scream at the top of their lungs!

If you don't know about Bunco, get on it!  Get a freakin' clue people!
I mean, it was on RHOC for gosh sake's.

Seriously, it is fun, no skill required whatsoever.
The only skill our group requires,
 is that you know how to make a good app/dessert,
or that you remember to bring a bottle of wine, when it's your turn.

I am pretty competitive at things.  And, I cannot win a round to save my kid's life.
Which sucks, cuz we play with money, and when I play anything, I play to win.

Oh, and our group, is L-A-Z-Y.  They try to talk me out of "rolling".
I have even been asked if we "HAVE to play",
obviously they would rather talk and drink wine, etc.
I hear that most bunco groups roll 3 to 9 rounds.
Not mine, it's like pulling teeth to get them to roll one round, sheeeeesh!

Kidding aside, it's a great group of women. 
I mean, we are all planning on attending each other's purse parties....
We all can't wait to make it each month.
I run out of my house, like it's on fire, to get to Bunco.

Stats for Feb Bunco:
Big Winner-Kristine
Most Wins-Meredith
Biggest Loser-Alissa
Best Food-Nancy's Krispy Cookies
Biggest Letdown-Robyn didn't bring any free Aveda products, J/K
Saying of the Nite- Po Po, shut it DOWN!

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Nancy said...

Hey there!!!

How do I put my name in Tatum's Name Bowl? I LOVE the bracelet!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!