Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's not all shopping & nice everyday here...

You have to smell this...

Its Basil Blue Sage Dish Soap

I smelled this last week, and it's...to die for!

I dread doing dishes.
It feels like I do them all day long.
This is what they consist of mainly....


If I am gonna keep on doin' em,
I better be in a happier place.
Don't you think it would bring me to a happier place?

Also, I should be careful how much I talk about NOSES.
Seems I have a bit of a sinus infection.

And this is "living in my face"

Greenish, yellow phlegm....

Gross, I know.  Add that to the list of words I hate.

It really looks like..


And this is the exact color of it.

NOT Stinkin' Cute

Branmuffin's taking good care of me. 
Taking care of me involves lots of Girl Scout Cookies....

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Get a netti pot, some all natural salt, warm sterile water and irrigate that nose girl! Google netti pot and be amazed. It is the ONLY contraption that has ever rid me of my chronic sinusitis. And I concur on the dish soap-this should feel somewhat glamourous...my pick is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap in Lavender. It ALMOST makes me want to do them. Almost.
Happy Rinsing,