Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot

As our 5 year wedding anniversary was approaching I started to come up
with ideas to make it a fun one to remember.

I asked Brandon if he wanted to renew our vows,
he quickly replied "No".   Well, hmmmm...okay, I
will think of something else then!

When we got married, I hired a fab photographer
and I adore our wedding photos...they captured the day
perfectly.  However, if I could change one thing on my wedding
day, I would've delegated more, so I could enjoy the day and be more
relaxed.  I am sure most brides would say that though.

I never took the time to have my wedding dress cleaned and/or have it
preserved, so it always just hung in the spare closet.  This gave
me the opportunity to try it on from time to time.

And that's where my big idea came to me.

I then decided I was gonna put my wedding dress on, where my hair down,
with fun jewelry and get some pictures that are
 relaxed and not so wedding-y.
I wanted to relax enough that I could even sit in a field of grass.
What bride does that in her wedding dress?

So, last week, I put on my didn't zip the last inch or
two..but Nealy {my fab photographer} told me not to worry...she
wouldn't be photographing the back.  I picked up an elastic belt
from "Heartbreakers" for $1.97 that had some fun, faux,
flowers with sparkles {of course}.

Next, I borrowed some kick-butt, bold, Stella & Dot jewelry from
a couple of my favorite friends that rep it.

My parents came to watch the kiddos and my
mom brought me some hydrangeas from her garden.....
they are one of my favorite flowers and for some reason
I couldn't have them in my wedding bouquet. 

I did my own hair, and wore it down and my Mom
applied some fake eyelashes I had bought from CVS, 10 minutes
before they arrived.

Brandon picked up a fedora hat and donned his seersucker

I am telling you all of these details, to let you know....
you can do this too!  Dust off your dress, do your own hair,
switch up the jewelry to something more funky and bold,
and grab your man and tell him what he's gonna do with you!

I will say, I have to give my husband mad props for doing
this, to obliging my crazy whim, because it was so much fun and
we will have these pics for a lifetime.

The shoot, took all of 25 minutes and it was much cooler
than the temps on our wedding day.  We laughed a lot
and I didn't have one bit of stress! 

And if you live in the Minnesota/Iowa area,
you should have PhotographyByNealy be your
photographer too!  All I really had to do was smile,
she made us feel at ease, told us how to look our best and even brought
some cool props.

As you can tell from the pictures, she is a true artist
with a great eye, and she does all types of photography.

Nealy, thanks for making me look fab, for capturing
our love for each other and for creating memories
that we can share with others.

Go visit her site, you will be glad you did!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Must Have Moxie...Murano and Bling Sale

Must Have Moxie's Summer Jewelry Sale.

All murano glass beads are 25% off.
Find those here.

All bling earrings are 25% off as well.

Find those here.

Happy Shopping and next post will include my "reveal".


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow, Branmuffin and I celebrate 5 years of
blissful {sarcasm} marriage.

Brandon..I love you, madly.  Thanks for being "my man", and
the father of our children.  Thanks for putting up with my hair-brained
decor ideas and cooking me breakfast almost every single weekend.
Most of all, thanks for embracing who I am 
and inspiring me to keep on being me.

According to wikipedia, the modern gift for 5 years is silverware.
We have plenty of that, so I am gonna modify the gift and 
cook him more scrumptious meals in the upcoming years.
He loves my meatloaf and my beef enchiladas, 
and I figure I can add to the repertoire.

{Wikipedia says the 10 year gift is diamonds.....
fingers crossed, I cannot wait!!!!}

We plan to go to one of our favorite places for dinner
on Thursday night.  And we decided we have it all, so there will be no 
gifts exchanged.

However...last night we did the coolest thing....
and I can only give you a sneaky peaky because
I wanna reveal the results in the biggest way.

I will reveal soon and believe me....I am pretty much 
wetting my pants, every minute of the day until I do this 

Here's the hint.....


Monday, July 25, 2011

Smelly Fruit?

I'm just gonna be really honest right now.

Have you, as a woman, shopped for deodorant lately?
I went to Target to get a new tube of deodorant last week
and found all of the packaging of my favorite "Secret" has
changed...I have other deodorants I may use.  But, overall
they all have new packaging and new scents.

The new scents include names like.... 
Cherry Mischief, Dive In Daisy, Powder Fresh,
it goes on and on.  

And while I certainly don't know what you wear, do you really
want to smell like Pears or Cherries when you sweat or get a whiff of
your deodorant?

I don't.  
I purchased a couple brands in a couple
of fragrances.
I am usually okay with a baby powder smell.
That smells girly enough, right?
I can't find it...everything has a fruity edge.

So, I went out on a limb and got this:

...and laugh if you want, but I smell
like a clean bar of soap.  Like I stepped out of the shower.
I may go as far as to say, I smell like a clean man.
And I like it.

Enough of fou-fou, fruity smelling crap under my
arms...and when I sweat this summer, I smell clean.

I had a little soiree this weekend with some of my
girlies...and I forgot to take pics of the food, fun, 
nails and girl time, I did get pictures of me
telling them I have switched to men's deodorant.

My honesty and and willingness to let them smell
me, took them a bit by surprise....

Isn't that what girl's nite is for?

Rant over.


what freshness do you have under there?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Updates

Ahhhh I love thee!
However, I sure am busy, are you too?

My mother-in-law was here for 8 days....

....spoiling us rotten!  We got 4 date nights, and
the kiddos got to stay up late, eat all the cookies they 
wanted, and I got new curtains!!

My house like a lot of other houses in this development
have long, short windows that are tough to find 
coverings for.  

I told Betty what I wanted and she delivered....

Sorry for the picture's almost impossible to
photograph them with all the light the window brings in.

The hot pink, pom-pom edging is so ME!

Also, I got a new piece for my collection.

The blue starfish...thanks Daddy, see him in the picture in the background?
He went and bought it for me after reading my blog!

I love him.

Next up...I made some new pillow covers.
Out with the old.... with the new.....

....I had those pillows for over two years and 
my kiddos did a number on them.  
And when Brandon naps on the couch he sleeps on my
decorative annoying, makes them all scrunchy and boy-smelling.
Does your man do that?  

Lastly, I get a bit crazy with spray paint now and are some of the damages....

and now...

...and these two...the bowl was black and 
the tray was nasty from a garage sale....

 My Mom found me this mirror at a garage sale.
It was $7.... I am using
it for a vanity area for my jewelry
and perfume....what do you think?

Told you I've been busy!  What do you think
of all my bargains and lil' improvements?

Happy Summer!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Feet

I have a friend, a dear friend, and we 
go waaaay back....all the way to high school.

And she and her family are going to Africa,
to help the country and be missionaries.
Now, that's what I call brave!

She writes a blog called "Beautiful Feet" , you can 
find it here .  She is an excellent writer and really makes you 
think....and best of can follow her family trip to 

Her family needs your support.
"Follow" her blog.
Follow their journey.
Read her "nuggets of Truth".



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've got young talent in my vote about it, please?

We are still on "holiday" in this house.
I've got Branmuffin's Momma and brother staying here
and we are having a blast!

We go to the pool and sun our buns, nap with the kiddos, and
eat great food!  And when we aren't outside, we
shop ...the kind of shopping that you do'

So, my brother-in-law is only 17 years old.  But his job is to 
keep me hip, tell me what's up in this world,
and take photos of me and our house...cuz he's crazy good at it.  Oh and 
re-design my blog header.  He nerds out on the computer
all for me....and I like it.  I pay him in food, Arizona Iced Tea, and
Mountain Dew...then I take him to 
the hippest stores.  Quite a deal, right?

That picture up top is not of he is:

I don't know what he is gonna be when he "grows up" 
but he has a passion for photography, graphic arts,
computers, and I personally think he could go anywhere.

He took some pics of me and the family and I am 
gonna use them for my site and my blog....I need an update.

Will you be my little sweethearts and vote for which pic you like best?

Picture #1:

or Picture #2:

Pick one in the comments....I am revamping my website and blog and 
need some opinions.  You guys have to be just as opinionated as me!?!?

Isn't he talented?  Don't you love hanging out with young
people that have the world at their fingertips?

Toodles....I promise to get better about blogging, 
it's summer and just so darn busy.