Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Wuv Em' in our Crib...

I've got a friend.
Her name is Kim.
She is a kick-a** Mom.
She is a fab Wife.
She's got great style, and says she is "learning to sew".

She is NOT learning.
She is magnificent at sewing!

Check out what she made for me!!

It's gonna add that perfect amount of color I need in my newly painted family room.

We found the printed fabric at Crafty Planet.
The softy-soft fabric came from JoAnn Fabrics.

It's a very yummy, watermelon color huh?
Thanks, Kim....I wuv it.

You see, everyone in our house has a "bankee".
If any of these items were lost/stolen/misplaced....we would be screwed.
They are priceless, and I am sure you have them at your house too.
We wuv them, we cuddle them...

Right now, my babies are sick,
so we are really using our "lovees and our bankees".

Now y'all are gonna think I'm crazy.
I'm crazy, cuz I  took pics of our "bankees" and cuddle items cuz
we wuv them sooo much.

First, here's Turner's.

{Dotted minkee fabric blanket, from Jacy @ Young Blossoms.}
{Blue lovey from Auntie Kip.}
{Not pictured: Baby Lion from the Richmanns}

Next is Branmuffin's....

Yes, my 30-Something-Year-Old Husband has
a "bankee" that he wuvs to cuddle with.
Give him crap...he won't care.

And lastly, Miss Tatum's....

{White minkee fabric blanket made by Nana.}
{Cream softee-softee from Auntie Kip.}
{Eebee...crazy-lookin' crack-head plush doll she is obsessed with.}
{Not pictured: Gigi's pink sparkly blanket and puppy blanket.}

Do you have "bankees" in your house that you WUV?

We wuv them in our Crib.

Toodles, My lovelies.....


lhoffman said...

Wow- that's gorgeous! (I'm envious- I can't sew to save my life)! Does she take orders? ;)

Molly said...

I love that everyone has their own blanket! I usually rock the snuggie. Hehe.
My almost 2 year old has a "baby" that is a blanket with an elephant head (sounds creepier than it really is), and he has to have it to sleep.

Hope your kiddos get to feeling better!


I wuv all the blankies.... Brandon even shared his with me when I was in MN... He is a great man.... Suz yours is "SWEET" looking.
I LUV the blankie loving family.
Hey that is the rocking chair I got to rock Turner in... Aweee I miss my grandbabies.