Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Gotta Have Friends...

What a perfect weekend! 
That's not something we usually say in the Cartmill house in the dead of winter.
Do I talk about winter too much?

Anyhooo, we had friends over on Friday night to stay.  They had someone watch their three little ones,
Taryn, Blake and Beau.

Introducing Cory and Scott....

Could they be anymore stinkin' cute?
{On our couch, gazing into each other's eyes.}

Brandon knows Scott from high school back in Washington state.   They live in southern Minnesota now, and they have reconnected.  It turns out, we wives are in LOVE with each other.

Washington Men who married Minnesota Women.

We had so much fun, just being couples, laughing, eating, and discovering over and over
how much we have in common as couples. 

Saturday night, we went to Kim and David's. 
{I forgot my camera.} 

I met Kim at Mops and we knew our husbands would hit it off.
We are kind of scared how much they hit it off.

They have Bianca and Jonah who are the same, 19 months apart, as our kiddos.
The boys played Wii and talked fishing, while Kim and I went over what we
are gonna do with our kids, new craft ideas and drank a bit of wine, of course.

Brandon and I just keep saying to each other, it is so nice to hang out with people
who are 'where you are', and 'have been where you have been', and get
that parenting can be tough and probably always will be.

Well, the month of January is on it's way out and there are only
49 days still Spring, I actually have a countdown on my computer, no lie.

Lastly, this is how I captured Tatum yesterday.  Do you think she likes to imitate her Momma?

Stay tuned, ladies especially...I am gonna talk HAIR this week, you don't want to miss it!


Mama Orser said...

Get out!!! That's me...I mean us! How flattering....;)

We totally dig it. You guys rock, in more ways then one.

Fab hosts, fab night!

Let's have another love fest before the snow clears. :)

Summer said...

How fun!!! =)

And can your sweet little Tatum be ANY cuter??? Seriously, I die a little more each time I see her!

Kim said...

We LOVE you guys! All the talk about Wing sauce made me want some... Had buffalo sammys on Monday night : )