Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Time! It's Time!!

I can't contain my excitement any longer.....I've 
even blurted it out to strangers in recent days.

My dream is coming true as we speak.

I am getting a white kitchen.

This may be no biggie to you, but believe me, and
you could verify with Branmuffin....I have been 
waiting for years.

There is sumthin' bout a crisp, clean, white kitchen that makes
me squeal!  I don't know what it is, but I am obsessed.

I grew up with white woodwork, and I can't shake my love
affair with white and pops of color....and now my 
surroundings will match my obsessions and my dreams.

A little background....we bought our house about a year and 
a half ago.  Love the house, but it's got dark woodwork and 
builder's paint (tan, neutral) throughout.

I have done my best to add white and pops of color all over
the house...but it wasn't enough.

Men don't get it.  We would have people over and the men
would gush over our woodwork, saying "why would you ever put 
paint over that grain?".  

 I say slap it on!

While I can't say my kitchen will match any of these from my Pinterest
board "Dream Kitchen"...but I will get close!

Here's what my house looks like now....I missed a full "before" picture. house is in shambles, but I could care less, 
dreams are coming true over here.

We actually are doing the whole first level...walls and woodwork.
Then we will move to the second level later this summer
when my painter's schedule slows down.

Here's another room that will be transformed...

....until then....check out the mess!

I gotta I the only one with white woodwork