Monday, February 15, 2010

5 to 1

Vancouver's got nothing on our "Olympics".
 The games have begun, and the results are in and official.

Branmuffin and I are getting are butts kicked, by the kiddos,
5 medals to 1, to be specific.

Here are the stats:

Gold     #of Medals:  3    
Tatum received the Gold on Saturday for her constant whining,  and outstanding ability to get under Brandon's skin while Mommy was out.  Her second Gold medal was acheived when she blasted an Olympic record of whining "Hoooold Yooou" over 1 million times.  {What she means in 2 year old speak, is "Hold Me", which is seriously, the last thing you want to do at that time.} Her third Gold was earned when we graciously took her to an indoor park, regardless of past behavior.  She stood next to us, picking her nose, literally, not wanting to try anything new and/or exciting.  Don't disregard the fact that we hauled her 15 miles, in the minivan, braving hundreds of other snotty-nosed brats and parents,and paid $6 to listen to her whine about it.  Does a weekend with your kids get any better than this?

Silver     # of Medals:   2
Turner received his first medal ever, he climbed to the top of our stairs (13 of them) Sunday morning, making it totally apparent that we will have to install numerous gates in our home going forward.
Also, he is getting in BOTH of his front teeth and letting us know how good it feels, 24/7, yes that's right, 24/7.  Tylenol and Motrin do NOT hold a candle to his pain. 

Bronze     # of Medals:     1
Brandon and I, feeling totally defeated in the parenting world, annoyed with our 'young', skipped the movie plans we had for Valentine's Day and shopped together instead.  We held hands and refused to talk about "Them".  After purchasing adorable clothing items, we grabbed a satisfying dinner complete with a huge peice of chocolate cake.  Lastly, we finished the evening by renting the movie, "Couples Retreat".  Proving that holding hands, chocolate, and a little 'retail therapy' goes a long way during these olympic games of Parenting.


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I should of got the last place for calling during the Romantic Get Away from the Gold and Silver Medal whinners I mean winners...

Nick & Rebecca said...

Washington State is close behind you Minnesota-we have won medals in the following:
Ben-Gold Medal for NOT sleeping through the night
Ava-Silver Medal for peeing in closet and honorable mention for peeing in her bed as well
Madelyn-Bronze Medal for losing her prized "lovie" and whining about it every second, for the past two days.
**"Hold You" is in full throttle in our games, resulting in massive temper tantrums when this athlete does not get her way.

Godspeed Cartmill Family, Godspeed.

mary timmers said...

How do you do it??

Travis Cartmill said...

I am now a part of your blog spot. Lets see how many men we can get....

Tamara Nicole said...

Ha ha that's pretty cute!

Hope things are going well, we gotta get you that gift!