Friday, February 26, 2010

This for That

Remember that necklace I purchased?
I promised pictures of its beauty.

It's going home to Nordstrom's for some
other woman to don on her decolletage.

I decided it wasn't practical.

I couldn't wear it ALOT like I wanted.

I exchanged it for this...

It's at Target' Boutique.

Go get yourself one, they have lots of colors.

Oh, and remember the Lelli Kelly Shoes?

Target' Boutique did a knock-off.

This knock-off is good, check it.

Not near the quality, but a great canvas shoe for summer.
I know you all can think of a little gal that needs a pair.

So, I scooped up a pair for Tates!

I love bargain shopping! 

Don't you?

Do you return when you find something better?

Lastly, this is no bargain.  My Mom bought it, she has more fundage than me and
an obsession for beauty products.

Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips is the perfect bright pink lip tint
 that goes on glossy then adapts to lips as a long-wearing stain.
Its $28.50, but becomes the perfect pink for you, based on your individual PH levels.

Stinkin' Cute, I know!

I made it to 63 followers, VERY short of my goal of 125. 
Thanks to all who helped, but no gift.

I'm a sad girl.



Love the Kelly Green coat... I would love one... I will add it to my want list. The shoe are adorable, I can see them on Tatum running in the grass turning them Kelly Green for her Mommie. :)

Beth said...

The coat is super cute! Old Navy has them too, and they come in Tall!!! Bought the green, so fun for St. Patrick's Day. This Girl need's the length for my "monkey arms" :)