Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CLEAR Hair!!!

It's happening.
I can't stop it.
And I cannot join that "club".

You wanna know what I am talking about?
Please don't laugh or snicker, just be
empathetic and give suggestions.

I am a girl who gets her hair colored for fun.
You know, highlights sometimes, dark other months of the year...
mix it up now and again and 
I try different hair colors and looks for fun.
Well now, I am gonna be getting my hair colored
it's necessary.

I found 6 clear gray hairs last night.
Yes, yes, I have had a couple before, but nothing you would ever see.....
I usually find them when I am washing my face for bed at night, and I decide
to see how bad my roots are, or flossing my teeth 
or checking if there are any stray eyebrows to pluck.
Branmuffin is usually laying in bed watching me in the mirror
going..."seriously, what are you doing in there?".

Well this is just different.
It was horrific, in fact.
I brushed my hair and parts of my hairline glistened and sparkled.
Read that again......
I saw parts of my hairline glisten and sparkle.
I like jewelry and things that sparkle...not hairlines.
So, I started plucking, and searching, and finding more
clear gray hairs.

And if I didn't have somewhere to go,
I would've shushed the kids out of my bathroom, 
locked the door, and 
contorted my body in weird positions to search every
area of my scalp.

Maybe I will train Tatum to be my monkey 
and comb my scalp looking for clear gray hairs.

And to be fully honest, cuz I always am with you and everyone
I meet, even in the line at the grocery store.....my hairdresser found 
a long clear gray hair in the back of my head one time!
It was probably because I begged her to see if she could find one, cuz
if I ever find them, they are at the top of my head.
I am gonna hire some kid that wants to make
side money, to search my head and pay them
50 cents per clear gray hair strand.

Here is my worst nightmare...
having a long clear gray hair that I am unaware about.
That others could see and notice and not tell me.
Or worse, if they grow near the front of my head/hairline
like Stacy London!

Seriously, why does she not color that,
and am I the only person who has ever wondered that?

This is making me a lil' nuts.
I have been a low-maintenance gal on 
the beauty scale and I might have to rethink
my whole mojo.
I'm the gal who leaves the house with wet 
hair and just a bit of concealer and blush...now I might have
to be a coiffed hairdo and full on makeup girl.
Seriously, isn't that what happens to 
dare I say the words.....Old Ladies?

And so they say...

I don't know what the story is....but I do know that
I am giving each and every one of you permission
that if you are ever around me and seek out a clear gray 
hair on my head....you can pluck it!
Pluck it fast, pluck it hard, and even without 
warning and I will be forever grateful.
Because you were there for me.....when I needed you most.

So NOT Stinkin' Cute!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas List Item #1

{Rue Magazine}

I love these chairs and they would go 
GREAT in my new home!
Will you bring me a couple? 
I know they are $860 a pop, but
if you or anyone out there could tell me where to get the 
fabric I would be a happy girl at Christmas!

Luvs and Hugs-

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love & Other Drugs

When I saw the previews for the movie "Love & Other Drugs"
I knew I had to go and see it!
It's the story of a guy who is a pharmaceutical sales rep
for Pfizer....I used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep for Pfizer!

The main reason I wanted to see it is Jake Gyllenhaal and
Anne Hathaway...I love both of them.

It's a cute story and they both are adorable!
A little too much nudity and sex scenes for me though....
maybe because I was sitting next to my Mom!
Seriously, you see Anne's "girls" over 10 times!
But, you will get to see Jake in next to nothing as well.

I believe the movie was so good because of....

the writing....

the set....

and Anne of course!

I mean, she really has talent, and is a great reason to 
spend 2 hours away from your kids.

And that brings me to my last question?
Reese, what were you thinking?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Put down the crackpipe! It's Thanksgiving!

My son is an addict.
His nuk is his crack pipe.

You should be proud of me, 
I resisted buying a pumpkin pie for $7.99 and made
two from scratch for Thanksgiving.
Yes, the crust too....you didn't know I could bake, huh?

Tatum can too!

See, he still has his crack pipe!

We went to my parents for a super low-key
Thanksgiving...it included fab food, and everyone took an hour
and a half nap!

The rest of these pictures just capture the day.

I think I will have to do some decor posts on my Mom and Dad's house.
They definitely live in a beautiful space.

And today, I finally have the chance to blog, drink coffee, 
and relax in our new home....all while Branmuffin sleeps in!

How was your Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday Deals from Me to YOU!!

Do you do Black Friday?
Will you this year?
I decide when my belly is full of food and I am relaxing with the 
ads filled with bargains.

But, I don't get up early....that's what I have little kids for!

So, I'm gonna give y'all a deal and you don't have to get off your couch
to get it, no early mornings, braving the crowds, etc.
In fact, it's such a good deal, you could order on Thanksgiving Day if you wanted.
And I, would fall in love with you!

Must Have Moxie's current special is:

Type in the code: BlackFriday25
and you immediately get 25% off!

This will run today through Friday, 
I may even extend it to Cyber Monday!

Now, put on your sweatpants, and start shopping!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks for stealing my thunder!

Yeah, you're gonna think I'm crazy.
I bought this rug at IKEA.
It gets better...
I bought two.

Before I can give you any peeks at my new casa, 
I have a ton of work to do....well, WE have a ton of work to do.

The house we bought has dark woodwork. 
It's very pretty and chocolaty...but I am a white woodwork kind of gal.
So, in an effort to get used to all of the brown in my 
new home, I am adding tons of color and painting
some of our wood furniture white!
{Someday, I am gonna change the woodwork, 
but I figured I would wait a bit,
in an effort to not give Branmuffin a myocardial infarction.}

All this decorating takes time, especially when you have two kids 
who seem to be absolutely bonkers because we moved them
to new 'digs'.  Which means I can't get a thing done,
I'm caring for their every whim....which is getting on my 
nerves...cuz if you know me, I love to organize and decorate.

Sooooooooooooo, pray that my kids start to shape up and 
get over the fact that I uprooted them from one home to another
along with their millions of toys.....cuz when/if they recover,
you get more blog posts and I get my sanity back.


The next thing I wanted to share was huge, 
but if you aren't living under a snowbank, you have heard the news
of Brad Childress getting fired from his position as the Viking's head coach.
And this news has really stolen my thunder!

Why, you ask?
Why would I care about football/sports and the like?

Because this weekend Must Have Moxie sponsored
the Purple Lipstick on a Pig luncheon!
The luncheon was for women only, and a bunch of 
Viking's players/coaches/trainer wives' were there.

It was a great way to get Must Have Moxie's name out there
and we gave away a TON of free jewelry.

Here are some of the pics to prove it....
 that's me with Katie Timmer..
she is a Special Olympics spokesperson....she spoke and did
a fantastic job and is so inspirational!  She had me cryin' like a baby.

and the last one includes me meeting Dru Ann Childress....
the wife of Coach Childress.

And now he's fired and my thunder is stolen!!!

All kidding aside, she was a stellar woman,
very sweet and I really liked what she had to say!
When you think about it, she has a tough job,
being married to a NFL coach!
And you can say whatever you want about him,
she's his best friend and his support to whatever comes his way.
I see a different side to the whole story now that I met her and 
had a chance to talk with her about what it's like being a coach's wife.
So, Viking's fans....go easy on the guy!

Enough sports talk....more decor talk next time, I promise!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Brandon and I had a VERY impromptu date last night.
We ended up playing BINGO.
He talked about how he used to go and play
with his grandparents when he was younger.
Ladies...one way to your man's heart is
to "play" with him....any sport, or activity that they 
enjoy....they enjoy even more when they are doing it with you.
Well, they enjoying "doing it" with you even more
than some random sport, if you know what I mean.
Wink, wink.....

Anyhoo, enough sex talk.
They gave us some of the ink dabbers, and 
we brought them home for the kiddos....we knew they
would think that they were so cool.

Here we are after breakfast this morning....

{Tatum is a bit crossed-eyed, no?}


Pink for Tatum, Blue for Turner.

Notice, my house isn't quite together yet,
whew, it's gonna take more time than I realized.

Send money directly to me, it will get done faster that way!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My cure for the winter uglies!

One thing I loathe about winter is 
dry, ashy hands and chapped lips.
I know I have told you about these being my faves,
my must-haves, but I just had to mention them again.

 I just stocked up for winter at Aveda!

Also, I have to tell you about the cutest accessory ever...

They are arm warmers...similiar to leg warmers, but for your
hands and wrists.  They are So Stinkin' Cute and 
easy for winter because you still have dexterity with your fingers!

I got them at none other than, Target for $10.99!

Super cute and chic, in my opinion, so go get some!
I swear I will not lose these this winter.
I swear I will not lose these this winter.
I swear I will not lose these this winter.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're HOME!

It feels so good to say finally say, 
we are HOME!

A home that we own, no more renting, 
no more moving for years and years, and years!

I did the math while moving this weekend
and I personally, have moved 8 times in 9 years.
My poor dog, Lucy has moved 7 times in the 7 years I have had her!
Needless to say, the kids were.not.easy.during.this.process.
But, poor things, they are adjusting!
I want to say thanks to my handsome movers-
Branmuffin, Dan, Tim, Chris, & Kyle,
without you, I would not be cozy on my couch in my new living room.
My parents for taking care of the kids on 
the snowest day so far!  My Dad for installing a new water softener
{cuz, I am a water snob}, and helping me hang these....

No, that isn't my actual window, but you get the idea.
They are called Redi-Shades, 
and you can get them at Home Depot.
They are super easy to install, and I picked out the
room-darkening version, so that my sweet babies can take their naps,
and I can stay sane while I search for the window treatments 
that will make me happy!

We also made a trip to IKEA last week and found 
the perfect items we needed for our new place.
Our kitchen has an island with a granite bar ledge, 
we scooped two of these up...

The good thing, the covers are washable, 
and when my Mom saw them, it was her idea to recover them someday
in a fun print!  
Yay Mom!  
I will be happy to take you up on your
offer this winter when we are are bored out of our minds.

We also have a living room that currently has no 
built-ins around the fire place.  With not a TON of money in 
the "decor budget"  we bought one of these at IKEA as well.

The "Lack" bookshelf.  And after Brandon put together one,
we decided we have to get another for the other side to pull the room together.
No pictures to post yet, 
the camera is lost in the shuffle, and frankly...
I don't know when I will have the place like I want it.
I need ideas, money, time, and 
just want to enjoy the "new smell" of a new construction home.

I swear, they have  "new car" scent air freshener for cars,
they should bottle up this smell.
The manufacturer would make millions of dollars!

I've missed blogging, and reading blogs...and
am thankful that we already have internet and cable hooked up.
I felt so out of touch.

So, all I can wish for now, is for my kids
to finally sleep through the night!
Cuz sore muscles and tired parents makes for a crabby 

Tell me what you have been up to??  I miss my followers!