Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Comfort" Food Season has begun..

We had our first snowfall in Minnesota yesterday!
Brandon was out of town for the entire weekend.
With the snowy weather, and Tatum's asthma acting up
we were kind of home bound.  

Never fear, I have a good girlfriend, Tember who
came over with her 3 kiddos!

Her husband was off hunting, so we needed each 
other to survive being husband-less....and kid full.

And the best part?
She brought everything to make Lefsa...some of the best comfort 
food there is!

She took over my kitchen...which was TOTALLY fine with me,
and I got the kids entertained with some card games and puzzles.

I did my best to capture the event with some pics for you.

It's a pretty tedious process....something I could prolly never sign up
for...but she does it with a smile even if her 
youngest was tugging at her legs.

 She talked about how her parents got her all of the
stuff to make Lefsa as a wedding gift and the recipe
.....isn't that cool?

 All I had to do was spread the butter on each piece and
sprinkle it with sugar....and hand it out as fast
as the kiddos demanded.

 Tatum and Sam worked on a puzzle, and
I have found a future husband for her....he is gonna be
6 this week and he took care of her and
let her win at cards....A LOT.
{He even fills her nebulizer for her when she needed it...
I am so arranging this marriage!}

And I have to add this Turner...
going "you know what" on the potty!

He learned how to do it so fast from watching is big sister and
I can say he's 90% trained without me
doing much more than screaming and jumping 
up and down every time 
he did his thang on the toilet....

So, the season has begun....stuck inside with the urge 
to eat something warm and comforting...I better 
break out the comfy comes the "poundage" this time
of year always seems to bring.

What's your comfort food?
Do you know how to make Lefsa?

Toodles, from me in my comfy pants!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Women get crafty...

Last Saturday was another infamous "Craft Day".
I've blogged about this before, 
you know the drill...women crafting,
getting away from their regular responsibilities and
of course, eating.....and gabbing.

The picture above gives you a clue to our craft.
Yes, if you know me, you know I dream of
a white kitchen...hoping it will come this Spring,
but check out the artichokes.

My Mom hosts, and comes up with the craft.
We grab our glue guns {I forgot mine}and listen
to instructions while keeping an eye on the final
product...the goal of our hard work.

Here's us working....

Linda on her phone...

 ...and everyone's finished product!

Here is mine...

 We took a flower pot,
added foam and the faux artichoke
and then just added a bunch of
fun foliage.

Lastly, we added moss to the sides.

I finished mine with a jeweled dragonfly.

 Here we are in my Mom's garden,
it was a gorgeous day.

I love hanging with the girls,
we all have a different story and
something to bring to the
craft table.

Here's to good women,
good food,
and great conversation!

Some of the best things in life...


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Work girls

Happy to announce...
I'm adjusted to being a full-time working Mom.
What that means...I'm not exhausted daily.

That was the hardest part for me.
Golly, getting up at the butt crack of 
dawn and not taking naps and 
sitting in comfies made me 

Also, happy to announce, you guys like the sock bun huh?
Thanks for the pics you sent...both via email and text.

I am happy to bring you a tidbit,
a little morsel to add to your life....and
make YOU more glam and fab.

And it got me thinking.....
....I get this from my "work girls".
Mmmm hmm...I work with a couple of twenty-somethings
that are single with no kids.
And they are keeping me hip.

In fact, I might make a series on what I learned
from the "work girls".

For example, these girls are
not afraid to wear heels

Really?  I explained...I am over that.
I want comfort, cute comfort....that wearing
heels and pushing a stroller or a having a kid on your hip
in heels,
So they tell me where to get cute, comfy
shoes...they know the stores, the websites and
when to get it...who has the best return policy, everything.

They also tell me about crazy apps for my IPhone.
I will show you that sometime.

Oh, and the lingo!
Here's an example...

Work Girl 1:  Stomps into my office and exclaims "______ and I 
got into a domestic last night!"
Me: What?  You are kidding!  Are you okay? (looking her over for
marks and bruises)
Work Girl 1:  "yeah, we got over it, I love him!"
Me: "uh, sure?" (so confused!)

Note: A "domestic" means that they had a fight.
 As in, they had a minor disagreement and they are done now.
Not a knock down, drag out...they just had a "fight".

Seriously?  did you know this is what the 20somethings say nowadays?
Not only am I learning lingo, but acronyms, apps, websites,
Twitter and it's hashtags and where to read what
about anyone famous-fast.

We learn from each other, I reminisce about 
things I did when I was their age and in their stage
and they ask what it's like to be in mine. (A married Momma.)

Gosh, they are so quick and hip and talk so fast
and you should see them type....they bounce around and make
me feel like I am from another era.

I am, and I didn't know it for sure until we
talked about where we were on September 11th, 2001.
They were in HIGH SCHOOL!

OMG, it's keeping me on my toes.
And they want advice...isn't that the cutest thing?
More to come....from the 20something cutie pies
who have the world at their fingertips
and their parents credit cards, cars,
addresses for cheaper auto insurance...the list
goes on and on.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Put a sock in it!

 Oh, my goodness!
I'm kind of dying....
I found the best secret, it's not a huge secret, 
but I really wish someone would have told me
about this, months {okay years} ago....

Of course, it took me spending time on
the beloved Pinterest to find it.

Have you heard of the sock bun?

I just did last nite while bouncing
around on Pinterest because my hibernation mode has started.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.

I'm growing it, and I wanna chop it!
However, Branmuffin and my hair gal are all "No! don't do it, you'll regret it!"
But, I really have realized,
I'm low maintenance, and I need something to get me 
through the days of "I hate you so much, HAIR".

The sock bun...I saw it on Pinterest, I went to 
church this morning and saw a gal with one in 
and marched up to her and said " that's a sock bun isn't it?"
she looked shocked, then she glowed, winked, and straight up 
gave me a tutorial.

I put the kiddos to bed, grabbed an old
sock with a hole in the toes {who doesn't have those?}
and now I am sporting a sock bun while 
watching my DVR'd shows.

It feels so good, it was easy, and now
I'm flipping glamorous, and you will
probably see me in this every darn day.

So, put a sock in your hair.

And if you were clueless like me....hit up You Tube.

They have millions of videos on how to do it,

I'm smitten, and I have a sock in my hair!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Must Have Moxie-November Sale

Cozy up now, the holidays are coming,
the weather is turning and
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Black Friday.

Right now, all merchandise is 30% OFF!

Have I shown you some of the new stuff you can
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You really can't go wrong...I've been burning 
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