Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go Lindsey!

Do you know who the fastest woman in the 2010 Winter Olympics is?

Lindsey Vonn

She is a downhill skier from MINNESOTA!

She started here, at Buck Hill when she was 2 years old.

And, look at her now!

Oh, and she is Gorgeous!

And, her hubs is her coach,

Love it!  You go girl, keep making us proud!  And get your dreams!


lhoffman said...

She is amazing- just watched my recording and saw her actually own that slope- and injured, no doubt! She rocks!!

Kim said...

Love her! I was wondering who did her makeup for the medal ceremony. Maybe she did?! She was beautiful! In any case - way to go Lindsey! I heard a quote from her that she actually WANTS to be a role model for children. Love that.

Kim said...

Oh, and I was wondering how amazingly strong her legs must be! Makes me want to do some lunges : ).