Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some help...

Is your life hard right now?

Do you need a good friend?

Do you ever feel like YOU are not okay?

If you feel like you don't like where life is going 
or that no one understands you.

{The second story is of my friend, Stephanie. She was a fashion model.
And she lives in my neighborhood.  I love her's in particular. ;-)}

And afterwards, if you want,
connect with me...I would like to be there 
for you.



Friday, March 22, 2013

Mexico-in a nutshell

If you follow me on Instagram {scartmill} 
you know we vacationed in Cancun last week.

I found Instagram to be the best way to take 
pics and if you are sick of me on there, I'm sorry.

I didn't want to be on my phone or technology too 
much, I was on vaca.  But carrying a camera too,
became cumbersome.  Let me know if you are on it,
I would love to follow gives such a good peak 
into someone's life and what 
they find beautiful.

Overall, it was a great trip.
Kids were well behaved and
basically became fish for 7 days.

Branmuffin and I did the teamwork
thing well-his part included an
afternoon nap with the kids 
while I sunned my buns and
read a book.

Nights were early as we were exhausted
from the sun and activity...we knew the
mornings would be early, cuz we had the kidlets.

The highlight for Tatum was meeting Oceanis, the 
dolphin. And her baby-girl, Nami.

I didn't bring one souvenir home this trip.
Just these pics-they so kindly charged me $69 for.
Nice of them, huh?
Mexico has marketing down pat and
it was good research for this salesgirl.
They certainly aren't afraid to ask for the 
business there....if I pulled some of
their sales tactics, I would be the grossest
saleswoman in los Estados Unidos.

Turner was a bit young for the experience.
He sat on the side and asked me 37 times
when it was time to go to the water park.

Clearly, a live dolphin that let you touch them
and kiss and shake hands was more of a miracle 
to me and his sister.

I cried at first touch, and just cuz it makes me
so emotional still, I will include a pic of me,
without a lick of make up on, for your
viewing pleasure..wink, wink.

Gosh, it was cool and it was on my list.
However, Tatum won't be satisfied.
She knows if she gets bigger,
next time she will get to ride them 
or be a dolphin trainer for a day.

And that's what life is to me,
making your kids happy within reason.
Not giving them everything they want,
but enjoying the pleasure of
their happiness, watching them light up at
what the world has to offer, and
always being kind to others wherever you may travel.

I'm a blessed girl.
I'm thankful.

I love dolphins too.



Monday, March 11, 2013


It's finally time.
Time to tend to the other two baffrooms in my
house that are begging for a paint job.

Though they will have two totally
different looks...
Branmuffin still scratches his 
head and his face says 


So, I threw him a bone and
added some elements that will make it
a little more manly.

He likes it when I go that route,
it's as if he got the green light to go
fishing for two weeks.

I can't wait.
And the best part is,
I will be gone when they do the work.

Here are some hints to the kids bathroom....

Come on now, you didn't think
I was gonna do a ducky or
frog theme did you?

Totes luv stripes---"totes" comes from
Pitch Perfect and if you haven't seen just won't get me for the next 6 
months, cuz that's part of my new lingo.

My bathroom.
And when I say mine, I mean it.

I have kicked my kids toys off of the edge
of my soaking tub and their
gummed up toothbrushes and kiddy toothpaste too!
It's been 5 years and I want to get ready in
peace without stepping on a barbie doll or
knocking over a remote control car.
Get out!

And let this in....

Pale pink, glamour, and 
Branmuffin gets his way----black cabinetry.

Of course, I will update you.

Anyone ready for Spring?
I waited till March till I complained.

Also, keep my Mom in your prayers.
and if you wanna know why you
can visit her blog...
it's another thing on my list of things I 
find to be So Stinkin' Cute.