Friday, November 1, 2013

Mucus, Boots, & TCMB

I'm eating my kids Halloween candy as I 
type.  They are off to school
and it's my house, so I claim it.

My little ones headed out the door after 
a minor meltdown from Tatum.
She wanted to add wings,a wand, and a crown.
I guess she was a disco/fairy girl.

I'm finding lots of amusement in the
drawings my daughter does daily in my
home office as we have special time before
we head to the bus stop.

It's funny, cuz I don't think I really
clean that much...but I do like to wear stripes!

I had to travel for work this week.
Every time my husband and I go to leave, our kids
ask if we will bring them back a
present...usually we buy them each a pack of
gum.  It's easy and relatively cheap.

I don't know why I got creative and picked this up,
but I would NEVER recommend buying this
sort of toy.  Unless you want to find bowls of "mucus"
 in random places in your home.

Woola, my search for brown riding boots is
complete...if you are on a search, I would highly 
recommend these. Very comfy, great color and
I was okay with the money as I hope to 
wear these for years!
{Wide calf makes for a very tough search.}

Certainly not least,
I recently became co-founder of the 
Twin Cities Moms Blog community.

What is it?  What does that mean?
It's a website that becomes a community of sorts.
We are developing a team of contributors that
will write from all different sorts of Mom's 
perspectives.  You name the subject and
we hope to cover it.  Also, we will
post about cool new products or
activities locally for the family.

We will even have Moms Night Out too,
with wine....

So, if you live in MN, go
to our Facebook Page and "like" us.
We plan on introducing our team soon!


Friday, October 25, 2013

It started with the Office Chair

It all started with an office chair.

I work at home and my butt wasn't comfortable and I was finding myself at the chiropractor weekly.

When I realized it was because I needed a comfortable office chair, I just decided to keep going with decorating the whole room.  

It was time to make the front room- my office, in a really official way.

So, here we go....

I had Branmuffin and my Dad pop that light fixture
in that I scored from

I found some prints online and framed them in IKEA frames.

The inspiration board was made last winter 
and went well with the look.

The tulle curtains were at IKEA and I added
the pom pom edge to tie them back.

The mint desk accessories are from Staples
....the Martha Stewart office line...
what doesn't that woman touch??

This stripe fabric was found online and replaced 
what was in there originally.
I just thought it added a french bistro look.
I don't do very glamorous work,
so I just surround myself with
glamorous works.

Bought this little futon couch from
with some throw pillows thrown in from
Marshalls. The little polka dot one was sewn by me
along with the pad on my little white chair.

The little poof was on clearance at Target this summer....
$13 I think!

I made this flower arrangement with
some FAKE flowers.

So wish I was cool enough to have fresh flowers delivered weekly,
but ...I guess feeding the kiddos ranks higher.

Lastly, I found these curtains at IKEA and sewed on this
pom pom trim to tie the room together.
These curtains hang where I have french doors
and add some privacy when I
take an important call...true, but it's just work, 
I don't have an assistant or PR person at this point in the game.

I can't believe it started out looking like this....
see this post when it was my parlor.

Sorry I have been a distant blogger,
I will work on my communication and
connecting with Y'all....

I have a business venture to announce.

Give me a day or two.

Any questions on the office details?  Hit me up in the comments section!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kids Baffroom

It's where they do all the above 
among a few other unmentionables.

I wanted to keep it easy and
fresh and hopefully, they will keep 
it clean.

The kids' bathroom.....


Shower curtain is a Kate Spade at
Bed Bath & Beyond.

Rug is from Ikea.
I hired out the painting.
And if you are curious, the
stripes are 14 inches wide.
And if I would have known I would like
it so much, I would have done
it in our powder room downstairs.
It gets much more use!

Stool is Ikea.

I had an idea to do a collage of some Instagram pics
of my kids on our vacation.
Once it was up, it didn't 
do it for me.
I found this at Marshall's.
Maybe it will teach them to be gentle with each other.

Soaps from Home Goods....

Taking pictures of a bathroom is
pretty tough.  

It's small and you have to have
good lighting, so I had to wait for a
sunny day.

We haven't had a lot of those around here.

I'm still on the hunt for some more quirky stuff to hang in here.
But, I figure the more I add, the more
they will mess with is their bathroom after all.

{The first picture is from Pinterest, if anyone can find
the graphic artist that makes those, I would buy them in a heartbeat.}

Not much else to say, 
except I am in love with stripes right now...
let's hope the obsession lasts a few years.



Friday, April 12, 2013

My protest

This is my firm protest.
To the winter that is still
outside in our world.

I love white, but
not white in the form of snow

Take a twirl with me

and imagine the day we
can all wear this sort

of fashion instead of 

the drab colors and BOOTS.

My calendar says Spring.

I won't wait for you to catch 

up to my mindset.

I choose color.

I choose sandals.

I choose open windows
and fresh air.

I choose grilling and 
outdoor furniture.

{Pics from my Mom's Pinterest boards.}

Take that-snow! flip flops and a tank top!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Cowl Giveaway Winner

Jennifer Lawrence...
I love in, girl crush, love her.

And the way she accepted her award
and interviewed afterwards made me love
her even more.

Isn't that the best, when someone is fun and cute
and then when you see them in a different light...
you find that they are real and normal and you just think
I like them even more now that I know

I'm hoping that happens when you watch
this video of me picking a winner on the cowl scarf giveaway.
It was done in one take.
With my two kids and so you never know.
I did it from my "throne", my
favorite thing white leather chair 
I recently got at Home Goods.

Lucky gal...
....I bet you a dollar, I'll
do another giveaway from LaLaRed soon!

Have a great weekend!



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paparazzi scores again!

My hard working, Dad retired in January.

He's that kind of guy who gets it done.
We are alike in this way.
He's a bit more selfless than
almost all folks and 
I love him.

Here's us on my wedding day.
Sweet man.

This sweet man just got sweeter.

I had some painting done in our room and
he recognized that I had piled
a lot of jewelry on a few hooks.
I'm a jewelry freak and can
admit it.

I asked if he could do something about
my beauties all in a mess.

He has built everything under
the thing I have always
admired was the cases he made for
my Mom's mini perfume collection.

He showed me a mirror he had
in his basement and
thought it would be best if he built
it around that.

And...I will admit, Branmuffin had
said if there were a mirror incorporated
in the back it would make the whole jewelry stand
much more "sick".  "Sick" is B's
west coast terminology for

My dad....sigh.

He has a way of making me feel 
 like Daddy's little girl again.

And knowing I was chomping on my 
cuticles to get this piece of glam fabulousness
 in my house and hung...he did it last night while
I spent some time with my Momma.

Talk about all work and no play.

I love jewelry,
it's a part of my personality,

The view from where I lay my head.

It's okay if you want one.
I've searched for a cure
for my jewelry problem for 
years, really.

I wish I could tell you how to,
but I can't.  Maybe I will have Paparazzi, tell you how.
{That's what my babies call him.}

I think he should go into business.

He would make a.lot.of.women.happy.
But then, he's been doing that
for years.....

Pin Dad's gotta get famous for something!