Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday Final

Happy Easter!

It's the last Bead-A-Full Thursday to comment before
Friday's drawing.

I thought it would be a good idea to feature some Silverado
beads that remind me of Easter.



Silverado beads for kids...

Leave a comment, your name will be entered to win this bead:


As always....

If you aren't in Minnesota and are DYING to find Silverado, go to:

They have a store locator and tons of info on the company and their products.
Of course, if you are lazy and want to buy tons online:

Go there,
if you put in SoStinkingCute when you checkout..
you get 10% off and free shipping!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make a Statement

So, here's me!

All busy, and not enough time for the things I used to have time for.
My Dog.
Ahem, yes, we have a dog here.  Her name is Lucy.

I don't talk about her much, cuz, I don't love her as much as I used to,
 the kiddos and the Hubs seem to take the spotlight.

Seriously, she is a great dog.
But, when you have two kids under age 3...some things get a little,
left behind.

{Yes-my dog's tongue sticks out, All.Of.The.Time.  She has an overbite and an unusually
 long tongue.  A syndrome called parrot-mouth, a little embarassing.}

Anyhoo...lately, she has not been left behind.

I went shopping for my dog!

Got her a new collar....

Stinkin' Cute for my stinky pup!
Just go to Petsmart for that one.

and this.....

A new ID tag.
My friend, Amanda has them for her Golden-Doodles.
One side is engraved and they are made of stainless steel and

I literally ordered them for my friends and family
cuz they are so sturdy and cute!

I think they make a statement.  I want my dog to make a statement.
A statement other than "my tongue sticks out".

If you want to do something nice for your four-legged
family members.   Go here:

Just another day, here at

 So Stinkin' Cute

Can you Say....Renanculus??

Renanculus....the flower...

Hard to say...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L to look at.

I love peonies, and then.....

I love Renanculus.

My Mom, introduced me to them.

She showed me them and I wanted them for my wedding...which took place in July,
so they told me it was impossible.

How do you show a blushing bride such beauty and then say
"You can't have it!"?

Look, again, take your time....

If Branmuffin knew what was good for him.....

EVERYDAY, he would waltz in the door with some



Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Moving to India!!

Okay!  I have a new favorite show!  Yes, I am a huge Jessica Simpson fan, so
why not just LOVE her new show....

The Price of Beauty on VH1.  She goes around with her besties...Ken Paves, {I want to hang with my hairdresser all of the time, then he/she could do my hair in a side-frenchbraid, love those!} and the adorable, almost-as-pretty-sometimes-prettier Cacee Cobb, her best gal pal!  They travel the world and learn about all of the beauty secrets in different countries.  Ummmm...I wanna come!!

This week's episode, they were in India.
I swear I am moving to India, or at least it is on my list of places to go.....when these kids
are grown up and outta my house!

{And, speaking of kids/babies...I think the prettiest babies are from India,
love their black, thick hair, and pretty skintone! Mmmm...kisses.....}

I love the henna tattoos!

{I'm thinking...I'm gonna have a girl party,
 and get an artist to come put them on us...anyone down????}

I love the Bollywood fashion!

Oh, did you happen to see the jewelry????
So MUCH, and so beauti-beaut-beaut!!

I love the glamour, the glitz, the color........

The show is pretty just gives a deeper side to Jessica  and her pals.
It shows us she isn't just a pretty face.
It kind of makes me YEARN.  Yearn for Nick and Jessica to be
ONE, once again.

Okay, small secret, I own all of the Newlyweds Seasons on DVD !!!

I love her, especially who she was back then.

Okay, enough about Jessica.

Let's talk about me...really, So Stinkin' Cute.

I want to revamp my blog.
It's a bit stale, I do this with clothes, home decor, nail color, why not my blog??
Anyone know good blog people for cheap?
I mean, this is just for you/me/ I don't want to break the bank.
I just want to REALLY show who I am through my blog.
Whatevs...just thinking and typing at the same time.


Foolin' Around

So, what do you think?

You like my new look?

Tell me, you approve!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You'll NEVER change him....

Sweet Girl,

When people show you who they are, believe them.

-Maya Angelou

Lots of love and support,
One of your biggest fans......

Bead-A-Full Thursday

Thursday, is kind of, the BEST day of the week!
It's right before the weekend, and it's all about
Silverado Jewelry!!

I thought I would post some bracelets already put together,
a good variety of them.

This will give you ideas for YOURS!
I am into the Bling, but not everyone is.
I have friends that are doing all silver...based on big, life moments.

Moments like:
....having a baby
.....turning 40 years young to Europe birthstones

You really can do anything!

Here's the important details....

If you aren't in Minnesota and are DYING to find Silverado, go to:

They have a store locator and tons of info on the company and their products.

Of course, if you are lazy and want to buy tons online:

Go there, if you put in SoStinkingCute when you get 10% off and

free shipping!
Also, I have a store I want to feature.
It's in North Carolina, so if you live there go check it out!
It's a great, gift shop with EVERYTHING!
Last, but certainly not least....

The giveaway bead....


All you have to do is leave a comment today on this posting, it
can be on anything.  We have one more Thursday and
then I will draw the lucky winner on Friday!

Happy commenting!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pillows of Heaven


I am sure you have had it.
Small, Italian, potato dumplings....traditional, Italian food!

If, you haven't, I will be so pumped if I am
the person to introduce you to it.

You can make it with pesto, or a red sauce...or just garlic and
olive oil.


That's why we call it "Pillows of Heaven".
{Really, you first bite of the dish, seems like pillows of heaven.}
Well, I started sayin' it when I introduced Branmuffin to gnocchi.

Now, my Mom and I say it.
We made it today, and my kids....
L-O-V-E it !

I mean, it's just pasta....straight up, comfort food!

Great for the hips/thighs/booty area!

Order it, the next time you are out for Italian.
Oh, and a glass of red vino.
You'll thank me....mmmm hmmmm.

Toodles, My lovelies.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C!!!!

I finally got to spend some time with my DVR tonight.

I watched an interview with Bradley Cooper.


His smile is so captivating and electric...
that is the only word I can think of to describe his smile.

Check it...

Renee Zellweger is one lucky gal....

Toodles, My lovelies.....

Calling all Nice, Husband-Material MEN

Being single in Minnesota SUCKS!

I know, cuz I was single in Minnesota until I was 32 years old.
Then I went to Vegas and hit the jackpot....
{the whole story will be yours at a later date}.

What I think the problem is, at least in Minnesota, people marry really young.
It's usually someone from college, or even high school.
Everyone knows everyone here, and it can be
a bit cliquey. {SP?}

I'm kind of good at matching people up!
I mean, I have two brothers, they both married friends of mine.
But, now I've got nothing. 
No "nice men" to set up with my "nice women" friends who
just happen to be single.

So, last week I went out with a few of the Bunco gals.

Are we all So Stinkin' Cute or what?

That's when I decided....

I'm gonna put who is single out there...if any of you reading wants some info or their digits or email addresses.  Just let me know!  I will be their CUPID
I told you I was multi-faceted.

So here are two of them!

Ellen and Nicole....


I do believe in all the cliches though, will happen when you least expect it
....everything happens for a reason
....when you know, you just know will happen when you aren't looking

But, if you are in gotta get "out there" and take a chance!

Toodles, My lovelies.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Warning: Soft Porn for Married Guys


It's about to be all boy-pictures around So Stinkin' Cute.
I might just write another quick post so that these
sports pictures aren't representin' MY blog for too long.

But, I have a tip.

For the last two years in a row, I have
filled out a March Madness Basketball Bracket.

Gosh I am multi-faceted.

I honestly fill it out because every relationship and marriage book out there
states that "Men like it when you are their companion in the things they like."

For my husband, this means sports.
He is a freak for sports, every sport, every time of year, he is

Last year, I beat him on my bracket.
I choose my teams on the sound of the name, the color of their jerseys, and
if their mascot is cute or not.
Yep, that is my strategy.

This year, I had a bit of help.

This chick figured it out and probably has a line of men
outside her door.  She has a blog about sports.
Whenever I need to know or understand something, I can just
refer to her blog!

It's perfection.

So, learn up on sports.
On your next date, grab a ball/club/racket/whatevs and
literally WATCH your husband get turned on.

Talk to him about the world of sports every once in awhile.
I usually say something like this:
"So, Tiger is coming back sooner than we all thought huh?"
Then, after a bit of sports talk, I say:
"Hey, when the kids are down for their nap today, I wanna go hit
TJMaxx, is that cool?"

I always get a
"Sure, I don't care."

So, today you got a tip on making your husband happy.
Maybe that will increase my "male followers".

Toodles, My lovelies.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Wuv Em' in our Crib...

I've got a friend.
Her name is Kim.
She is a kick-a** Mom.
She is a fab Wife.
She's got great style, and says she is "learning to sew".

She is NOT learning.
She is magnificent at sewing!

Check out what she made for me!!

It's gonna add that perfect amount of color I need in my newly painted family room.

We found the printed fabric at Crafty Planet.
The softy-soft fabric came from JoAnn Fabrics.

It's a very yummy, watermelon color huh?
Thanks, Kim....I wuv it.

You see, everyone in our house has a "bankee".
If any of these items were lost/stolen/misplaced....we would be screwed.
They are priceless, and I am sure you have them at your house too.
We wuv them, we cuddle them...

Right now, my babies are sick,
so we are really using our "lovees and our bankees".

Now y'all are gonna think I'm crazy.
I'm crazy, cuz I  took pics of our "bankees" and cuddle items cuz
we wuv them sooo much.

First, here's Turner's.

{Dotted minkee fabric blanket, from Jacy @ Young Blossoms.}
{Blue lovey from Auntie Kip.}
{Not pictured: Baby Lion from the Richmanns}

Next is Branmuffin's....

Yes, my 30-Something-Year-Old Husband has
a "bankee" that he wuvs to cuddle with.
Give him crap...he won't care.

And lastly, Miss Tatum's....

{White minkee fabric blanket made by Nana.}
{Cream softee-softee from Auntie Kip.}
{Eebee...crazy-lookin' crack-head plush doll she is obsessed with.}
{Not pictured: Gigi's pink sparkly blanket and puppy blanket.}

Do you have "bankees" in your house that you WUV?

We wuv them in our Crib.

Toodles, My lovelies.....