Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Time

What a beautiful royal wedding!
Did you watch it too?
We anticipated it for weeks and had our own 
royal party....and what a great time we had.

I went to my parent's house last night with Tatum, our
own little princess.  I kind of figured that this could go many
different ways with being up so early {4:45 am}.

Last night, she actually asked to go to bed....
that has never happened.  She was excited as the rest of the world
for the festivities to begin.

We got a fairly good night's sleep...considering.

There has been much speculation about Kate and
her dress....I thought she looked breathtaking, and I would
love to arrive anywhere in a Phantom.  Her Dad was so sweet
by her side and I definitely had chills when she stepped out for her
big reveal.

Classic, stunning, and she looked so happy and poised 
throughout...didn't she?

Tatum and my Mom made popovers and coffee....

....I was glued to the t.v......

 She was the only one dressed for the wedding at our
party.  My Mom made her a tiny little veil with a crown and 

Stinkin' Cute huh?

Lastly, we noshed on Crack salad, popovers, 

and wedding cake, of course!

Our favorite part?
The two kisses on the balcony
and Kate whispering "oh wow".

Whew...lots of pictures huh?
It was so fun and I am so happy to have 
watched it live...with my two favorite girls, 
my Momma and my daughter.

What a beautiful day in history.
And now, I need to catch up on sleep............


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glam Girl Bedroom-Dresser and Prints

 When I last talked about my lil' girl's Glamour Room
It was almost done.  We needed a dresser...bad!

Well, we found one..and it looked bad.

Here is the before:

 We found this ugly, 1970's dresser for $20.
And after sanding and numerous cans of spray paint,
it finally became glamorous!

Again, I will give credit to my hubby.
Most of our projects, I do the hunting and the finding, and
have the vision and choose the colors.

He does the hard work.
Gosh, I love him for that....and he loves doing it with me,
so we've found something to do together.
My arm/hand is sooo sore from the minimal work I did do.

 It's a little cloudy here today, so it's hard to get
good, I am no professional photographer.
That is for sure!
And here you can see how it ties in with the zebra chair.
More on the making of that here.

 I used some frames I had, just sprayed them 
with white glossy paint and framed fabric that was used in the room
or that was left over from other projects.
Free...I like free, it gets me to do more projects!

 Here's a pic of us with the glamour girl herself.

Lastly, I used this bling frame.....
....and some fabric from the headboard and pillows, and made
a "T" for her initials.

She truly has the best room in the house, and we learned a lot.
Now, if she would, I could
be an even happier Momma!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This post is gonna be all over the place,
that's a warning for you.

I need help.
I got all confident while working on Blogger and
erased my background....did you notice it's boring and white?
I need help fixing it.
So, to all of you bloggers out there...who is the best for
creating a new look for my blog?  Oh, and they need to do it on the
cheap...cuz I spend all of our money here on projects....DIY, home projects.

And speaking of those, I need your help again.
I have this couch that I like, but it's faded.
I am looking for a slipcover and I think I found one....

....then I read the online reviews and it's making me
rethink the slipcover idea.

Thoughts?  Do you have experience with a couch slipcover? 
And....tell me who designed your blog background, 
I need help.

But, guess what?  Branmuffin is painting again...
and here is the color.

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

I can't wait to show you what we are working on now!

Toodles, comment on the help I need..PLEASE!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage DIY Vanity stool

I just love finding treasures...especially if they
have great bones and good lines and make my work easy.

As a family, this past weekend, we searched my latest hot spot for
vintage finds...and this may be my new favorite place!

I found this via Craig's List, but it really is a local 
business in a small business district, that has monthly sales.
Guess I will have to put their sales on my calendar.

Here is the lil' beauty before:

 I think I paid $10 for this.
I met an "antique" guy at the sale and he told me
this is truly an antique with the original wood.

He said if we stripped the wood and lined the inside we could
sell it for $150-$200!!!
I think he was a bit dissapointed when I told him my plans.

 You know, white paint and color!
Cuz, seriously, that is my plan for almost all of my DIYs right now.

 So after a bit of sanding {which my hubby did, I think men
have a thing for power tools} and some white paint and fabric
that we stretched and stapled gunned,
my little lovey looks like this....

 Isn't she precious?
I still need a vanity table for her, but in the mean time
I will use her in my bathroom for applying makeup.

 I got the fabric at JoAnn again, {with no fights

And, she's good to go!
$10 for the table
$5 for spray paint
$7.50 for the fabric

Total $22.50 for a stool chock full of character 
and exactly how I want it! all of you new followers, thank you for 
making the commitment to follow me!  My plan is to make you happy
and coming back for more....I appreciate your support!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Guest Posting...come find me, again

Guess what?
I'm guest blogging over at 
Primitive & Proper today.....gabbin' about Tatum's room.

Stop over there and see me, she has an adorable blog with
tons of inspiration and ideas.
I could learn a lot from this girl!

Thanks Cassie!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turner turns two...say that ten times!

Today, my Turner Graham turns 2!

Here he is two seconds after he came out of my
birth canal.......

 ...scrunched up face from riding low from 30 weeks of 
pregnancy till wk 40....
 Here's the happy Momma..happy to have him in her arms,
much better than her belly!
And gosh darn-it, they grow up so fast!

Here he is today!

I love you, baby boy!
Happy 2nd Birthday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've never been one to say "I told you so"
but.....did you hear the news?

They broke up April 9th....go Emily.

What's in your collection?

I feel like I missed the boat.
Maybe it's not too late.
I don't collect anything.

My Grandma collected glass bells.
My Mom collects mini-perfumes.

But me?  I've got nada, nothin'....

I snapped some photos of my Mom's "mini" collection
and wanted to share it with you.

So, you can see she has hundreds of them.
And my Dad built her glass cases for them to be
displayed in.  Isn't she spoiled?

 If you are trying to count...she has 3 big cases of perfume.

 Overall, she is a fragrance junky and even
has books on fragrance.  

Here are some of my Dad's colognes.

 She has the regular sized perfume bottles too!

 The one with the green cap...I bought her that in South Beach.
It reminded me of a certain shampoo fragrance she loved.
Do any of you remember "Agree" shampoo?
And she loved it...I think perfume is hard to buy for others usually.

I collect nothing.  
But, my house collects dust and messes.
Her collection inspires me.
I'm thinking I need to get on this bandwagon of collecting
things, because then you always have something you need to get.
You know, for your collection.
And when you travel, you get something for that collection.

So cool, huh?
Do people do this still? tell, I'm intrigued.

In fact, if you have a collection, let me know...and send me pictures, I would
love to share it on So Stinkin' Cute!

Email me at