Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hot Colors in 2010

Do You Know What's Hot for Spring 2010?

Friday night I hung out with a good friend of mine.
We went to high school and college together.

We get together for "girl"  time which always includes~good food
good wine, and lots of catching up!
Her sweet little boy, Caden is going to be 1 years old at the end of this month!

You need a pic?  Here she is.  She's adorable, huh?

Anyhoo, I picked Lisa's brain on fashion for spring/summer and what is trending.
Lisa is pretty bigtime at everyone's favorite store, Target.
She is a Director of TREND and her job is to shop!
She travels all over the world and can basically tell you, at anytime of the year,
what is gonna be "in" for the next year or so.

Ummmm....are you drooling?  Are you jealous?
Shop and travel and ALWAYS know what is "cool",
I can't imagine anything better than that...that is her JOB.

So this is what she tells me...these are the in colors for Spring/Summer 2010

In other words, sunny tones....

Turquoise is #1, then yellows and oranges/corals...

I love this, cuz I love me some bright colors.

She also said stripes and polka dots will be hot and always paired with white.

Rompers {not for me, though} will be hot and dresses of course!

So, bring on the spring colors huh?

Oh, for a full article on other spring on this link.

Thanks for a great night Lisa.

And, Happy 1st Birthday Caden!!!

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Tamara Nicole said...

I'm a bright colors girl too! And I totally love polka dots, I even wore red/white polka dot heels in my wedding:-)

Great post!