Monday, February 22, 2010

Jean Shopping Recap~Booty Shots Galore!

I am thinking that women equate "jean shopping" to either
"swimsuit shopping" or getting your "yearly" at the gynecologist.
For my male readers, what are there like 4 of you?....
You guys have it soo easy.
Your butt looks cute in every pair of jeans you try on and you don't ever get a "yearly"!
You also don't get a "monthly" and alot of other "woman" things that we have to deal with.


{I had to throw these pics in to make the upcoming pics of me look good!}

Back to the biz at hand...

So, the results are in.  And they are good.  They aren't great, but how often
do women look at their butts and scream, "My butt is GREAT!"? 

Gap is no longer the place to go for jeans.  I tried many a pairs, and it was more than dismal.
I might be in between sizes or some longs are just tooooo long.
Oh, and they are like $69.50 or something, not a ton, but too much for dismal.

So, remember I was looking for long, dark, jeans.

Drum roll please.........

Side views.  You guys like my lil' helper?  What about the jeans?
{Tatum's boots, Nordstrom Rack from GiGi, Outfit, Target from Nana}

Front view...
Can you take her cuteness?

Look at how she is imitating me doing a booty shot! 

Fair right?  Not bad, not awesome.
I think I am pretty brave to do this. {Pat on back, pat on back.}

Here are the details on the jeans pictured above:
Maurices, Taylor Dark Wash Boot Jean $29 plus 20% off special!
I have never shopped Maurices, but a friend told me to go there.{Cory}
My Mother-In-Law and Sis-In-Laws shop there all of the time,
they have one in their small town, so it's their go-to store for lots!




This pair is a bit more flattering, right? 
Would you have guessed they were designer?
They are Paige Premium Denim brand from Nordstrom Rack.
They were marked down to $59.97!
I think they look a bit more slimming becuz they don't have the lighter wash on the butt, etc.

I scored MAJOR at Nordstrom Rack that day.  It was great
The blue jacket I have on, got it there.
Remember, Aqua is the big color for Spring?

The key to ANY shopping with your kiddos?

A DVD player for the dressing room,


P.S. Thanks to Kim for bringing the DVD player.
P.S. Tatum-thanks for the modeling with Mommy,
that girl will not have a problem jean shopping huh?
P.S. Thanks to all of you for the comments/suggestions,
each and every one was taken into account!


Beth said...

Cute Suzanne! I like the first one's the best on you. Looking good girl!

Mama Orser said...

I like the first pair best as well, you look great! And so does the lil' stinker next to you! Her pigs are to die for.


Love the jeams Hot Momma! Tatum you are the cutest Lil Model in your Gi Gi's eyes. Nice bouteys girls.

Summer said...

Oooh, you DID score woman! Love them both.

I despise jean shopping. I despise wearing jeans. But, I do it because they're cute. And I suffer for cute.

Kim said...

Love the jeans, love the jacket, love the 2-foot helper in pigtails! Love Love Love!!!

p.s. I'm loving my Maurice's Taylor's too!

Nancy said...

I like the first pair too...can't be the price...disposable if you don't like them you aren't out a ton. The attitude on the "mini-me" is the best!!

Diana said...

They both look great, but I'm partial to the first pair also. About a year after having my third, I sat in a dressing room and cried while jean shopping. Rough stuff!
Suz, that little Tatum is such a mini-you!

Nancy said...

Hey Birthday Girl!
Yesterday's party was FABULOUS! What a great husband to surprise you like that ; ) Way to go "Brando"!!
I like the second pair myself. Never was one for "Highlighting" the backside! I don't need the "Faded" (I call it 'highlighting') shouting for all the world to hear.."...LOOK HERE..."!!!

Happy Day to you!
And your little mini-model is perfect in anything she wears, just the poses make it that much cuter :)
Nancy R.