Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rockin' Wedding

Doesn't every bride want this on her wedding day?
Of course, without the fear that her groom will find her
too heavy and topple over.

We attended a special wedding last weekend.
And the kids are of the age that it "works".

They can run around on the dance floor.
Eat all the cake they want.
Leave us alone a bit.

I wore this dress to two different weddings,
that's a good cost per wear ratio right?
It's from the Gap, and frankly, I think it would be great 
bridesmaid dress.

I'm gonna do more pics, less words.....here we go...

 {Turner was grumpy, he wanted gum.}

 The couple did a unity painting instead of a candle, cool huh?

 Ah snap, this could be our Christmas card!

 Look who caught the bouquet!

Congrats Ashley and Elliot!

All because two people fell in love....


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Labrador Blue

Turner needed a big boy room.... bad.
He turned 3 years old in April.
You may think we are crazy, but we went with a
queen size bed for him.  He's gonna be a big boy some day, literally.
And he's known to be our cuddler...so whoever tucks him
in can enjoy that time in a big bed.

Of course, I scoured Pinterest for some help.

Here's what we did...

The color on the walls is "Labrador Blue".

And yes, you have seen that painting before. It poses as a
pseudo headboard...I had it in my entryway and
I never loved it there.

And since the boy is into trains...

...we had to get him this...even tho I am not a fan
of toys in kid's rooms.

I plan on doing something with these...and I had thought I would
pair them with antlers...but maybe I missed the boat?!?!
Is the antler trend over?

Well, we need something on the walls.

Maybe this?

Either way...when I asked Turner if he liked his room
he did lots of  this....

Boys are so easy...

...Almost forgot!  We witnessed the birth of 12 baby goldfish
today!  Lots of questions about babies and cha-cha's.
{That's what we call vagina's in this house. Wow, never thought
that word would make the blog.}

Can you see them?  They are sooo tiny!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Mudroom-Body & Soul

I don't think there isn't a woman on this planet that wouldn't want
a mud room that looks like this.

Soft colors, no dirt, pretty patterns, no sand,
functional in so many ways, no kids shoes everywhere....
You get my drift.

My mudroom is tiny! So, I have limited options.
 I went with a nice yellow paint that brightened up the small space
and a big a** mirror.  
Do you like big a** mirrors as much as me?
I don't know why anyone wouldn't put 
a big a** mirror in every.single.room of
their house!

Mirror is from HomeGoods...everything else,
I shopped my own house..I move stuff around all of the time.
On the opposite side are some wall hooks for coats
and sweaters, and a key hook for our keys.

Next up, white kitchen table finally!!!

Poor Branmuffin, when he travels for work, 
I got the itch to change things, and shop, and decorate,
and spend.
If you read my FB page you know about the fact that 
I found/stole a table from a dear woman in Elko, Minnesota...

It's from Crate and Barrel and I
bout' fell on the floor when I saw it in person.
Not a nick or a scratch!
Came with 6 sturdy chairs and a leaf
from when I entertain {Ha! I don't entertain}.

U like?  I am now on the search for a nice
new rug, with a great pattern...any places you wanna
suggest besides HomeGoods?  Comment away!

Did you know I like to frame paper

It's cheap, non-committal and easy.
Sounds like a guy's idea of a good date!

Here's the result.

{I'll need to smooth that a bit...}

Oh, I could go on and on...
...blogging might be back fo'reals.

And on a totally different subject,

I heard this woman speak at our church's "Chick Night" on

Her name is Dianne Wilson. Gorgeous!!

She was soooo good, like, change your life good.
Very inspiring about being a woman, being a mom,
being brave and committing to your marriage.

I went and bought her book, "Body & Soul".
{She's a Grandma and recently lost 75 lbs....can you take it?!?!}

I'll let you know what I think when I am done.

Thanks for listening....

Monday, August 6, 2012

What's new?

Since I don't blog like I used to, which was a few times a week,
I thought I would tell you what's NEW! You know, an update of sorts.

Last time I blogged, I showed you my new white kitchen.

What I failed to mention is, we actually painted the whole main level.
We painted the walls and the woodwork and it really brightened 
the place up!  {Wish I could take the credit.}

Here are some snaps I took of how I changed my bathroom 
and mudroom from drab to fab..at least in my opinion!

This was the only "before" I could find.

{That's from last Fall.}

Builder's paint on the walls and dark woodwork...and then the new..

 New paint, hung a new towel hanger...

 ..added a fun towel from Home Goods...

 I got this shelf from Home Goods on clearance and painted it
white a loooooong time ago.

I've gotten some new pillboxes-that's a whole nother' post.

 These cute, tiny painting are my Mom's work..she does original, oil artwork and
spoiled me with a few!

Lastly, I had to get a rug and wastebasket,
HomeGoods saved the day once again!

I want to show you more...but Blogger is acting up!
So, I guess I will have to post again, 
maybe even tomorrow...

I've missed you all...have you missed me?

More to come, but until then, I will leave you with some
recent pics of my kiddos....we've been running around a lot this summer!

Here they are tired out in the car...

and...being silly when Branmuffin told them to go put
their jammies on!

Toodles, and I will post again within the week!
I have lots to tell :)