Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silverado Thursday #1

Okay, you all seem excited about Silverado!

I will use all comments from yesterdays post, today's post, 
 and the next 2 Thursday's posts as chances to win.
I will draw a winner that following Friday for the bling bead! 

It is a $35 value, BTW!

Here is more info on how to get the product.

And California folks, it's available at,

Here is one more peak at the giveaway...

It's amazing what a little sparkle does for a gal!


Ellen Hill said...

Love your blog! So glad I stumbled one it!


I am impressed with "YOUR" Babers!!
Encouraging his facebook friends to come check you blog out. All those men out there need to sign up to see what their ladies/wives are all about. Us women have needs that are waiting to be met.

Beth said...

Is this the one Jake hooked you up with? That's pretty INSANE! Nice work Girlie :)

Anonymous said...

Bran Muffin's eating all of the birthday pastries this morning. He's had 2 already. I do not want to be here when he crashes from his sugar high. Maybe he'll just take a nap at his desk. If he starts drooling while he's napping...I'm going to kick him. Susan