Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday!
Time for ANOTHER, Give-Away....I couldn't stop at just ONE!

This week, I want to give you some shots of more of my
favorite, Murano Glass beads.

Warning: I have a LOT of favorites.

Ahem...please, take your time viewing.....



Oh, and for the Irish....

Also, there are other options for the bracelets too....

This gold-clasp, may be perfect if you add yellow gold beads to your bracelet.
It's nice to have a mixture if you wear both, white and
yellow gold.

Silverado's Leather bracelet, can present a whole different look, huh?
Love it....little bit more rock-n-roll.
If you want to be tough, or a bit casual.

And lastly,

They offer necklaces as well!

Every Thursday, it just gets better!

Okay, enough beauty, here are some updates.

For local Minnesotans, check out this store:

Bella Bridal in Woodbury

They now carry Silverado and will be having an upcoming store event.

If you aren't in Minnesota and are DYING to find Silverado, go to:
They have a store locator and tons of info on the company and their products.

Of course, if you are lazy and want to buy tons online:
Go here, if you put in SoStinkingCute when you get 10% off and
free shipping!

Whew, I am kind of out of breath with details....

Introducing, the next giveaway bead:

I just didn't have a picture...the white ribbon bead represents, Lung Cancer.

As usual, all you have to do is leave a comment and you are entered.
I will draw in 3 weeks!



Bambina Babe said...

Beautiful jewelry! :)

Misty said...

How do you find these things? Suzanne, I'm learning so much about you and your fab taste in jewelry! :)

lhoffman said...

The connection to this line is courtesy of our former manager at our previous job... And I'm SO excited to have acquired my bracelet for the bead I won (thank you to Mom and Dad for my big 4-0, and SSC, respectively ;) I'm also getting two beads (of my many on my long wish list) and can't wait to sport it at the big party on Saturday. YEAH!

And won't that white ribbon bead look great with the one I won last week? (j/k!) Can't wait to show it to you when I see you!


Bead A Full Thursday!!!!!!
If it is free it is for me...
Add me to the bowl of luck.
You just "TOOTED" my horn....

lhoffman said...

Hey, Suz- wanted to let you know that, since I'm on a mission to find the "40" silver bead, I went out onto the Bella Boutique website (beautiful place- where were they when I was dress shopping?)... but neither the "online store" or "SilveRado beads" links worked. They both game me an error message... just thought I'd mention it so you can tell your peeps what's up!

BTW- love your new survey.... but I'm torn. Can I vote twice?

lhoffman said...

OK- so wouldn't you know they're working again this morning. To quote you, "toodles". I'm off to shop

Molly said...

so pretty! never even heard of this brand!