Friday, May 28, 2010

Wanna see me BIG AS A DoubleWide?

Branmuffin is outta town on biz.
So, when he is outta town, I make out with my DVR shows.
Now don't get any ideas on wreaking havoc on this house with him gone,
cuz, by the time you read this he will be home.
And to be honest, my kiddos have wreaked enough havoc on me,
so you don't wanna mess! 

I caught up on Housewives of NJ...luv it, don't hate on them till you watch it.
I love and adore Italians, and to watch them interact... to me, is fascinating!
Now, Teresa just had her 4th girl...and this girl was wearing heels to the
delivery room, decking herself out in jewelry whenever she had the chance,
and her hair was always "perfection"...which got me thinking back
to when I was pregnant.

All I cared about was comfort...
I would get dolled up if I had to, but I didn't even wanna wear a bra at home.
B used to say, git yer bra on, were goin out!

I was not a fan of pregnancy.
I loathed it...with a capital "L".
That's why when I popped Turner out, I turned to Brandon and said
"Put a fork in me, I'm done!"

So, I went to my hard drive and pulled out some pics of me....
wanna see me...

Every girl likes to see another girl get huge right?

One month before I was due with Mom can't get her arms around me..
Me at the State Fair trying to go into labor on Labor Day.

Me at the doctors, overdue and after I had asked the doctor to
strip my membranes for the THIRD time!  Who does that?


Morning being induced with Tatum...
Morning being induced with Turner...

Notice I am wearing the same black pants before each birth....
I lived in those suckers...they were worth millions to me!
{Gained 40 pounds with each pregnancy!}

So, there you have it!
Some women embrace pregnancy wearing 6 inch heels and
all, but not me...I had a paper chain in my kitchen and I tore a link off
every day I got closer to my due date.

I know I am gonna get comments on how much you loved being pregnant,
go ahead, Brandon's fixed so I don't have a care in the world!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Memorial Day Edition}

It's another Bead-A-Full Thursday....
our favorite day of the week here at So Stinkin' Cute.

It's Memorial Weekend this weekend and I am sure you have
grand plans right?

We do, BBQ with friends, and lotsa time relaxing as a family.

Memorial Day was once known as "Decoration Day",
it is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

Please take the time this week/weekend to remember those who have
fought so hard for our country and what it stands for.
This red heart bling bead would be the perfect addition
to a bracelet to remember someone special.

Whooo...sorry to be a bit somber on here...
but I am serious about being proud of what our soldier's do,

And, as always, I have a give-away....

Wanna win this dangle bead for your Silverado bracelet?
All you have to do is leave a comment about Memorial Day,
it can be what you have planned, someone you will be remembering...
whatever, really!
I will add last weeks comments and next weeks comments to this weeks
and pull a's.just.that.simple.

I know you are all dying to find out where to get Silverado as a product!
Go to for a store locator.
Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook.
And keep close to this blog....cuz in the next three weeks I will reveal,
some info on Silverado that will

Happy Commenting, love you, and ...
of course, Toodles!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Favorite Things

Thumbin' through my Mom's latest copy of 
"House Beautiful" magazine.
I bout' died when I saw the ad for 
LA Plates, you can find them at:

They are personalized, melamine plates.


I'm thinking I need a set, 


or maybe ten sets, cuz I can't decide on which
font, or which background, or color I want!

They are absolutely, positively, the kind of product, that makes me say...


And I love them....I love, I love, I love,
or should I sing...Your Love, Your Love, Your Love is my drug,
like the annoying Ke$ha song that I love to blast in my mini-van!
I mean, who is this girl?
The first time I hear any of her songs, I think she is crazy!
Then, I hear it again, and I am blasting it and singing it out loud.
That girl has it down...and she is a marketing genius.


I went to the Children's Museum yesterday with a friend and our kiddos...
It was really fun and I noticed something on all of the mommies.
Part of the typical baby gear ensemble is to
wear your SLR camera on a strap around your neck.
I know they are getting excellent pics of their kiddos in action...
and that's when I realized, I would add two pieces of technology to my 
must have list of favorite things:

I want this...

The Flip Camera...for taking videos...does anyone have this?
More importantly, do you love it?
Let me know...



A SLR digital camera...
for those of you lucky ducks that already own one,
which is better and why?

Poor Branmuffin, my list of things I want just gets longer everyday!
I better start making some money myself!

Oh, one more technology question...
Mac or PC...tell me if I should make the switch to Mac!

Stay tuned...for my Fairy Godmother of Health and Wellness...
....and, I will reveal my stressful secret sometime in June....


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Barney Blues

I will miss Lost.
Mostly, I will miss him....

Cuz, back in the day, when my job was to call on doctors,
they NEVER looked like this!

or this...

Did you like the ending?
I was a little Lost.
But, I think it was a finale
that most shows don't pull
off...instead of being disappointed
or let down, I was confused.
But, I teared up a few times,
it was good to see how it all came
If, I am ever stranded on an island..
I want to be stranded with Matthew Fox.

I loved Lost, and now, I am going to smother my brain in more reality t.v.

What I really want to smother is....

Barney and Tatum's preschool teachers.

I've had these moments before....I mean she is 2.5 years old, going on 12 years.
But, these teachers taught her the most annoying song and she sings it over,
and over for the almost 12 hours she is awake everyday.

It goes something like this....

Yes, all day long.
{Did you note the laptop I got her, cuz she may seem her Mom on her's....
I don't know for sure.  Future blogger maybe?}

The Barney song can "shove it", "suck it", whatever, 
it is stuck in my head, all day long, and I find myself singing it too!

Tune in...we will be hearing from my Fairy Godmother of Health and Wellness!


Monday, May 24, 2010

My Fairy Godmother

I got to attend a BBQ on Saturday.
It twas' really fun, cuz they served great food, 
and the hosts are the type of couple that you look forward to 
spending time with.  
Believe me, they know how to take care of their guests.

{Anyhoo, you all are well aware of my recent birthday.
So, like everyone, I am not getting any younger.
And summer is upon us, which means tons of places and events to eat at, 
like the aforementioned  BBQ, weekends away, 4th of July, etc.
In addition, I have a secret I haven't shared publicly....and I plan on sharing....just, not yet.
So, just bear with me, until I can share the secret.
And, when I share it will be BIG! 
Don't worry, I am not pregnant.
 I hate to admit it, but this secret has added some stress to my normally perfect life.}

And then, it happened.

I met her.

I met the woman who can change my life. 

And guess what?

She can change your life too!
Cuz, that is what she does for a living.

Kristen, changes lives.
And she has agreed to change ours.
 Kristen is a Health Educator, she has her MPH or Masters of Public Health
and her Bachelor's is in Psychology.
She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist.
Currently, she works for Cigna Health.  
Her patients are employees for a particular company that provides Cigna Insurance. 

She teaches these patients/employees how to get healthier.
Her top 3 issues are the following:
  1. Weight Loss
  2. Smoking Cessation
  3. Managing Stress
So, this is when I realized, I hit the jackpot!
Not only did I just have an excellent meal with great friends, 
but I met my very own Fairy Godmother of Health & Wellness.
And this Fairy Godmother has agreed to give us secrets
to the above 3 Health/Wellness topics!
....or whatever else we want to know...
So, being the most generous blogger you know, 
I will disclose these secrets/tips to you.
If you find them interesting, and you will, you can share them with your friends!
Cuz I don't know ANYONE 
who doesn't have at least one health/wellness problem at some point in their life. 
I used to read magazines for the latest health tips,
but I don't have time for that....
I wipe butts now....two cute butts, but I don't get time to lay around 
and catch up on the secrets of taking off the pounds, etc.
And, if you are ANY bit like me, this sounds boring.
Don't worry...I will jazz it up for you.
So, leave me a comment as to much your current weight is, 
....what keeps you awake at night, 
....and what current anti-depressants you are taking.

Take a joke, I don't want to know that much personal info...
but if you have a particular question, 
I will pin the Fairy Godmother of Health &Wellness down, 
and beat her...till I get an answer!
So, leave a comment on any questions you may have.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Garage Sales n' Bra Shopping...not at the same time,,,Eww

I will admit it to the world.
I love a good garage sale.
I didn't grow up going to them, 
and I laughed when people told me they loved going to garage sales.
Eww...I wanna sift through people's junk for something you think 
you would want or need?
No thanks....
And then, I had kids.  I watched them play with a toy for 3 minutes
that I bought at Target for $24.99...never to touch it again!

And that's when it hit me!
This full-price toy shopping is a joke,
and it's gonna mess with my shopping budget.

So, here is my tip. 
If you have kiddos and they need toys, give garage sales a chance.
Do not waste your time at random garage sales.
Hit up a neighborhood that you could NEVER afford to live in.
Cuz, those peeps buy full price toys all day long
and don't notice when their kids don't play with it.
Then they price them for $1 and your kiddos have Christmas in the Spring!
As far as the non-toy world of garage sales.....
I've got nothing.  I draw the line at toys.

Last night my Mom and I hit up Nordstroms to have our
"girls" breasts measured. 
There were no surprises...we were the size we thought we were.
But, we were both surprised at is how good the right bra feels.
After being prego and nursing two infants,
I was ready to put my "girls" breasts in a nice, comfy place to cuddle up in.
You know, no more nursing bras, or cheapos from Target.

Our gal hooked me up with this:

The Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Bra
Whew...that's a mouthful.
My "girls" breasts have died and gone to heaven.
At $44, I have died and gone to heaven...feels so good, 
and looks great in a t-shirt.

So, Nordstrom knows what they are doing as far as boobs and bras.
Great sales people and if I look like I had my "girls" breasts done.
I didn't, I'm just rockin' my new bra!

Have you taken the time to give your "girls" a nice home?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Family}

Bead-A-Full Thursday

Silverado Jewelry offers all kinds of silver beads.
They offer one for almost every type of family!

Family with Love...

Family with a new baby...mmmm
This one....

 I guess this would be us,
Mom, Dad, and the two kiddos!

They have lots more.
I don't think they have one for the Duggars, 
you know, the family with almost 20 kids.

But, the great thing about Silverado and these bracelets is,
you could make a bracelet with a different bead for each of your kids.
So, a whole bracelet would be perfect for the Duggars!
They should give me a call, I could hook them up with a great design.

And of course, it's time for another give-away.

I'm gonna give you chance to win this:

Gotta love it!  What girl doesn't like shoes?
Heels especially...cuz they make us look soo much better!

Here are the regular rules:
Become a fan on Facebook of Silverado Jewelry USA
Leave me a will immediately be entered, 
leave just one, every Thursday, if you want, I will total the next 3 Thursdays comments and 
pick a winner that Friday.

This time, leave me a comment about....
Your favorite TV family, old or new, I don't care. 
For example, I love the Huxtables.

 now go ahead, get your comment on.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I like Kelly Green, but I am not a fan of Kelly from RHNYC

B's outta town...for work.
You would think I am all sads n' stuff....but it's okay.
Cuz, I get to hold the remote in MY hand, and I'm scared to say...
The house is a little cleaner!

If your husband travels, you know what I mean. gives me a chance to 
MAKE OUT...with my DVR.
And that is refreshing, cuz the kiddos are in bed,
which means I get alone time!
Woo Hoo!

And, I am a fan of Housewives of NYC.
I'm all caught up, and if you watch you totally understand that...
Kelly WEIRDS me out in a bad way!!
She is so odd, cannot explain herself and never makes sense.
She is very pretty and I will always give a pretty girl props, 
but if you don't have a personality to match your prettiness....
then who cares how pretty you are, right?

Here's proof:

Yes, she looks good, and has great style....
but, her attitude puts me over the edge.

Okay, I'm done ranting and I'm going back to my DVR for more.
Yes, BRAVO makes good tv and I am a sucker for 
any of the casts of Housewives of.....

R U?

Do you agree?

Which cast is your fav?