Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday

Thursday, is kind of, the BEST day of the week!
It's right before the weekend, and it's all about
Silverado Jewelry!!

I thought I would post some bracelets already put together,
a good variety of them.

This will give you ideas for YOURS!
I am into the Bling, but not everyone is.
I have friends that are doing all silver...based on big, life moments.

Moments like:
....having a baby
.....turning 40 years young to Europe birthstones

You really can do anything!

Here's the important details....

If you aren't in Minnesota and are DYING to find Silverado, go to:

They have a store locator and tons of info on the company and their products.

Of course, if you are lazy and want to buy tons online:

Go there, if you put in SoStinkingCute when you get 10% off and

free shipping!
Also, I have a store I want to feature.
It's in North Carolina, so if you live there go check it out!
It's a great, gift shop with EVERYTHING!
Last, but certainly not least....

The giveaway bead....


All you have to do is leave a comment today on this posting, it
can be on anything.  We have one more Thursday and
then I will draw the lucky winner on Friday!

Happy commenting!



Beth said...

Pretty stuff, I am terrible at accessorizing so I may need some help. I'm pretty much a wedding ring and diamond studs kinda girl.


I am thinking I like the simple look. "OH" thats because I am simple kinda girl....
If you help be put one togethor I am sure there would be some bling added to it.

Tember said...

I love the all silver idea! I don't seem to have a fave color right now (unlike Ms. Kelly Green!) so silver would keep it versatile. Woohoo, I'm excited!