Sunday, February 28, 2010

VIP Crafters

So, every couple of months or so, my Mom hosts a Craft Day.
It's kind of like getting on the "list" to a VIP, Hollywood party if you get to go.
Seriously, there are women knocking each other down and crawling over each other to get invited.

Also, we don't make cheesey crafts that you buy at some booth at the mall.
We make classy stuff, that you personalize to your tastes and colors in your home.

This craft day was building a plaque, based off of my infamous, "No Whining" sign.

I chose to do "Happy Wife~Happy Life".  Of which, I will proudly
display somewhere in my house, so that Brandon has a CONSTANT
reminder of how to make his life easier!

Mmmm hmmm...I make it real easy for a guy, don't I?

Here are some pics of women working hard, making
a little beauty for their homes and results of their work....

{My Mom helping mix the color and primer.}

{Women, speeding up the drying process with hairdryers.}

{Some of the crafters after a yummy lunch!}

{The finished product.}

Yeah, it's great.
We always start with fruit, scones, and coffee.

Then we get to work, slamming Diet Coke, if necessary.

There is tons of "girl talk" and screaming and laughing.

We break for lunch where everyone brings one of their best recipes.

Lastly, we put on the finishing touches and call it a day!

Craft Day...

{I can be bought to get your name on the list, just browse this blog to look for things to bribe me with!}

Friday, February 26, 2010

This for That

Remember that necklace I purchased?
I promised pictures of its beauty.

It's going home to Nordstrom's for some
other woman to don on her decolletage.

I decided it wasn't practical.

I couldn't wear it ALOT like I wanted.

I exchanged it for this...

It's at Target' Boutique.

Go get yourself one, they have lots of colors.

Oh, and remember the Lelli Kelly Shoes?

Target' Boutique did a knock-off.

This knock-off is good, check it.

Not near the quality, but a great canvas shoe for summer.
I know you all can think of a little gal that needs a pair.

So, I scooped up a pair for Tates!

I love bargain shopping! 

Don't you?

Do you return when you find something better?

Lastly, this is no bargain.  My Mom bought it, she has more fundage than me and
an obsession for beauty products.

Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips is the perfect bright pink lip tint
 that goes on glossy then adapts to lips as a long-wearing stain.
Its $28.50, but becomes the perfect pink for you, based on your individual PH levels.

Stinkin' Cute, I know!

I made it to 63 followers, VERY short of my goal of 125. 
Thanks to all who helped, but no gift.

I'm a sad girl.

Toot Toot!!

{Photo by Nealy Lanzen}

I made this lil' beauty of a beauty product!

It's homemade hand lotion. And it is sooo good, and good for your hands/feet/whatevs.

It's super easy to make, smells like peppermint, you can make
yours smell whichever way YOU want.

I think this is a great gift idea if you wanted to make gifts for
someone, or an event.

You could decorate the jar however you wanted!

Here is the link on how to make it, only 4 simple ingredients.

{I am enjoying my soft hands....mmm.}

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silverado Thursday #1

Okay, you all seem excited about Silverado!

I will use all comments from yesterdays post, today's post, 
 and the next 2 Thursday's posts as chances to win.
I will draw a winner that following Friday for the bling bead! 

It is a $35 value, BTW!

Here is more info on how to get the product.

And California folks, it's available at,

Here is one more peak at the giveaway...

It's amazing what a little sparkle does for a gal!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have found a product.
I HAVE to share it with you, and share I will, in more than one way!!

It is called Silverado Jewelry.

It's pretty much based off of the "charm bracelet" idea.
But OODLES better.

You buy a bracelet and add beads, one by one.
You could get a bead for your B-day, or Christmas, or Mother's Day.
Your boyfriend/husband could buy you a bead everytime he messes up?!
You make it your
And you wear it everyday, like the rockstar, each and every one of you are!

There are silver charms...

Murano Glass beads...

My fav, Bling beads...

There are hundreds to choose from, to make it your VERY own.

The bracelet and beads are soo heavy, so substantial, so glamorous.
I will show you my bracelet as I build it too.
Oh, you will not be able to take it, it is that FABULOUS.

So, every Thursday I will post more of their beauty.
And I have one of their bling beads to give-away!
It's this one..

The bling dangle.
So, become a follower, if you aren't already.
Leave me a comment, make them original, not just "enter me", every Thursday.
I will draw a winner from the comments after 3 weeks!
It's just that simple.

Become a fan on Facebook @ Silverado Jewelry USA

Love MY Momma

My Mom and I met up at Nordstroms yesterday.
We are in love with each other, and together we share a love for Nordstoms.
She's my best friend, besides the Hubs, you know!

{My wedding day.}
Shopping with her, cuz she is an "Artist".
{I will show you her work sometime soon.}
She sees the beauty in the color of things, the texture, the feel,
so...that's why it is so fun to shop with her!

I swoon over jewelry and accessories.
She swoons over cosmetics and fragrances.
Together, we swoon over clothes.

Anyway, here is a taste of what we saw...

Marc Jacobs tote...

Steve Madden shoe...
{They have it in kelly green ladies!}

So, I splurged on this really unique necklace.
I will post a pic when I rock it someday.
I showed it to Bran when he got home from work.
He scratched his head and said, "Ugh".
He either didn't see the beauty, or the shopping stresses him out.

You see, our husbands worry when we hang out together.
We are always thinking of something to make, do to our homes,
put in our closets, or places to go.
In essence, it isn't good for "them" when we get together.

Except for how happy we make each other.

I love you Mom...
Don't change a thing about yourself...
You make me happy...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I will be a braggin' Mom right about now...

Tatum is pretty much training herself to go potty!

We do a potty dance when she goes, and put a sticker on her chart!
It's all about positive reinforcement ya' know.

The only thing that sucks is...I hate the word "Panties".
I have never liked it.  I call mine "Underwear".
"Panties" just sounds so, prissy or proper or overly girlie.
I don't even know how to explain it, but I don't like that word and now
its said at least 200 times a day here.
But, I figure the payoff is a kid out of diapers, which means more shopping money huh?

Know what other words I don't like?


Eck...Yuck..Say them to yourself.

Done braggin', wanna hear how she embarassed me for the first time ever?
We went to Sams this weekend.  I usually let her go through my purse while we shop.
She likes to look at my mirror and my lip stuff, receipts, etc.
We were in the checkout, the place was packed, of course.
She pulls out a tampon and says,
"Waas dis Mommy, fer your Cha Cha?"
and puts it down by her crotch.

Umm...I need more privacy in my life.
Is it too much to be able to shut the door when I go potty?
Tell me, you other Moms can relate.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jean Shopping Recap~Booty Shots Galore!

I am thinking that women equate "jean shopping" to either
"swimsuit shopping" or getting your "yearly" at the gynecologist.
For my male readers, what are there like 4 of you?....
You guys have it soo easy.
Your butt looks cute in every pair of jeans you try on and you don't ever get a "yearly"!
You also don't get a "monthly" and alot of other "woman" things that we have to deal with.


{I had to throw these pics in to make the upcoming pics of me look good!}

Back to the biz at hand...

So, the results are in.  And they are good.  They aren't great, but how often
do women look at their butts and scream, "My butt is GREAT!"? 

Gap is no longer the place to go for jeans.  I tried many a pairs, and it was more than dismal.
I might be in between sizes or some longs are just tooooo long.
Oh, and they are like $69.50 or something, not a ton, but too much for dismal.

So, remember I was looking for long, dark, jeans.

Drum roll please.........

Side views.  You guys like my lil' helper?  What about the jeans?
{Tatum's boots, Nordstrom Rack from GiGi, Outfit, Target from Nana}

Front view...
Can you take her cuteness?

Look at how she is imitating me doing a booty shot! 

Fair right?  Not bad, not awesome.
I think I am pretty brave to do this. {Pat on back, pat on back.}

Here are the details on the jeans pictured above:
Maurices, Taylor Dark Wash Boot Jean $29 plus 20% off special!
I have never shopped Maurices, but a friend told me to go there.{Cory}
My Mother-In-Law and Sis-In-Laws shop there all of the time,
they have one in their small town, so it's their go-to store for lots!




This pair is a bit more flattering, right? 
Would you have guessed they were designer?
They are Paige Premium Denim brand from Nordstrom Rack.
They were marked down to $59.97!
I think they look a bit more slimming becuz they don't have the lighter wash on the butt, etc.

I scored MAJOR at Nordstrom Rack that day.  It was great
The blue jacket I have on, got it there.
Remember, Aqua is the big color for Spring?

The key to ANY shopping with your kiddos?

A DVD player for the dressing room,


P.S. Thanks to Kim for bringing the DVD player.
P.S. Tatum-thanks for the modeling with Mommy,
that girl will not have a problem jean shopping huh?
P.S. Thanks to all of you for the comments/suggestions,
each and every one was taken into account!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paint, Pillows, & Prettiness!

I saw this, and had to share it.

Okay, I can't take the credit...

Natalie found it.  You all remember, my Natalie.
I guess not only does she do good hair, but she shops Etsy really well too!
My kind of girl....Anywho....

Don't you love it?

It is so my life right now, blogging and coffee-ing!

This is where you can find it-

Gosh, if she gets a rush of biz from me,
tell her I sent you and she can hook me up!

{Always selling, huh?}

We are starting the works of redoing our family room/kitchen area,
 and I think it would be the best piece of perfection to add to it!

Okay, let me clarify...I am making some decor changes.
Not anything structural, just some paint/pillows/prettiness.

All of it, makes Branmuffin crabby :( 
Why do guys think stuff like our homes are "fine the way it is"?

Nothing, is "fine the way it is" when I am looking at it!
Am I right?
I mean, don't all of you want to change your homes?
Spruce them up for Spring!
I keep telling him this is normal. I also tell him to get used to it, cuz
I won't just decide to stop it all one day.

So, I NEED it.
I need it like, I need another purse or another lipgloss, but,
NEED it!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Oprah MUST read my blog...

It airs here {Minnesota} at 4 pm.

Her hair is about 4 inches shorter!

She must have called her peeps in and
chopped it after she read my posting!

Also, another coincidence??  I think not!

One of her guests TODAY is......

Shaun White

Too weird!  This blog might be bigger than I imagined.

They are called Scissors.

Get ready...I am gonna share my opinion.
It ain't gonna be pretty, nor will the pictures be.  I might offend some of you.
And you are gonna just have to get over it.

Some people need to get a HAIRCUT.  A haircut with a capital H!
I will name names, I will call them out, with pictures of proof,
 that their hair choice is just plain wrong.
Oh, and I know each and every one of them can afford a haircut too!

Ragamuffin #1

Oprah, you are 56 years old!  Even with your make-up on and
your hair did, it is waaaaay too long.  Grab your stylist, and shut it down.
We all know what you are trying to hide.
Go back to this look....mmmkay?  Class.

Ragamuffin #2:

Yes, I know you are big-time right now with your snowboarding in Vancouver....

But, Shaun White...knock it off, oh and clean up your language.
 I heard what NBC recorded you saying.
Be a role-model.  Kids ARE watching you, after all.
I don't have a better look for him to go back to, there never was a better look.

Ragamuffin #3:

Peggy Fleming, we loved your skating, we appreciate your
commentary at the olympics.  But go for a classic bob, you could knock 15 years off of yourself.
Please, remember the good ol' days?

Ragamuffin #4

This is your Mom's fault, I know. 
The hair could be cut by now, but I haven't searched for a recent pic. 

Kate Hudson's son, Ryder...could pass for a little girl huh?
I mean, I have a son, I just would never want him to look like a
little girl.  Yah know?
I mean, does she comb conditioner through it to get
out the snarls?  I have to do that for my daughter's hair.
BTW, though you know what his Dad looks like, so
it must just be Kate's "type".
Kind of a "Hair Nation".

Ragamuffin #5
{However, he no longer is!}

Celine Dion's son Rene.

She saw the light, while out on tour and decided to cut
the hot mess!  Doesn't he look like a little cutie-pie now?
I love it, and I am a huge closet fan of Celine Dion!

The Final Ragamuffin....

Carrot Top..
I have no more words, there are so many things wrong with
this picture, hair is the least of his worries.  Right?

It's so hard for me to blog about the non-beautiful of this world.
I prefer the beautiful.

So, I will close with something pretty,
to leave a good taste in your mouth.

We had a Spa Day at Mops today.
Someone brought Cucumber Sandwiches.

They were mmmm mmm good,
"Off the Chain" good!!

{I did the math, I am gonna need 6 new followers a day to make my goal.  Hook me up!}

Cuz Every Girl is a Princess

I firmly believe ....

that EVERY LITTLE GIRL in this world,
 deserves a pair of...

 Lelli Kelly sparkle shoes...

And an Oopsy Daisy Baby pettiskirt....

Whatever your budget, every little girl needs to feel like a princess...

We found these for Tatum at Nordstrom Rack last year....

After hyper-ventilating over the cuteness... I marched with pride to the register.
{So happy to have found them, for a deal no-less!}

And here is our Tatum in her Oopsy Daisy Baby skirt, on her 1st birthday.

I found the skirt at Von Maur.

I got a bigger size, so she can wear it for years.

Oh, the cuteness! You should see her twirl!

We love you, lil' Lady!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go Lindsey!

Do you know who the fastest woman in the 2010 Winter Olympics is?

Lindsey Vonn

She is a downhill skier from MINNESOTA!

She started here, at Buck Hill when she was 2 years old.

And, look at her now!

Oh, and she is Gorgeous!

And, her hubs is her coach,

Love it!  You go girl, keep making us proud!  And get your dreams!