Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.....

Okay, I have to talk about my passion for the color
Kelly Green.

Definition: a bright, green color

I am so into this color, it is an obsession.
Not an obsession, like I only wear Kelly green, and everything in my house is Kelly green
and you wanna puke when you see my outfits, cuz I am head-to-toe, Kelly green.
But, it sneaks up in the things I purchase.  I am always incorporating it
and seeeeeeeking it....

This color makes me soo happy,
how couldn't it make E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E happy?

I love green in general, it's so clean and if it had a smell, it
would be clean, you know, eucalyptus-like or
the smell you smell when you step into a good spa
or hotel, like The Four Seasons.
My friends reading this are all "Duh", cuz I never stop about Kelly green
and when they see Kelly green they just think...
umm...... Suzanne?

It's so bright and fun and preppy and just plain DEVINE.

When I shop and I see something cute, I just think
"Gosh, why don't they have this in Kelly green?"

As you can tell by my blog accents, I like Kelly green,
 and other colors that compliment it.

So, I took a look around my house today, and snapped some pics to just give you an idea of how I incorporate my LOVE for Kelly green into my world....

My new watch for Christmas, just a pop of color to any outfit...
{Target, $10 bucks!}

These are swatches from two duvets I have {Pottery Barn}.....

Bath towels, {Lacoste, mind you, TJMaxx, clearance $6 each!}

My Kelly green hoodie, a staple
{Old Navy}

And last.....

Kind of embarassing....

I bought this toy for Tatum when she was a baby,
strictly, because it is Kelly Green.

So, here is your assignment.

When you see Kelly green things,
 anywhere, anyhow....
call me, text me, email me, twitter me, knock down my door,
stalk my family, whatever it takes.  Let me know, I will need specifics,
so I can go buy it!

{or, simply drop it in the mail and surprise me!}

Brandon understands this obsession, and is in TOTAL support and is behind this cause, 100%.


Lace said...

Girl, you are crazy! lol! It is kind of a lovely color though, right? I find that I stray from it still though, just because my high school & jr. high colors were kelly green and white. That's 6 years of Kelly green everyday. It's not as fun when someone tells you that you HAVE to wear it, ya know? I will begin paying attention and letting you know when I see it!

Summer said...

I totally get it....I have the same love for pink.

And from now on...when I see your color, you will know!