Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are YOU Happy?

I have a test for you. 
It will involve you reading aloud.
   Anyone can do this.
  You could do this with someone at your office, or to your spouse,  
you don't have to have kids,
or a two year old.
  You can do this with anyone.
  You don't have to like the person or hate them, 
you could even be in love with them too. 
Really, you could do this with a perfect stranger.

Are you ready?

{Oh, and make sure you use a high pitched voice, and do it
over and over and over.}


Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Now, do it again throughout a 12 hour day.
Over and over and over.

My daugther has found her "calling", I guess she wants to be a psychiatrist or a therapist.

Her "calling" is annoying, because I could be perfectly happy,
but her asking me it over and over makes me unhappy. 
  She starts this at approximately 7 am, and does it intermittedly until she goes to bed, around 7:30 pm. 

 It makes me want to pull my hair out. 
I turn around and make a face to myself to not let her see the frustration.

So you know what I did this afternoon?

I made chocolate chip cookie dough, and I ate almost half of the dough.
She hasn't stopped asking me yet.

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

Are you happpeeeee?

The cookie dough really helped me though!

Is that how they define "Emotional Eating"?

Please ignore her messy hair/shirt.


Summer said...

Oh my gosh, Im kinda in love with her. But maybe that's only because I got 30 seconds of it instead of 12 hours. ha ha!

On the hand, with this being the 4th day of being sick, I sure would love some of that cookie dough. =)

Beth said...

So Stinkin' Cute!!! I love her little voice :)


When did she start repeating her self????? Sounds like Anthony when he says: Why why WHY WhY whY..... I love my grandbabies so much but I do think that the repeating would drive me to eat cookie dough too.
Tatum Gi Gi is happy.....

Nick & Rebecca said...

Suzanne, I want to know one thing...ARE YOU HAPPPPYYYYYYY?
This is a phase. It will pass.
Now, have your mom make you one of those awesome signs and post that phrase in your kitchen.
I love you Suzanne. You are an outstanding mother.

lhoffman said...

Just so you know, Ethan loved it and answered "yes" every time she asked... (might be cause he also thinks she's kinda cute!) I had to chuckle when I read your blog cause I can just I can totally relate to the repetition... Gotta love 'em though! And by the way- think I'm going to go make some cookie dough!

Practically Spent said...

Very funny....I get to laugh, anyway, because I'm not in the mix of it all. Way cute, too.

My daughter went through a "Happy? Mommy, Mommy, Mommy? (took my face & turned it towards her) You happy, Mommy? Me happy (big hug to follow)" stage around 30 months. No matter what, how could I not be at that moment?