Thursday, May 26, 2011

She does diapers too..

After I got my kids breakfast, I turned
around for a minute to make myself some coffee.

Turner loves his big sister.
He loves her so much, he insists on her changing his diaper.

And then he's happy.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I'm eating for breakfast...

I love, love, love this stuff!
Greek yogurt has entered my fridge and made me a
happy girl.  Each serving has 14 grams of protein....
that gives me plenty of energy to chase my kids, pick up their messes,
and fold endless piles of laundry.

Maybe it will give me the energy to do more decor projects?
Hmmmm....summer's coming, I may be putting those on hold.

Wanna know what else I am loving?

I got these bracelets from Stella & Dot.
They bring the perfect amount of color to my wrist
and go with almost every outfit!

If you get invited to a party....GO!  The stuff is great and
there is something for everyone.

I am gonna try and read this week....we will see how that
pans out...the kids have no more activities/school for me to send them
to, so I don't know how I will fit that in.

Anyhoo...I am going to read a book that a publisher
sent me to review for the author.  I love to product reviews, so 
if you want me to review/promote your product, I will.....well, only
if I love it and am totally smitten!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Ramona of RHONYC

Whenever I think my life is tough,
I watch any particular Housewives' show on Bravo and
I'm good.  Cuz, I know that lots of money, plastic surgery, and
gorg clothes is not making them normal or making me want to be 
like them!

Did you guys see Ramona last night?
What a hot mess!  And now I am gonna be
glued to whatever is going to happen with all of them
in Morocco.  
Seriously....what did I do before the Bravo channel?

Ahem...done with that rant.
Who won my CosmoWhite give-away?

Carol@TheDesignPages said...
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Congrats Carol!  Send your mailing address to me
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Make sure you tell all of your friends about your winnings!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cosmo White Giveaway!

 {Image via Tumblr}

I have a fabulous review and give-away today!
The product is Cosmo White, and I have tested it out and 
it's fab!

If you haven't heard of it, soon you will.
Developed by a dentist in Las Vegas, Cosmo White gives
you a lip-plumping lip gloss and tooth whitener in one
wand...complete with a light and a blingy case.....
great for when you are out at da' club!

I had a birthday yesterday and while celebrating
this past weekend, I had the perfect chance to use Cosmo White.
{Except I wasn't at a Vegas club or any club for that
matter!  I was in a dark restaurant with my girls and that counts!}
The lip gloss has a great vanilla taste, and 
frankly it was a lot of fun to whip this product out!

Wanna chance to win one?
Here's all you have to do:
1. Be a follower.
2. Leave a comment 
3. Facebook this blog link on your fb page for an extra entry....
leave a comment stating you did so with the link you used, so I can check!

I will pull the winner on Friday!

If you are interested in buying this product, go here.
It retails for $30 and some $2 for each purchase goes to the
March of Dimes...pretty cool too!

Toodles to my future lip plumped friends!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bling Earrings Sale

The sun is shining.
Warm weather ahead!
Why not get a pair of bling earrings and
rock them everyday this summer!?!?!

Currently all bling earrings are $30 with no shipping!
{Tax applies when necessary. Regular Price $39.}

These earrings also come in red, pink and black.

Seriously, you are never gonna beat this offer!

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Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This will make you feel "Normal"

I hardly ever share videos.
Please take 3 minutes to view this,
whether you have kids or not.
{Your Mom will appreciate it.}

I love my kids, tons.
Sometimes, they wear me out and wear me
down...but I will save this video for those days.
And keep remembering.... they remember all you do for them.



My Parlor

{Image via Tumblr)

Our house has a front room.
We have debated over what we should do with the room.
Mostly, it's been used as a playroom for books and toys
for our kids...most people in the neighborhood use their front
room as an office.  I'm not feeling that, yet.

Remember when people had parlors?
I need a place to drink coffee, read {be on the computer}, 
and have some life needs calm.

Here is the before:

And my parlor now....

To me, it has more of a "Zen" feel.
I wanted some Asian flair, 
but I also wanted to it to feel "beachy" like the Hamptons!

Here's some more of the details:

I found this fabric at Hancock Fabrics {I switched it up a bit and those
Hancock ladies are a tad nicer than JoAnn}.
I wanted the look of wallpaper, but less permanent and more
cost-effective {cheaper}.  Branmuffin mounted it to the wall with
some molding.  You like?  I love....

These frames, I found them in my house, and nearly everything
else your house, that's the latest thing I learned!

The prints are downloaded from an online site, I sent them
to Kinkos and for $.59 a piece, you can't go wrong on price.

 The shelf was painted white {of course} 
and it holds my kids's not usually this neat!
I clean up for pictures.

 More online prints...the center one is a botanical and
the other two are a print I am obsessed with that comes in a 
fabric and a wallpaper.  Frames I found in our basement
and made them "new" again.

More prints....the top one has a touch of whimsy,
my life has kids in it, so I thought I would include that.

I still need a small lamp for the corner shelf and
blinds for the window.

{This room was done on the cheap.  We painted it the walls in Comfort Gray.
Otherwise nothing is "brand new"..we redid almost everything.  For example,
the lamp in the corner...we had, but spray painted chrome and
I bought a new lampshade at IKEA. 
  Just want you to know...get creative,
think outside the box, this doesn't have to cost a lot.}

I am gonna try and bring parlors back with this room.
Wanna come for coffee or tea?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I bleached my couch

I know, I know, you are shaking your head or saying
"What, who does that?" 
Me, of course, it was my solution.

Here's the deets.....

I bought this couch at Macy's home store.  
I bought it with hard-earned money, 10 years ago, and it's comfy.
But, as you can faded when I lived in Las Vegas.
Couches fade no matter where you live, but 
cannot escape the sun's power.

The couch:

If you remember, I thought about painting it .
Well, that seemed really risky and a ton of work, and
what if I ruined it?

Then, I bought a slipcover, even though all of you told me
that they are messy and a joke.
You could be right, unless you get the perfect size.

I had no other choice.  My couch has it's own slipcover.
I removed each cushion and then the overlay and bleached each
piece separately.  I had really clean, bleach smellin' hands for about 3 days.

That's okay, cuz now my couch looks like this:

It needed pillows to brighten it up a bit.

So, I made 5 of them.

We painted the walls a couple of weeks ago and now I am working on
the final details like wall prints and the little things.

I am hoping to reveal the whole room soon.

Stick around for that...oh, and I am gonna do a couple giveaways too!

Y'all come back now, yah hear?


Monday, May 9, 2011

Laundry Day is Everyday

I had a great Mother's Day....
....the kids made me homemade cards with Daddy's help
....Branmuffin worked on a project I wanted done yesterday and he
cleaned up the house and didn't let me lift a finger
....I spent time with family eating great salads, one of
my favorite past-times
.....I took a nap
.....I took a shower and no one bugged me
.....and I got away all day on Saturday.

Yep, I needed it.  
Sometimes life gets to us, and it has gotten to this
girl I got away.
I sat in the sun and soaked it in.
I ate without interruption.
I had girl talk with a dear friend.
I shopped.
I did not clean or do laundry.

Now that's my definition of a kick-butt Mother's Day!

Now, back to laundry....

I used to love doing laundry.

I loved watching it go from a big, dirty pile.
To clothing that was carefully folded, clean, and fresh.

I used to do it once a week when we had one kid.
Then I switched to Mondays and Thursdays.
And now, it seems I do it everyday.

 Does anyone else have a kid who insists on
changing his/her outfit at least 5 times a day?

{Images via Tumblr}

Maybe I need to put windows and fresh flowers in my
laundry room.....hmmm..

 Tell me your laundry complaints/solutions....or is this boring?