Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Gonna Have A Problem...

So, I have a dear friend who is learning to sew and quilt.
She has graciously offerred to make me something!
{Blog on that to come, when completed!}

We went to Crafty Planet today in Minneapolis, and
I bout' passed out!

Have ya'll heard of Amy Butler?

I am now obsessed.

Obsessed in a bad way.

She has fabric, patterns, paper products, and stationery.

Here is just one of her wall art pieces...

Here are a few of the fabrics, I fell for.
I will just give you a little peeky.....

Don't you love it?

I am trying to think of ways to cover nearly every square inch of my home. 
They have every color scheme in modern or traditional or retro.
You could make pillows for a leather couch, or a nice throw.

She sells products too, like organic towels and purses too!

This is what I decided on....

When it is done, I will post a pic, hmmmm...maybe have my first giveaway.

So, does anyone out there just love to sew?
Would you want to make me a few tunic shirts?

This is the style I want....

With all of her fabrics, I figure my new spring/summer look would be either
white pants or linen pants with wedges and a tunic...I just need 1 about 4 or 5.

The list just keeps getting longer.

{If you wondered if I had a bit of a southern drawl in this post,
it is becuz I am super into my book, The Help and it get's me talkin' like dat.}


mary timmers said...

I LOVE how your brain works. You just keep gettin' better and better!


Youall jus come on out to Warshington and see Branduns momma and I will sew you up sum of those shirts you like there....

Mama Orser said...

You'd be pretty as a picture in that tunic! I can so see it....

jacy said...

I LOVE Amy Butler. Have used almost all of her fabrics and have the matching notecards to some of the fabrics.

I was desperate for some fabric and found it at Crafty Planet online...then HAD to go when I was in MN one time. Wish you would have gone with me :)

Beth said...

All of the slings I have sewn so far have been made out of her fabrics. They are beautiful aren't they?!?!? I LOVE her stuff. I am going to make twin duvets out of her fabric for Charlottes room when it's time!

Kim said...

I had no idea she had wall art?!?! Ohhh... your blog is so informative!

P.S. I need me some of those tunics too, Momma Betty.