Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make a Statement

So, here's me!

All busy, and not enough time for the things I used to have time for.
My Dog.
Ahem, yes, we have a dog here.  Her name is Lucy.

I don't talk about her much, cuz, I don't love her as much as I used to,
 the kiddos and the Hubs seem to take the spotlight.

Seriously, she is a great dog.
But, when you have two kids under age 3...some things get a little,
left behind.

{Yes-my dog's tongue sticks out, All.Of.The.Time.  She has an overbite and an unusually
 long tongue.  A syndrome called parrot-mouth, a little embarassing.}

Anyhoo...lately, she has not been left behind.

I went shopping for my dog!

Got her a new collar....

Stinkin' Cute for my stinky pup!
Just go to Petsmart for that one.

and this.....

A new ID tag.
My friend, Amanda has them for her Golden-Doodles.
One side is engraved and they are made of stainless steel and

I literally ordered them for my friends and family
cuz they are so sturdy and cute!

I think they make a statement.  I want my dog to make a statement.
A statement other than "my tongue sticks out".

If you want to do something nice for your four-legged
family members.   Go here:

Just another day, here at

 So Stinkin' Cute


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

OMG, that tongue is ADORABLE!! What a cutie, and I love the new collar and tag! Nice!

Misty said...

She is one of the cutes dogs I've ever seen! London and I need to come over to play.

Beth said...

You are a better "dog mommy" than I was. After 2 children we had to give Emma away to friends. I was sick of my needs being met LAST after 2 children and then the dog! I love the collar and think Lucy is "Stinkin Cute"!

A Wedding Story said...

Could your dog be any stinkin' cuter? My dog is named Lucy too! ;)


Awwweee Lucy Gi Gi misses you and your long tongue kisses. I heard that Turner likes your kisses too. I am going to have to get your Auntie Chole one of those Stinkin Cute collars and doggie tag... I have really never liked dogs untill I met you Lucy and I had to get me a small puppy too like your mommy...