Monday, March 15, 2010

My Version of "Spring Cleaning"

Spring has definitely "hit" around these parts.
Everyone is out and about, in their yards,
cleaning up dog poop, taking down Christmas lights.....

We did "my" version of "Spring Cleaning" this past weekend.

I didn't take any before pictures...but I will show you some "afters"
when we are totally complete!
{Paint, "New" Furniture, (used, got a deal!) and Spring colored the place!}

I love to organize, and once I get the bug, I cannot stop.

Literally, NO ONE can stop me.
I start with a closet, and before you know it.....

I've organized the whole house.

Is this weird?  Am I alone?
Does anyone else out there, like to organize?
Bueller? Bueller?

I don't usually clean on a super regimented basis, but "everything has it's place"
in my humble abode.

But, this time of year.....I scrub!!

And, the thing I want most, I can't do!

I want to add a ton of white....
We can't paint our woodwork at this point, and I have two kids, so I can't go ALL WHITE, with furniture n'stuff, it would give me an anxiety attack with the messes.

So....the work is starting....which makes me even MORE pumped to

rock the Spring Wardrobe!!!

Oh, and the best.....
the smell of fresh air in your house, when you  finally open the windows!!


Amy said...

Suzanne, I am just like you. Once I start, I don't want to stop. Although, with 4 kids, the starting point is that hard part :)

lhoffman said...

So I'd swear you were in my yard today or watching around a corner lol... got back from my meeting and took down the Christmas lights, swept the driveway and cleaned up the front yard after Maggie (well, MOST if it... it was a long winter and she was a busy puppy! TBC tomorrow!) Cleaned out some cupboards yesterday, got a start on the windows and have spring fever... BAD! I can't wait to see your "after" photos- do share!

Mercedes said...

I love the closet containers! They are the perfect color!
Welcome to SITS


June said "Ward is that you I am getting ready to put the Beaver to bed".

lhoffman said...

BTW- if you find any great organizing tips, please be sure to share! I was thrilled when I organized the cupboards, closets... I'll really be thrilled when I replace this living room carpet (you'll see what I mean tomorrow!) It's amazing how when things are clean and organized, one's mind is less cluttered. That's what I adore about this time of year!