Monday, October 29, 2012

Dolphin Much?

I prolly am the one to blame for her obsession.
I told her this summer my favorite animals are horses and dolphins.
I'm not lyin', they can bring me to tears.  Ask Branmuffin, he has seen it.

It started with her pretending she was a dolphin and making dolphin sounds.
It built from there, but in a downward fashion.

Someone suggested the movie "Dolphin Tale" and that movie became crack in our house.
She wanted me to call her "Winter" and wanted to know when we were going to Florida
so that she could meet "Winter".  Cute, but kinda annoying after a month.

Then I showed her facts on dolphins on the computer and she started telling random strangers
how they breathe when they sleep.

Next up, I had to take her to the Minnesota Zoo.  Our dolphins were leaving at the end of the summer.
 {Marie is all, "Woah Tatum".}

Then she heard there are river dolphins..did you know that? 
Ahem...that meant every body of water we went by she asked if it was a pond or a lake or a river.
"Could there be a river dolphin in there, Mom?".
I'm rolling my eyes, cuz it's outta control.
My neighbor friend brought a dolphin book home from the library for her.
Guess it got around the neighborhood, sheesh.
{A shirt she made with Nana, guess what's on it?!}

I told a friend about this obsession, cuz you know, every kids got one...some are into Spiderman, for some it's unicorns.....
She tells me, "Well, has she seen "Soul Surfer"?".  No!?!?  What's that one about?

I go get it and we watch it 4 times the first day.
If you haven't seen's about the girl that gets her arm
bit off by a shark.
If you are one percent PMS'y it will make you bawl.

Her birthday was an "Ocean" theme.
Do you know how hard it is to find dolphin paraphernalia?

{Peep the necklace.}

Then neighbor-friend texted me, ""The Dolphin" movie is playing
 at the Imax, you guys should go!"
Ummm...yeah.  Poor Turner, he didn't know what hit him.
Dolphin much?

Thank the Lord, she's moved on.

Now her world is Bethany Hamilton {the girl from "Soul Surfer"}.

You should see the looks we get in public.

What's your kid's "Dolphin"?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gosh, I guess you want more!?!

I have come to realize that I didn't give you a ton of details on my health/surgery.
The reason for that is, my blog has been for fun things, family, and girl stuff.  I like to talk about things I love, and not myself.  I like to throw in some humor and be light and interesting {at least I hope I am}.  But, after receiving messages and emails from so many of you, I realized you want to know more, you care, and I can write about this....what would it hurt?!  Maybe, in the end, it will do some good. 

If you know me outside of know, I would rather talk about you.  I'm the girl that will ask about you and check in and tell you how I can relate, but I don't like to have it be all about me.  It can be a little, but not a lot.  I save that for my closest friends and my husband.  However, you are asking, you care and I have stated before...I would want this little blog to be a place where I can influence you for the good.  So, if you don't care or want me to be an influence for good in your life, I guess you can close out the window on this blog, or never open a post going forward.  Long story short, I am learning that you like to know me on the inside and I should not care if I am boring you with my crap.  And isn't that life?  It's not always good.  Get ready, this might turn into a book.

I went for my yearly last Friday.  I had had some issues with not being able to empty my bladder last Spring and had some spotting here and there over the last couple of months.  No pain really.  He did an ultrasound a found a cyst the size of a baseball.  Now, I love my doctor.  You need a good gynecologist?  Dr. Eric English is his name and it's crazy how many women go to him that I know.  He has this thing where when he is trying to figure out what is wrong with you that he gives the entire spectrum.  It's good.  It's bad.  It's horrible, actually.  Cuz, your mind can the places, you wish it wouldn't.  He said, there isn't blood flow in the cyst, so that's good.  Cancer in a cyst usually has blood flow.  But, he said that word, he went there.  He suggested a hysterectomy.  I am done with having babies and this could be the answer to my urinating issue.  He will use the "da Vinci" process.  You can go ahead and Google that.  Overall, it's less invasive and much faster recovery.  

Cysts are super common, ladies.  After talking with lots of you, I realize this is common.  However, its a big that I hope doesn't burst while I wait for my surgery date....cuz I hear the pain from that is horrible.  I probably don't have cancer, right?  But, your mind goes there.  Especially when you have a Mom that had breast cancer and hasn't been the same ever since.  

He will biopsy it while I am under anesthesia....and the results will determine his next steps.  The goal is to get rid of the cyst and my uterus, but keep my cute little ovaries so I don't go into menopause.  If he gets a bad report, that's when he will look further and take more if necessary....lymph nodes and stuff.  I don't want to Google that, cuz I can't go there right now. 

Part of me didn't want to tell anyone.  Of course I told Brandon and some friends and my Mom.  When you start telling people, the anxiety can set in.  People have concerns, questions and stories of what they have heard.  It's all well and good, but it's information that I have in my cute little brain now.  I don't like to be a focus.   

I am learning.  I want to encourage you to go to your yearly exams...whether you are having sex or not, whether you have babies or not, just go.  And don't wait to go till there is a problem...cuz I didn't have pain.  I have symptoms.  Now, I have knowledge too.

I didn't think having the surgery was a big deal until I told people.  Yes, I went for my yearly and was in shock of what's inside me...but, I thought no more periods!  No more birth control!  No more still thinking there was a chance I could get pregnant!  But, I'm still a little scared.  Scared of what I don't know....and how you can be going about life and stuff like that hits hits all of us, doesn't it?

And this is where I can hope to be some help to you.  I have a peace and a calmness about this surgery, this issue.  I know it's not in my hands.  It's in the hands of my Maker and my doctor.  Two people I have faith in.  I have faith in their level of experience in the things of life.  Most of all, I know I have friends that are the "praying" kind.  They love me and have lifted me up and put my surgery date on their calendar.

I have a husband of little words, but he has had more hugs for me lately.  He has made it clear that he is the one who wants to care for leave his work for a bit and wait on me.   That gives me peace too.

{From "Love Actually", you gotta see that movie!}

So thank you to you friends, who have concerns and offer to help
with my babies and my husband.  

Thanks to those who have reached out and told me you love
me...cuz I knew you did, but now I know more that you do.

Thanks to those who have said they will pray.
I find it helpful to ask people what they want me to pray
for when they are in need.

I can get specific for you.
...that I continue to bring this to God.
....that I have less fear and anxiety
...that it is a standard procedure and I wake to a good report.
....that I keep my cute little ovaries.
.....that I keep on letting you in, cuz you have let me in now, in some way

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Sometimes he puts his hands near his face when he smiles,
he's a little bashful that way.
We are working on confidence, and
speaking clearly about what he wants/needs.

The other morning I was scratching his back as he 
watched cartoons, I was still laying in bed.

He turned around and said "Who's lovin' on me?".

That's the stuff that makes a Mom smile.

Most arguments with her are because she is busy with something,
and can't be bothered to listen to her Momma.

She can be sassy, but she's mostly sweet.

 We are working on respect for authority
and consideration for others.

Most of all, those pictures show some good kids.

It was recommended to me and I have shared with 
others.....The Beep Boop App.
It's only available on the Iphone.

 You should give it a try.
It's for positive re-enforcement.
As far as discipline goes...
the more I do now...the less I will have to do later!

On a totally, less fun note.
I just found out I need to have surgery :(
Something about a baseball size cyst on my ovary.

So, if you are the praying kind, I need them.
Especially on the morning of November 12th.
I will be having a hysterectomy.

I am looking at the positives....
it may weigh 10 pounds and that could make a nice
number on the scale the next time I go
to weigh-in. more Aunt Flo.

I blog about a Diva Cup and Thong underwear,
and look what happens!

Which I guess is interesting....isn't it?

So....I will focus on this:


Monday, October 22, 2012

Ohhh Robie!

You know who you are.

The girls that love to clean.

Yeah, you love to scrub and vacuum and dust and it makes you
so happy and fulfilled.
When you are done, do you sit on your couch with 
a glass of wine and just smile at your work?

I'm not that girl.
I like to have my home picked up and everything has
it's place.  
I like to organize and purge.

But, scrubbing and dusting are not my thing.

Now hear this, when I do scrub and dust....
I feel good!  I look around and think "yeah, this is nice"
or "smell that bleach" and "look at those vacuum marks".

But, I would rather decorate.

I got this new rug....

Try to ignore the cute kids and see my new
chevron rug.  

I found it at  
They had a blowout sale.
Shipping was free too!  I think it was $99 for an 8 x 10.
That's a good price.
So, if you are in the market, keep an eye on that site.

And this next item, will change your life.
I mean it.  Well, it did mine.

It's changed mine and I have owned it for less than 72 hours.

The Roomba.

Do you have one?
Don't you love it?!

It's "Robie" in our house.

Tonight...I actually sat on my bed and watched it work!

This is an example of the pattern it makes and how it works.

If you are's a vacuum that goes around on it's own.
You charge it, press a button and it does it's thing.

I found one on Craigslist for $50 and asked Branmuffin
to go get it.  

Of course, he needed to be convinced....
Roomba's are priced as high as $1200!!!
Not my Robie.

I love my little Robie.

Am I missing out on anything else?
You people who love to clean....what else should I get my hands on?!



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

She's watching me...

I had heard it a few times before 
and kinda believed it, but I thought I had time.

It came from my friends, or my Mom, or other Moms.
Moms of daughters, in particular. 

They would say,
"She's watching your every move, you know."
"Be careful, she will pick up on that."

It's that time.
It's happening already and she just turned 5 years old last month.

Kinda sad, but I better take full responsiblity or
we will be in trouble....we, referring to her Dad and I.

My daughter grabs my tweezer imitating me, looking for gray hairs, 
or tries to make her hair wavy, like mine. 
She wants my lip gloss after  I apply it.
And when I get dressed in the morning, she
usually says "Ohh cute Mommy, I like your shirt.  Will you 
save that for me when I get bigger?".

I never explain, "it won't be in style" or it'll probably
"never be your size".  I just say, "Of course I will, Tatum."
Then I kiss her on the forehead and tell her
how nice she is, and that she's absolutely gorgeous.

So you know where that brings me?

I wear thong underwear.
There, I said it. I'm getting personal again, aren't I?

That's prolly gonna be a problem then, isn't it?
She and her brother have mentioned it, "Mommy, why 
does your underwear not cover your boom-boom?".  
{That's what we call em' in our house.}

And what do you say to that?  
"I wear a thong cuz that's the underwear I started
wearing 20 years ago and it's cuz it's comfortable to me?"

I didn't have a daughter 20 years ago.

But, I do now.  
She watches me like a hawk.

I never use words like, skinny or fat, or big.
I don't even want them in her vocab.
Most of all,  I always compliment her spirit, her smile,
her laugh and how pretty she is.  
I make sure I tell her she is smart too, I think
that's important for a girl to hear.

What was supposed to be me talking about "thong underwear"
has turned into "raising your daugther".  
I didn't mean for that.

But, I can't talk about my daughter and not
tell you I have hopes for her and want her to 
have a blessed life.  I want to protect her from pain.
And, I want her to be confident.

I could care less if she becomes a hair dresser or
a scientist, a professional ballet dancer, or a
doctor.  I just want her to love sparkle while she
does it.  To know she was meant to do "it".

So, this is where I need your help.

The 16 year old girl at Nordstroms told me "boy shorts" are
what everyone is wearing.  So, I found a few pairs that I like.
They are comfy.  

I'd rather wear something I don't have to 
explain to my daughter.  I am the example now, aren't I?

Tell me what you wear?!
Tell me where to get them.
I may even need the style number so I can get it right.

Cuz, I went to this.....

 ...and I think with these, I will have less
explainin' to do.

I can't be the only one still wearing thongs.....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Wife = Paint the doors

I got my doors painted.

Branmuffin caved.

True story is...we went to the paint store that day.
Bought the paint, he taped and prepped.
I painted.
Prepping and taping is harder.

This ended up not being about a few doors I wanted to paint.

After the first coat on each of the 3 doors, 
I wanted to go up to my room and go to bed.
I hated it and had that sick feeling of "what did I do?".

What I thought would be done in one night 
ended up taking a couple of nights and
a few trips to the paint store.

I learned this:

Be patient in your projects.
Look at it from different perspectives and light.
My husband loves me.
I know what colors I like, not the guy at the paint store.

See that Pepto Bismol door in my entry?!

Yeah, that's what the paint guy talked me into.

Four coats on three doors later, I am done.
And I am happy.

I went back and got "Peony".

The green is called "Sweetness".

{The fish was painted by my Mom, it ended up being the inspiration.}

And here's all three doors in one shot.
I'm not a professional photographer and
it's so hard to shoot that mudroom because 
there is NO natural light...but this gives the idea.

Most importantly....

Husbands are happy when wives are happy!

If you look close, you'll 
find I hung my "Happy Wife, Happy Life" 
sign above one of the green doors...

Just as a gentle reminder to all!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crazy girl-NO

Now, if it's about home decor and you call me
crazy, I could care less.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I know what I am 
talking about, at least a little bit.  It's not that difficult...this decor stuff.

I'll use pictures to explain.

I want to do this:

to a door in our pantry:

 where you see the pink arrow.

Red circles mean I want to replace those time, in time.
To this:

I text Brandon the idea, he's at work.  

Maybe I should have better timing.

But, if I see things I like....I go crazy.

And I have to

He says:

 ...he didn't think I needed a white kitchen years ago
and when it was done, he replied "this is awesome".

Then, he went off the deep end.

What's not to like about this idea?!

 It's just a bunch of fabulous that I want to
embrace in our home.

 We are a fabulous family,
so, we need more fabulous-ness.

 I'm thinking the service door to the garage 
would become a salmon color
or HOT pink.  
It will cover dirt and brighten our mudroom.

And the green in our kitchen will add "freshness".
Then I went and put it on Facebook....
...happy to say, most people agree we should give it a whirl.

Then I called my Mom and she told me about 
two other doors I hadn't thought about.....hmmm.

I am not crazy.

I just like color.